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06-27-2009, 08:48 PM
My name is amy. I was diagnosed when i was 12. I also became very depressed. Then about a year ago my mom thought that i was just being irresponsible, but i was forgetting stuff and losing stuff so easily. I lost everything from my purse, to a memory card, to important paper work... it was getting crazy.. I cope with that now, i just make lists for everythin. I recently took a year off of college. I just felt drained then because i was sooo tired i felt like i was just being lazy and that depressed me. I haven't been to a rheumy in like a year or two... I think i am gonna schedule an appt. just so i can get back on track. My mom is an LVN and works for a great family dr. so he takes care of me. I think i just didn't want to deal with the fact that i have lupus. I don't tell anyone b/c i don't want ppl feeling sorry for me. My immediate family knows but not many of me friends. I have never had a right time to tell ppl, i don't want them thinking i am just telling them for the sympathy... hmm... so thats about it.. if you want to know more feel free to ask! :cute:

06-27-2009, 09:00 PM
Hi Amy,

Welcome, nice to meet you. I am sorry to hear that you are in the same boat as we are. Are you on any meds? If you have any questions, just ask away, somebody is always here to talk to you.


06-27-2009, 10:17 PM
Thank you... right now i am not on any meds. I have been prescribed Plaquenil and Relafen.. talk to yall soon!!!

06-27-2009, 11:20 PM
Amy -
Hello! I am sorry to hear that you had to take a year off of college. I imagine that must have been a long and hard decision to make. I would also imagine that it brought about a lot of questions from your friends. How did you deal with explaining your time off? I'm sure they already have a clue that something is going on and are probably more likely to be concerned then patronizingly sympathetic. It's difficult to know that you are different on the inside and look so normal on the outside. Especially when the difference limits your ability to do the things that everyone seems to be doing around you.

Angel Oliver
06-28-2009, 05:21 AM
Hello Amy,

Welcome and nice to meet you.I understand the not telling people,in a way i wish i had not have told people,cause now they keep away.But im used to it and in a way dont mind...you get to learn who your real friends are in times like this.But saying that,i bet if your friends knew they would be so different n supportive and help you.
We are here for you.
lots of love

06-28-2009, 09:55 AM
When I took a year off from college i just told ppl that i was going to work full time and save all my money so that i wouldn't have to work as much during school year. that way i could make my car payments and not have to work as much... but of course that didn't happen..

sick n tired
06-28-2009, 10:22 PM
Hey Amy,

so sorry to hear you had to take a year off of college...I hope that the memory gets somewhat better...mine waxes and wanes...I believe it goes with whether the disease is active or not...

btw...I live in Arlington, Texas

06-29-2009, 09:05 AM
Hi Amy. I'm in the greater Houston area so hello to a fellow Texan. I've had symptoms since I was 12 and am now 23. I chose not to tell a lot of people but the people I do tell treat it like it's nothing but still don't understand that I don't have the energy that most people do or can't physically do some things. Anyway, just letting you know you're not alone. Welcome to this site, we're all here for each other through the good and the bad!