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07-08-2009, 12:46 PM
Hi everyone,

a while back, someone was talking about lupus and IBS...i can not find this original thread, but i wanted more information on the BRAT diet and how that plan works and when to follow the diet. I also would like any website recommendations.

thanks everyone, hope all of you are having a great day.

Angel Oliver
07-08-2009, 02:10 PM
Hi Phyllis, ( http://www.ibsresearchupdate.org/IBS/diet1ie4.html )

hope today is a little better for you.I carnt find it so i got this,see if its helpful.
love Amanda.xxxx
Or this site above.x

07-08-2009, 03:04 PM
Since I have IBS and since I remember posting something about the IBS diet recently, I think you are looking for me. The BRAT diet is not a permanent diet. It is used for someone who is suffering from the following kind of symptoms: severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach. BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. There are also the BRATT (Tea) and BRATTY (Yogurt) versions. This is a good website to explain the BRAT diet. http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/brat-diet Do you have IBS? Usually with IBS, I have to follow a hifh fiber diet to keep the flares away. When I am flaring, I then switch to either the BRAT, Low-Residue or Bland Foods diet until I can settle back down. Good luck on getting your tummy to settle down.

07-08-2009, 10:56 PM
Since I have IBS and since I remember posting something about the IBS diet recently, I think you are looking for me. The BRAT diet is not a permanent diet. It is used for someone who is suffering from the following kind of symptoms: severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach. BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. There are also the BRATT (Tea) and BRATTY (Yogurt) versions. This is a good website to explain the BRAT diet. http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/brat-diet Do you have IBS? Usually with IBS, I have to follow a hifh fiber diet to keep the flares away. When I am flaring, I then switch to either the BRAT, Low-Residue or Bland Foods diet until I can settle back down. Good luck on getting your tummy to settle down.

I also suffer from IBS and it is horrible. Sandy, was it you who mentioned that they were lactose intolerant????? I am but it is all new and I am trying to round up some information from someone who also is going through this. How do you make sure you receive enough calcium and vitamin D? I have been deficient in vitamin d ever since I had to remove dairy from my diet. I live in the desert and and there is plenty of sun!!!! Just wondering if you had any advice and if the over the counter pills actually help when you just crave a nice piece of pizza Thanks for listening!!!!!

07-09-2009, 07:10 PM
I am lactose intolerant as well. :yes: I was diagnosed with that 12 years ago in college. Honestly, it was ALOT harder to deal with when I was first diagnosed then it is now. All I wanted to do when I was first learning to adjust was :hissyfit:. Before being diagnosed lactose intolerant (I'll just call it LI on here ) I used to love, Love, LOVE cheese, milk, and dairy products in general. It was a common thing for me to make a big cheesy lasagna or baked ziti or mac and cheese from scratch for all my friends. In fact, it was pretty uncommon for me to not have dairy 3x a day. When I was first diagnosed, I had to completely ween myself off of dairy. I was so sensative to the intolerance that I couldn't even stomach things like yogurt, butter, cream cheese or parmesean cheese. All of these are not a problem for me now. In the beginning, I had a perscription that was supposed to help me with breaking down the lactose. (Lactaid pills were not popular yet and Soy was a foreign word to most people still). So I abstained for about a year. It was hardest when I went out to eat. Too many creamy, buttery, cheesy sauces out there. Too many unlisted ingrediants. The Olive Garden went from my favorite restaurant to a thing of the past. I learned (and you will have to as well) to thoroughly question my waitstaff about a dishes' ingrediants if it was not specific enough for me to know if there was dairy involved. I also learned that ALOT of people think eggs and mayonaise are dairy products that lactose intolerant people can't have but that butter almost never crossed their mind as being bad for me. I learned to send the waiter/tress back to ask the chef what dairy, if any, was specifically in a dish and to send it back when it arrived with cheese/cream/dairy products on it. That was a hard thing for me because before it was a problem with me, I wouldn't like to make a big issue of anything at a restaurant for fear of my food being spit in or something, but I also learned to explain that I am allergic to dairy and that if I eat it, I could become very seriously sick in a short amount of time. (Of course, LI is not really an allergy or the same as a dairy allergy, but explaining it that way always seems to get my point across). After a short time, I learned to slowly incorporate dairy back onto my diet, a little bit at a time. I started buttering my toast. Then I would use 1 tsp of cream cheese on 1/2 a bagel then I tried some aged cheeses (like Romano and Parmesean) and after I was really comfortable with all of these (which took my body about a year) I started in with Yogurt. I only buy Stoneyfield farms because I have found that it is the easiest on my stomach. It is very high in acidophilus (which helps us to control our intolerance). When I first got diagnosed, I was also taking an acidopholus pill daily to help my stomach and intestines to rebalance themselves. Sometime after the first year I learned about soy products. It was hard at that time to find them and they didn't taste nearly as good as they do now, but it was a blessing to be able to eat cereal that wasn't dry or to drink coffee with a drop of (soy) milk again. The have tons of soy products. Even ice creams. Soydreams is a pretty good ice cream and so are the Tofutti ice cream Cuties sandwhiches and the Purely Decadent vegan ice cream. (Vegan products and kosher products are also good dairy free options). There is also a brand that is called (crap the brain fog just kicked in but when I remember I will tell you). After a while I switched my milk to Lactaid brand. There is plenty of calcium in both the soy and the lactaid milk. I have also heard that goat's milk (which can be found by the Lactaid brand) is lactose free but I haven't tried it yet b/c I don't like "thick" whole milk. My brother is also LI and he convinced me 2 years ago to give Lactaid another try. (When I was fist diagnosed, it was not chewable and I had to take 4 or more pills to enjoy a small portion of dairy). The chewable pills are terrific! The reduce the symptoms greatly. I now make (and eat) homemade pizza on a special occasion. Cheese and ice cream are back in my diet (more then they should be but I have banned them for the next week to get past the cravings). I have to take a Lactaid when I have them. Each LI person is different in their severity. You will have to experiment (and I suggest you only do that when at home). For my brother, he can eat everything but pizza and ice cream with relatively few problems. For me, I couldn't eat anything without consequences and repurcussions at first. I was so bad, they thought I had Chrone's. Try out some different types of foods (at home) and see how you react. Keep a journal. Don't mix your dairy products until you know how each one reacts. Certain kinds of cheeses will probably be more upsetting then others since they all have different lactose levels. Try out the lactaid or goat or soy milks. Try the pills too, but don't try them till you know you have settled your stomach and intolerance down for a little bit so you are a little less sensative and they will work better for you (and you will have a truer reading of how well that is). Eating dairy will always bother my IBS (especially in the beginning). It isn't so bad now if I keep ice cream a treat and use lactaid pills. As for calcium, all of these soy and Lactaid and goat products have calcium. I also took calcium tablets for the year I was completely dairy free but stopped when I included dairy back. Mind you, I still don't really eat dairy the way that most people do. A little butter or parmesean is the most I have most of the time. Also, for milk, there are a lot of creamers that are dairy free (Coffee Mate, International Delights are the two I use at work) but they are high in sugar (corn syrup bases) so I only use a tsp once a day. I also get ALOT of calcium from my diet. I have switched to a more vegetable based diet. There are tons of ways to include more calcium in your diet. A lot of products are as high or higher the a serving of 1% milk. (Turnips, soy milk, spinach, calcium fortified OJ, etc.). If you do a quick google search for high calcium diets or vegetables, you will find a lot of good links. Also, if you take a daily vitamin, you can find one with a day's serving of dairy.
I hope this helps you. Sorry if it is too long winded or overwhelming. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and I will try to help you any way I can. I know it's overwhelming and a bit depressing at first, but you will figure it all out quickly, I promise.

07-10-2009, 04:54 AM
My dr. put me on vitamins, i take d, b-12 and folic acid. so far by blood work shows all of my numbers improving since they were too low at first. you might want to ask the dr. if you need calicum i don't so i just take regular d.

i know about ibs that what they said i had, but i have talked to alot of people and i think more now what i have is just part of the lupus. cause when i doing really well i don't have those symptoms any more. like sometimes i can eat lettuce and it stays and other times with in 20min. off to the bathroom. before being dign. with lups that what a gi dr. said i had and treated for that but nothing ever seem to work, it just came and went as it please and meds didn't help it at all. i even took pills that disolved under tongue for it that didn't work.

have a great day

07-10-2009, 07:14 AM
I was reading the post of the IBS, as I was dignosed with IBS several years ago but have always felt that it was not correct. I have been on all the IBS medications nothing seem to work but was put on dicyclomine and take it 4 times a day... The reason why I say I don't feel I have this is especaily after reading the post. Here is my problem in the begenning I never had dirraha (Spelling) I had constpation and gas and bloating and pain. It was so severe to the point I was screaming and couldn't walk and was carried in to the doctors office many times. This went on for many years. doctors could not figure it out. My husband would spend many nights rubbing my back to get the gas out...

Finaly a doctor thought that I had a problem with eating after it was explained that these flair ups come when I was eating different things. still that doctor had no real answers. Finaly I went to who is my current doctor and she said I have IBS but here's what my husband and I figured out and it seems to be better than the doctors answers.

Going back to the doctor who said I had a eating disorder. MY husband and I started a test to see what would happen when I eat certain foods. We went to the store and spent hours reading the backs of packages and cans. Making notes of what was in everything, we spent hours doing this which turned in to almost 2 weeks in a grocery store, the manage even approched us and ask us what we were doing and gave us suggestions to help.

We learned alot by doing this. We bought many different foods home and over days I would try one and wait and see what happen. As it turns out I carry a large list with me of food I can not eat. The foods that cause me the most problems are listed at the top. ( I will never eat chicken or turkey again as long as I live - top of the list food) However I can drink milk and eat cheese, but on the other side I can not eat these foods if they are cooked. If you put milk in a pie I can not eat it. if you make a grilled cheese sandwhich I can not eat it. (Strange)I can eat ice cream. If milk is frozen no problem. What we learned was if the food was processed more or cooked more I would almost kill me. ( our term double cooking food)

I can not microwave food nor can I reheat food. I can not eat any food that comes in a can or is prepackaged such as frozen foods. I can not eat any food that has cornmeal in it as grain foods are really bad. If I do eat grain I have to make it whole wheat and can only eat one piece like bread that is for the week other wise I will be at the hospital.

I have also had to cut out such things as candy, most drinks that are dark in color and I am down to only eating beef, and now that is causing me a problem.

The doctor I have now that I was crazy when I did this long test to figure out what was wrong but like she said when we completed it, it was probley the best thing we did. Now with taking out the foods it has made life alot better. I just have to watch what I eat and sometimes you do make mistakes and have flare ups.

Here's the Question Does this sound like IBS to anyone else ? Or am I crazy thinking it is something else.

Another Question any suggestions on what to do if I run out of foods to eat ? I fear this will happen. I keep taking foods out and the doctor agrees because if I don't I wind up in so much pain and gas and at the hospital with constapation. The last trip I made to the hospital with this the doctor gave me 8 ennimas (spelling) my body kept them in for 3 days I have had all kinds of test and still not answers.

just loooking for some insight to this. :hissyfit: I want to scream because I can't go out to eat

07-10-2009, 10:49 AM
Wow you did a lot of research. i never did that. i will try and take the time to do and maybe it will help you.

i think greasy foods were worse for me but again sometimes it was a glass of water that sent me into the bathroom coming out that i ended up dehydrating three time and had to go to hospital, and gi dr said water wouldn't do that if it was ibs, was just the lupus acting up. nothing was passing water went wrong way so i not sure.

our bodies are all different, i stll think its the lupus for you not ibs. and how your body reacts to way food is prepared. have you tried chicken and turkey every way possible to cook, lunchmeat too?

my other worse food was what people call ruffage(sp) oh the pain and gas was terrible plus running to toliet.:hissyfit:

07-10-2009, 11:31 AM

I have tried every food cooked and eaten every way. Especially chicken and turkey. I have searched hi and low for different ways to cook and different ways to eat nothing seems to work except staying away from most cooked or highly process food.

There have been times when the gas was so bad if you entered me in to a burping contest against 10 men I would have one hands down. It was so bad I would frighten the dog.

what was so bad was last year I lost over 50 pounds and this year I have gained over 80 but it happens right now I am going back to the weight loss, which to me is very stressfull. Doctors keep saying IBS but I know better.

I think my husband and I have figured out more than my doctors.

you mentioned water, for the last year or so I have stayed away from water because I have anemia and the reason is because it got so bad the doctor could not controll it (I take 8 Iron pills a day) does nothing but anyway it was so bad I got to craving ice and was eating it 24 hours a day 7 days a week pretty much washed my blood platelets away, started having seizures like problems had to go to the hospital, the doctor suggested I stop water and not use or eat any more ice. SO now if I were to drink or eat ice it effects my boold platelets which we are trying to correct but it has been hard. My iron level has been so low that several times they thought of giving me a blood transfusion to help the problem.

thanks for posting

07-10-2009, 11:45 AM
you got me stumbled. have you tried meds for the pancrease?
they tried me on stuff to take before i ate to help the digestion of the food.

i still think lupus

when i get a chance i will start keeping a diary again i did when i was real sick with it than stopped.

i wasn't allowed anything white including white meat. and no sugars at all and it seem to help but there were more things i couldn't eat than could.

goin for now will check on monday.

i feel for you with all that crap.

07-10-2009, 12:11 PM

I don 't think there's a medication out there I haven't treid. what's so bad now is a I am diabetic. my level want stay under 200 must days, because of my eating take the sugar away it takes the rest of the food away.

I still agree with you with all the other symtopms(spelling) I think lupus other than the RA. Lupus would explain so much.

Have a great weekend

07-10-2009, 12:32 PM
Thanks everybody for the great info. I had IBS since I was 15.

07-10-2009, 09:40 PM
I just was looking to see if Danica had replied to my message and saw all the ones from you and Gina. I am pretty sure that Dicyclomine is also what I was taking and it didn't work for me either. You mentioned that you doubted IBS because you had never had diarrhea, but IBS could be make a person suffer more from constipation (like you) or diarrhea or even a combination of both (like me). I have found that food triggers will set off with diarrhea but stress triggers will show with constipation for me. A lot of people swing more strongly one way then the other and require different meds. Zelnorm is supposed to be good for IBS patients with constipation. The pain from the gas bubbles that I have gotten have made me think about running to the ER countless times. God bless your husband for helping you ease the pain with all those back rubs.
"Finaly a doctor thought that I had a problem with eating after it was explained that these flair ups come when I was eating different things. still that doctor had no real answers." With my IBS, there are definate foods that will trigger me more then others. (Except for dairy products) you hit the nail on the head for me when you said that processed foods are worse for you. I also don't eat much red meat, pork or turkey any more. Chicken, thankfully, is still ok with me. Prepackaged foods are a no go on my stomach too. If I reheat, I do so knowing that the meal might just upset my body even if the first cooking of it was perfectly ok. Even then, I tend to not microwave certain things, like meat, because I just know now that the microwaved version will upset me. I can deal with frozen veggies, most of them anyway, but fresh is soooo much easier on my system. I think it's fantastic that you and your husband experimented in the grocery aisles. I never made a list like you did, but I did learn to read the labels, and eliminate bad ingrediants and to "test" new foods for a reaction. It's amazing what you find in seemingly healthy foods when you start to read the labels.

To me, it sounds like you could have IBS, but did any of these doctors test you for Chrone's, IBD, Gluten Intolerance, Ciliac disease? What you said about the bread "I can not eat any food that has cornmeal in it as grain foods are really bad. If I do eat grain I have to make it whole wheat and can only eat one piece like bread that is for the week other wise I will be at the hospital" reminds me of how I felt during one particularly bad flare where my doctor was just about convinced that I was Gluten Intolerant as well. I have also heard of Celiac disease, Chrone's and Gluten Intolerancy causing massive weight loss like you had last year. Have you had food allergy testing done?

Like you, I also have diabetes and I know that when my stomach is upset, my sugar is higher then when it's good. The diabetes has also helped me to learn not to eat complex sugars and I found that helped my stomach a little too.

I was wondering about the water for you and Gina - when you say that you drink water and it upsets your stomach, is it cold water??? Cold water definately is more upsetting to my stomach then room tempature or hot water. I try not to drink cold water at all since it has caused me stomach cramps and gas and a run to the bathroom more then one time before.

Gina - greasy foods, fried foods - they are no longer a part of my life. They just kill me. Like you, there are times when my IBS is raging out of control and other times when I feel like I can eat and do whatever I want. When I am having and IBS flare, I can't eat any roughage (sp?) either. Totally low residue for me until I settle back down. When my IBS is controlled, roughage is the best thing in the world for my stomach, but there are certain veggies that are just no good for me even then, like cabbage.


07-12-2009, 05:54 AM

When it comes to eating I have been tested for it all, Chrone's, IBD, Gluten Intolerance, Ciliac disease you name it. For the longest time it was thought to be Chrone's but that was not the case.

I have been tested a long time ago and was found to have a couple allergies noting major. I have treid all the medicnes zelnorm didn't do a thing. There was a time when I was taking medication and had to take medication just to the first medication,(if you can understand what I just say) It got crazy.

Yeah the hubby spent many nights for the longest time rubbing my back trying to help, we would go in the doctors office and he would be rubbing my back so that the doctor could see all my gas, once they did a x ray and you could see all the gas bubbles in my back. It was wired. I have taken shots for this and tried all sorts of things. Not eating the food is the only way.

One of the reasons I say it could be something else is that when I was a baby I spent awhile in the hospital not being able to eat, don't know much about it and the hospital that I was in is no longer there anymore. ( My mom can not be much help as her mind is not what it use to be). Maybe it is and I don't want it to be, that could be alot of it.

I am stil working on, I take time to try and test different things to see what works with my body.

thanks will think about what you said and keep on studying to see what I come up with.:skeptical:

07-13-2009, 12:47 AM

You are an angel! It is all so overwhelming especially when you have to stop eating things you used to eat everyday. We don't even buy dairy products at the store and Tim has been a trooper though it all. My IBS was so bad and the lactose issue was so bad that if I went out to dinner and ate something with dairy........I wouldn't even make it home, I would have to stop at a gas station just to go to the bathroom. This was so embarrassing that I finally stopped going out to dinner and have started cooking healthier dinners at home. It amazed me at how fast it hit and how fast my body decided to reject it. Like you, I loved anything with cheese!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, just talking about it makes me miss cheese:-( I am slowly getting used to it but for right now I have to keep everything dairy out of my diet, even butter upsets my IBS. I have tried almond milk for cereal and I need to try rice milk.I love chocolate soy milk, it is rich and creamy just like real chocolate milk!!!!!! I love the tofu ice creams......I just had a scoop of the cherry chocolate chunk one and it was delicious :cute: I am going to follow your recomendation and not use the lactaid pills until my stomach has adjusted and settled down a bit. It is still sore to the touch so I need treat it well. I do need to find a good daily vitamin that contains all the calcium I could possible need. I worry about not eating dairy and what this will mean for my bones later in life. I guess time will tell. Thank you so much for talking to me and if you don't mind, when I have questions about this I am just going to come to you. I am crossing my fingers that it get easier and easier. The most embarrassing thing for me is when we go to our friends houses for dinner, sometimes I have to pick at the food and I just feel so bad. Thankfully they have all figured it out and we actually had a dairy free dinner at a friends house Saturday evening! My friend was so proud that everything......even dessert was dairy free.....she did very well!!!! Again, thanks for all the support during this transitional period in my life.



07-13-2009, 06:43 AM

I truely understand what you say about not being able to go out to eat. I gets horrible and embarrassing...My husband and my kids and mom have been so understanding about this.My mom she will call if she knows I am coming for dinner and let me know what she is having and make sure I am ok with it...
On the other hand my MIL she makes stupid comments about (like its all in your head) (We can't eat anything when you are around) calls me the pickie eater. (and yet she wonders why we don't come to house much, my husband can't stand what she does.)

Regular dairy is not as bad as I see most have it. I can eat cheese as long as you don't cook it. I can drink milk as long as it is not cooked. considered by milk stright from the dairy just to see if I could could it and that would make a difference. I once talked to someone who had a dairy and he suggested that, may that we be a choice for some of you...

when it comes to eating I have tried most everything. My eating problems got so bad at one time I considered suscide because I was losing weight so fast and the pain and gas was sending me to the hospital and doctor just about everyday. I was given pain shots to keep the stomach pains down, didn't work. It took me a long time to come to grips with this...

I have had eating problems since I was born. At one point in my life I weighted 450 lbs. that was my highest. In that same year I went down to 275 crazy... right now I am back to the losing weight part of it. Right now I stand at about 160 holding steading but see it starting to drop again...

What really gets me is If I go out to eat I ask what is in everything and sometimes you don't get the full answers... My husband loves chineese food and we went to this small little place. I ask about some mushrooms they had, seemed ok but after eating them had to go to the hospital, later we went back and had discovered they had ground up chicken and put on them. :aargh4: Chicken is a big problem :no-no:

My husband goes out of his way to make sure I don't eat anything wrong as every year he grows a graden just for me to make sure I can eat everything fresh. But still it is very hard. Like someone once ask me what do you have a problem with I responded with it would be easier to tell you what I can eat then what I can't eat. :laugh:

What I really miss about this is my grits :hissyfit: thats what I miss...

07-13-2009, 08:30 AM
i am so sorry that you have tried everything and nothing works. mine only acted up durning flares or cetain foods, not the list you have.
i hope they find something to help you.
hang in there, there is always light at the end of tunnel hard part getting there.

07-13-2009, 10:32 AM
You sound so much like my daughter, Hillary. When she was a baby, she started having terrible colic and rashes, and she was eating nothing but breast milk. Luckily, we found a great pediatric allergist. We determined what I was eating that she was reacting to, and we changed my diet, rather than hers. I couldn't eat tomatoes or strawberries for the two years that she was nursing, but that was sure better than having a sick baby.
Later, when she was eating solid foods, we had to check very carefully for what she reacted to. She was lactose intolerant, but she could handle fat-free milk. My mother was always upset that I didn't give her "real" milk. Once, when we went to visit her, she immediately handed Heather & Hillary each a big glass of whole milk. Shortly afterward, Hillary was clutching her stomach and moaning. For the first time in her life, my mother went out and bought fat-free milk!
Hillary seemed to outgrow her food allergy problems, and had no problems as a teen. Now she is 30, and the lactose intolerance and food allergies have returned worse than ever. She's having a really tough time. Something interesting - she's also been told that she is pre-diabetic. After reading this thread, I'm wondering if these things are related?
I'm not diabetic, but I have several auto-immune problems. Allergies and asthma are also common in our family, too. This is making me wonder if my kids are going to develop the auto-immune issues that I have. My mother and my aunt had many of the same symptoms that I'm dealing with, too. I wish that the scientists would work on finding the genetic links between all of these things. I'm thinking that there definitely are some connections.

07-13-2009, 09:44 PM
leaann, oh love, I understand exactly how you feel! The pain in our stomachs can be so horrible that it is even hard to walk.When mine is really bad, nothing can touch my stomach because it hurts to physically push on my belly. It is so hard having to adjust your life according to your lupus but everything else that follows just piles on top and keeps growing. I can not have dairy anymore, I have severe asthma and my blood pressure is higher than my 79 year old grandma's! Oh, what are we to do? I guess we just get up everyday and we just keep going until we get to a good day. Promise me that if you ever start feeling really bad about everything you will tell me. I am so happy you are hear and would miss you if you were gone. Pooh on the ones who make you feel bad for feeling yucky and remember, it is NOT in your head!!!! We have all been told that at least once and many of us have heard it a lot. You will figure everything out eventually and the people who doubted you will feel very foolish and hopefully it will teach them a lesson in humanity and they will treat others much better. Just hang in there love and remember you are not alone. You have a great husband that wants to take care of you and watch out for you and you have an extended family here and we will always be there for you.......good times and bad! Tonight I am sending you lots of hugs :hug:

magistramarla, I understand your worry about your daughter. It is possible it could all be connected but time is the only thing that can tell us that. You are a wonderful mother and it is wonderfulthat you look out for you daughter. The story about your mama made me smile! Now when I go back home to visit my entire family makes sure that I eat dairy free. They thought it was a big joke at first because I did not have it as a kid, same as my asthma, but eventually they educated themselves and understood. It feels wonderful having a great support system behind you doesn't it? Just remember that if your daughter has any auto-immune issues there is nothing we can do about it right now so try not to worry to much, I don't want to see you sad or feeling yucky. I am thinking of you tonight and I will talk to you tomorrow. Sleep well my friend :sleepy:

07-16-2009, 10:20 PM
Oh leanne, I didn't realize I had missed so much on this post. I can honestly say that I have (briefly) felt that way too and it was the darkest, scariest feeling ever. I am so glad to hear that you have a wonderful husband to love you and help you and take care of you when you are feeling crappy. Pun intended! ;) Promise me too that you will reach out if you are feeling that way and I promise you that I will do the exact same thing with you. They tested me for all that too. Did an endoscopy and colonoscopy, been to multiple docs. Only thing they found significant, gastritis. Not significant to the IBS (except to say it's in a flare at the time they found it) but significant to the other AI issues. I am assuming you had an endoscopy and colonoscopy too???

Danica, you are always free to reach out to me. I only wish I had realized you had wrote that much sooner. It hits me really fast too. Tonight for instance, I gave in and ordered the Chinese food and had only just finished when the thunderclouds in my stomach started. :no: it's really frustrating. I've been the girl in the gas station bathroom too. No fun.

Magistramarla - couple of things I have learned about LI is that Caucasians are the least likely to be affected. People of Asian, Hispanic and Black descent are most likely to be affected by their 30's. I was told by my doctor that first diagnosed me that this has to do with traditionally weaning their (the Caucasians) young off of breast milk at an earlier age and also with the dairy markets globally. Americans and Europeans drink more milk as adults then other populations. Naturally, our bodies are not supposed to be able to break down the lactase enzymes through adulthood since throughout evolution, we have not done so before. Since the advent of "drinking milk because it's good for you" (which is an ad paid for by the dairy farmers and the dairy counsels to increase sales and profits) people, mostly in western cultures, have started drinking milk over longer periods of their life time. I think there is a link with the diabetes and lactose intolerance. But I think the link is that we (diabetics) have a hard time handling the milk because of the sugars in the milk. This is just my little conspiracy theory though. :laugh:

07-17-2009, 06:51 AM
Yeah, I have had it all endoscopy and colonoscopy... a dye test which was horrible. Several mri's ultra sounds.... when nothing showed up but the ibs I started to research on my on about the issue.

Have had more luck then the doctor.

07-17-2009, 12:46 PM
yeah, me too -the more luck on your own bit. I hope your IBS has been better since you have been learning about how to handle it.

07-17-2009, 01:00 PM
Once I stopped eating all the things that were killing me, I have had less to almost no problems. For me it's just taking the food away and never having it again. It's a bummer :hissyfit::hissyfit:but it truely worked for me

07-19-2009, 06:05 AM
It isn't fun taking out the foods we love. I miss dairy sooo much and I really miss pizza!!!!!! I will eat it without the cheese but it just is not the same :grumpy: But, if it makes us hurt the way it always does.....is is worth not eating it. I am also trying to find more foods to illuminate in order to make it feel even better!!!!! We will see. Thank goodness it is summer and there are some amazing fruits and vegetables out there and it is soooooo hot, heavy foods don't even sound good. Hang in there love and we will get through this!!!!!!!

Sandy: Thank you so much for just being there for me and everyone else! This is a very frustrating disease and hard to handle at times. I think as long as we can share out stories, be there for each other and laugh at our own situations......we will get through this :hug: