View Full Version : Having to Cowboy Up!

07-02-2009, 11:40 AM
While I've been going through this whole thing I have been following my mom's medical health as she may be a genetic link. They diagnosed her with Rheumatic arthritis a few months ago. I had her send me her records so I can explain them to her in laymenís terms and have a clue as to my medical history. When I got them last night I was very saddened with what I red. Her white and red blood cell counts are low, dry eyes, mouth, and she has anemia. The doctor has scheduled to do labs for Lupus and other auto immuneís mid July. Based on all the research I have done for myself I am now afraid she could end up with Lupus or Sjorgen's. So now I have to pretty much Cow-boy up (as Veratec and the Red Sox say) and be strong for her. I really don't care about me anymore. What I have been through sucks and it's painful and annoying, BUT GIVE ME YOUR BEST shot and I will take it. DON'T GIVE IT TO MY MOM!
So I have a new bone to pick with this disease. But I will not beat me or my mom as I am now putting all my energy into being well for her.;)

07-02-2009, 03:18 PM
Your mom is so blessed to have you! I'm so sorry she's going through this.

I can't get my mother to see a doctor about anything. It has to be really awful before she'll go and her level of awful is life threatening. She fusses that my grandmother and myself have to go to the doctor and do things, but noooooo...doesn't apply to her.

Love your attitude! You go girl!