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07-05-2009, 07:39 PM
Hi everyone,
Here I sit finally resting after my MTX injection after a very wild Holiday weedend.
On Thursday evening, my son Tom arrived from Houston around 11:30, with his room-mate's big Burmese Mountain dog, Roscoe. At about 1 a.m. Friday, Kayla & Mike arrived from Fort Worth with 4 yr. old Kyle and their English Bulldog pup, DaVinci. Around 9 a.m. Hillary & Steve brought 10 yr. old David over, along with their terrier pup, Copper. We already have Zoe the black lab, and 6 cats, so my house became a screaming, howling zoo for the weekend!
I sort of wore myself out cooking for everyone that day, and we were very happy when they all went to see the fireworks at Sea World, leaving the two old people to watch TV.
Raising 5 kids, my house used to be loud all the time, but now we've gotten to enjoy the peace and quiet. The sounds of both boys, the dogs barking and the TV blaring really drove me out of my mind. Jeff has surround-sound set up on our TV because of my hearing problems. The problem is - Tom loves it and plays it LOUD. While I was trying to cook, the men had Armageddon playing full blast. No matter how many times they have seen a film, if there is a guy movie on, every male from 10 up is sitting slack-jawed watching all the shoot-em-up scenes with the sound cranked up! My kitchen is right next to them, so I wanted to do some damage to every male in the house!
I was really glad that Kayla & family decided to go home on Saturday. They had been invited to a baseball game, but with the temp over 100, they decided that it was too much for Kyle. That got one noisy Grandson and one barking pup out!
Late Saturday afternoon, while we were talking to a friend of Tom's who had dropped by, Roscoe decided to attack my husband's favorite cat! They went tearing through the house, with the men chasing, and poor Dax jumped up onto the table in my entryway, breaking everything on it. Roscoe got banned to the backyard with a bleeding cat scratch, and I wouldn't let him back in the rest of the weekend!
We took David home to his parents that evening, and Tom went out drinking with his buddies, so I finally calmed down a bit.
Today, we were very happy that Tom packed up and headed back to Houston. We have been so happy to be back to just the two of us!
The good thing was that we got the kids to clean through their stuff in the attics. Now that they've taken what they want, The Salvation Army gets the rest. We are really downsizing the amount of stuff that we'll move with us to CA. I wore myself out again today helping Jeff move some furniture out for them to pick up.
Now, I'm just hoping that the MTX doesn't continue to disturb my sleep. I didn't sleep well at all last week since my last injection, even before the onslaught of relatives.
I think that the kids just don't get how ill I really feel. They expect Mom to be able to do things just they way she did when they were kids, and can't comprehend her not doing it!
Is it any wonder that we're Happy about moving to another state??
Well, I'm going to enjoy my Chai tea, my chocolate, and perhaps a Melatonin, and see if I can sleep tonight!
A very, very exhausted Marla

07-05-2009, 08:49 PM
What a weekend is a understatement, sounds like you were very busy. It was a good busy though, its always good to be surrounded by loved ones and their pets, lol. It sounds like you were able to get a little but of work done also, with the kids cleaning out the attic so thats good. I hope this upcoming week is better for you, I dont take MTX, but I can definitely relate to not getting any sleep and being wickedly tired. Well, Marla I think it is time you got some much needed rest. Enjoy that chai tea and chocolate :yes:
And have a lovely week!

Take care of yourself :)

07-06-2009, 05:21 AM
hi marla,

how are you doing today? What a weekend....it seems that your kids come home like a tornado, spin the house upside down, and move on to their next destination.ha ha ha....i can only imagine how noisy 5 kids with anmials can get. Hope you are getting good rest today.

i wish you a monday full of rest and comfort. Hope the mtx recovery goes well.,

Angel Oliver
07-06-2009, 05:27 AM

Sounds like a very hectic but a lovely busy time.Oh to be surrounded by such loved ones and pets....sounds like a great way to spend your time.
Hope you feel a touch better after the mtx but also,hope you get some rest too.

lots of love

07-06-2009, 05:57 AM

I feel for you! I know how crazy our house is w/all the kids/pets, but I'm used to it still. I can only imagine how it will be when they're all gone and then converge on us for holidays!
Hope you have gotten some rest & are feeling better! Hugs!

07-06-2009, 07:23 AM
You had a crazy weekend! I hope all is getting back to normal for you and you have gotten some rest!