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06-29-2009, 05:32 PM
Well I recently decided to make it public and "come out" so to speak in regards to my having Rhupus, to my entire motorcycle "family". I was surprised of the amount of people who had never heard of Lupus. After I posted up a thread on our forum explaining what I have been living with, several people emailed me. They are wanting to host a benefit/fundraiser to help educate our community, as well as raise funds to donate in the education and research for Lupus. My question for you all is, have any of you ever hosted one of these before? And who would you recommend me contacting in regards to the donation? I have already emailed the Lupus Foundation of America Chapter in my area, but I'm wondering if there are some other venues I should contact as well.

We are very involved with our community and always find it within ourselves to help out those in need. This past Christmas we held a private auction, in order to raise funds for a charity. The charity we decided on, was the Houston Adopt a Family, children's charity. With the love and support, our members managed to raise a very large amount of money within our group, and gave the family of seven, the most amazing Christmas they (as well as any of us) had ever seen. We are also currently creating our own calendar with the proceeds going to different charities of our choice. We have over a thousand members, most of which are amazing, caring people who care to help out our community. With our group, we are able to spread a lot of information, education and support for those effected by Lupus; those who have it as well as those who help care for us.

Thank you all in advance. We could use as much input and advice as possible.

06-29-2009, 07:02 PM
I have not hosted a Lupus Benefit but I helped put together the largest community cleanup in Arizona. We had a lot of press coverage and thousands of dollars donated in prizes along with money for two charity groups we were sponsoring. It was a lot of work for just two people but our desert is a cleaner place today from it!

We started by contacting our friends and family and letting them know what was going on, when it was happening and where it was. At that point we also asked if our contacts had any ideas on donations and products we could raffle off. We were bombarded with e-mails from everyone. We contacted every lead we had and not one person turned us away. People really want to do good when they are asked. I contacted restaurants in regards to them donating food and their time to out volunteers. They also were on board and we were able to furnish breakfast and lunch for everyone. Last, I contacted the media. That was the tough one. We e-mailed them every day!!!! News channels, local papers and radio stations. Finally we got our break and the local new here in Phoenix came out to interview us about the clean up. Once we had one media source under our belt the rest followed!!!!!

The key is communication with any event! Create a website just for the benefit. This will give everyone something to look at and it will give them a back ground to what Lupus really is! Depending on the type of benefit you want to have you may want to look into a silent auction. You could get local retailers to donate an item and that could go into the silent auction. You may also want to contact restaurants and see is any of them would donate a dinner and desert for the benefit. Also, figure out where you want to have it and more than likely because it is a benefit to raise awareness for a specific disease, they may give it to you for free or at a reduced price!!!!!

Do not give up!!!!! I think this is a great idea and just get the word out there. Tim and I were the only two organizing our even and we ended up with over 500 volunteers and hauled over 21 tons of trash from the desert!!!!! It is all possible and you have to remember that even when you feel like giving up!!!!! You will have so many friends and family members who will support you!!!!!!!! I am so proud that you are doing this and good luck!!!! You can always ask me questions through out the process if you want to!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!



06-29-2009, 07:12 PM
I'm actually in the process of trying to speak at some events and do volunteer work in my community or any community for that matter I think you did the best thing by contacting the LFA, Ive contacted them as well and Im waiting on a response. So if you hear back from them first maybe you can tell me what steps you took. I contacted the person in my chapter- Michigan/Ohio division

06-29-2009, 09:05 PM
hi stacy and crmj,

i applaud both of you for your devotion to community education. There are a couple of members who are extremely knowledgeable in the different fundraising efforts. Saysusie is one of our moderators and she probably has some contact information, and Oluwa is very active in different lupus events, so i am sure she can help. I know saysusie is out of town until after july 4, but i am sure they will be along and will be able to guide you....

thank you both for what you do, and thank you for joining our group.

07-01-2009, 12:47 PM
WOO HOO to you both!!!!! What a GREAT thing to do!!!!!!:yes: