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06-28-2009, 09:39 PM
Today was better than yesterday... Yesterday, i helped my aunt move from one apartment to the other... i was outside for a grand total of like an hour but that took alot out of me. I took like 2 naps yesterday afternoon.... all this week i have been extremely sore and stiff. and tonight i am short of breath... yesterday and today i tried playing mahjongg in the arcade but it was so hard cuz i could barely move my fingers/wrist... im so stiff... my mom had a wonderful idea. her best one yet. She said that as soon as i am done with school i should find a teaching job in Colorado! the west texas heat is just too much!


mood right now: blank..:huh:

06-28-2009, 10:08 PM
Hi Lee AmyJ....Hi I am Oluwa..welcome..hugs.

I am glad today was better...I always wish tomorrow is better than today or if today was great I wish for another day like it tomorrow...Here's to a great tomorrow.

Remember to rest when tackling any big projects...rest conserve...and try to have fun...

I find stretching helps with stiffness...important to move those joints about, some even if they hurt and are stiff. Not moving them makes them worse...

Do you swim? I swim lots during the summer helps to strengthen the muscle to hold the joints...keeps them limber but not pain free...and I find warm shower help with the pain..

Keep well, be well.