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07-05-2009, 08:13 AM
On several different threads I have read about diets affecting flares and energy levels. My diet has stunk lately as I have been depressed and when I'm depressed I eat A LOT :laugh: I want to get on a good diet and stick to a exercise routine so I can feel better about myself. Any ideas on where to start to find good diets? I know on this site there advertising about the Lupus diet , I haven't gone in yet 'cuz not sure if it's a scam but the more I read you guys I think I should start trying to put some eating plan together. Any ideas would be awesome? Thanks

07-05-2009, 08:57 AM
i try to eat a non-inflammatory diet and it seems to help.. bought a book called "the inflammation free diet plant" as a guide.. there is also a website that lists the inflammatory index of various foods..

i don't actually do all the calculations suggested in the book.. but i do try to include alot of anti-inflammatory foods in my diet.. as a side effect, i've also lost weight which was not my intention.. but hey, i'll take it...

also i take fish oil, curcumin, and glucosamine supplements every day..

07-05-2009, 09:01 AM
Look for anti-inflammatory foods..books on Anti-Inflammatory diets such as... The Omega Diet, The Zone....

My rules for me, know I am not hardcore at following but for the most part I do...

Nothing in colorful wrapper.
Whole foods, fresh...not processed....
My staples are...
Lean Sirloin ground or whole.
Raw shrimp
Mahi Mahi
Green, Yellow and Red Peppers.
Fresh Basil
Mushrooms all types

Very rarely fast food unless my husband has a hankering. I opt for the cleanest..leanest on the menu.

Splenda instead of sugar and other artificial sweeteners.
Canned..I only eat anchovies, Bumble Bee Salmon and Prime Fillet tuna. Tomatoes, Green and black olives.

Frozen....I only eat peas and spinach.
Olive oil.
Flaxseed Oil.
Rice Vinegar.
Brown Mustard...Dijon
I use condiments very little.

I rarely eat the bake stuff, white stuff...potatoes, bread, rice.

I supplement with Fish Oil 2400mg, Iron 65mg, Super B complex all Nature Made Brand.

Others avoid dairy and eggs. I have no issues with either but I do not eat them often. I do enjoy fresh mozzarella.

I eat other foods such as pork, Hershey's Plain, ice cream but that is moderation....2 times a month if that...

I do drink sugar free beverages...soda, juices and etc. Not all are made with Splenda.

Alcohol...rarely. When I do...Margaritas. Rum and Coke. Light Lemonade and Vodka. Beer topped with tomato juice (Red Beer).

I just did a quick spin on the Net...this link seems to sum it up...http://www.wegenersgranulomatosis.net/Anti-Inflammatory_Foods.html

I have many wonderful recipes for salads, dishes and etc...99% of the time I cook fresh and clean. If you need to have any recipes modified to a cleaner dish I can do it for you...let me know.


07-05-2009, 09:19 AM
AWESOME THANKS!!! What you guys have said kinda summed up my research also. I will most likely need recipe help on the fishes I am excited I am going to the store today to buy somes tuff and I'm gonna checkout that gym that does the Aqua exercises. I feel so awesome today especially after talking with Rick "hubby" I’ve been researching diets today and found a lot of good articles on the net. And none of them prove to cure “auto stuff” so I believe it more readily. (Disclaimer: I am still a bit angry so I refuse to properly name what I have as I don’t want to give it respect or life so I call it “auto stuff”) :laugh: So What I’ve researched if I try to eat mor of these foods and take supplemnts it should help. At the moment I’m not on any medication but provigil because Predinosone made me worse and Plaquenil wasn’t working but I was taken off of it prior to the 6 month time. I think I’m gonna start with this grocery list and see if it helps. If any one eats any of these let me know if you’ve seen improvements. And I truly dislike fish so any good recipes would be appreciated also. Thanks

Flavonoids: Apples, grapes, cranberries and strawberries
Carotenoids: Carrots, citrus fruits, tomatoes*, peppers*, dark leafy greens, corn, pumpkin and beets
Turpenes: Citrus, spinach, tomatoes*
Allyl sulfides: Garlic, chives, leeks and onions
Isothiocyanates: Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, kale, turnips, mustard greens and chard
Fish walleye and yellow perch
black beans,
almonds, cashews and brazil nuts.


Hugs :hug: to all of you your friend Spanglishqueen AKA Brenda :cute:

07-05-2009, 09:20 AM
Funny you should post this today...I just was searching around yesterday for information on foods to eat/avoid before I did my grocery shopping. lol I found some good info on the Lupus Foundation of America website. I searched the site for "diet and nutrition" and found some chat transcripts where diet was discussed. A few things I have seen in multiple places...avoid alphalfa,get plenty of Omega-3, use olive oil. But check the website for lots more info. Looking forward to seeing other responses as well!!


07-05-2009, 09:23 AM
Oluwa! I have never heard of red beer (beer topped with tomato juice) Not sure I will ever try it it sounds like an interesting combination tho.:yes:

07-05-2009, 09:26 AM
Yeah until I started reading threads I really didn't think my diet made me worse but I've been eating horrifically (I notice it especially when I travel for business) and I've been like 3.5 weeks sick and inflamed all over. I am glad I researched about anti-inflammatory foods...never thought such a thing. And whenever I thought about diets I only thought about weight loss and since that is not my immediate focus I dismissed it entirely. Outstanding what you can learn form WHL members. I hope everyone continues to contriubte and tell their experiences with foods.

07-05-2009, 10:17 AM
My brother makes wonderful fresh Jalapeno Tomato Juice and I get several quarts each year....but when in a pinch V-8 is pretty good.

Yes, avoid processed foods, preservatives, dyes..eat fresh and you will notice a difference when you go back to eating restaurant foods, foods prepared in colorful wrappers...a big difference.

Fish, salmon isn't really a mild flavor fish, though unique...but is really one of the best fish with anti-inflammatories properties...and well all the rest, if you went to that link are strong fish. Itis a required taste.

There are mild fish like Tilapia, Halibut...Cod non known for their anti-inflammatory properties but are far a better choice then a ribeye, chicken thighs..

Rule is if it smells fishy then it isn't fresh. Sometimes just a quick under cold water will remove that smell...and it isn't the fish itself.

I eat all the foods on your list Brenda...

What I can say id when I don't eat fresh I feel awful, greasy, coated, full, lethargic...drained even moreso. With that I believe fresh is best. Poached, baked, broiled or boiled over fried.

Variations of the ingredients you listed would make wonderful salads. Do you like vinegarettes? Too, great stir frys...


07-05-2009, 12:03 PM

Is it beer with jalapeno and v-8? So is it like a bloody beer?

07-05-2009, 01:59 PM

My brother make homemade tomato and jalapeno juice, but I also use V-8 regular, but I believe they have a Spicy V-8....Yep Like a Bloody Beer with out the vodka.

I find it refreshing when icy cold....

I use one 12 ounce beer to a 6 ounces of juicy. Gulp, gulp..chug.


07-05-2009, 09:07 PM

Sounds licious, Mmmmmmmmmm. I like v-8 and bloody mary's, lolI'll have to try it