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sick n tired
06-21-2009, 11:05 AM
Hey all...It has been an equally busy June as it was in May...we have had a death..last week, Grandpa died of Cancer, and now to help a friend, I am about to work at a childrens camp in Oklahoma (Lake Murray). The cost is kept down 325.00 by getting experts to donate their time to teach and be counselors as well as food service, etc...I have some expertise and my mom says I have never learned to say no..:cute:

Years ago, I worked at this sort of rustic camp(no airconditioners but there are cabins) I was the main water skiing instructor, as well as red cross swim instructor...see where I am going? That is what I have been stationed to do...I will be teaching Bible this time which is a plus because it is inside instead of outside in Archery...I have bought hats...much sunblock...no shorts just short pants...

These people are like family and I know I can sit down if need be...

I am sort of scared about the remission I am in turning around. I feel some of the things going back. This is the first time after the dx...

Well just though I would touch base...Oluwa and Kathy, and Rasta...I am sorry I have not gotten back in touch...with Grandpa getting sick I have been on the road to Tennessee...back and forth...

Well gotta go...Hubby is waiting to drive me up so I won't have to ride the hot bus :) I will not have a computer so have a great week and stay cool.:laugh: I will try to do the same...lol

10,000 Blessings and Happy Father's Day to all the dads here,


Angel Oliver
06-21-2009, 03:28 PM
Oh im so sorry to read about the loss of your Grandpa. I have missed you n thought maybe something was up.You enjoy the childrens camp my friend and take it slow.x

Sending you gentle hugs and hope you know im thinking of you.

06-21-2009, 03:42 PM
No worries, Sickntired.....you are always in my thoughts and prayers, even when you're not always with us for a bit.... :yes:

Sending you extra gentle hugs :hug: and condolences for your Grandfather. I'm sorry for your loss....loving Grandfathers are a true gift from God.

I hope you have a truly wonderful time at camp with the kids....I know you will make a big difference in each of their lives....just by being YOU, and sharing your love for your Lord and your gifts and talents He has bestowed.

I'll be praying for a strong continued remission....especially during your time at camp.

Stay well....and happy, my friend! It's really good to hear from you.

with Love,

:cool2: Lori

06-21-2009, 04:09 PM
hi sick n tired,

well, i am sure that you are at camp now, and i am hoping that you are having a blast. the serenity within the grounds, and the cleansing of teaching the bible, will surely bring peace to your soul, and you can cherish a week of calmness.

i send you gentle hugs of sorrow over your loss. Grandfathers (like lori said) are a precious gifts and are so missed when they are gone.

can't wait to hear about your week.

06-22-2009, 02:00 AM
sick n tired,

I am so sorry to hear your grandpa died. It is so tough losing a loved one, even when you can look back and say that had a great life. Take it easy and let your body rest when it needs to......even when you are at camp! I think it is wonderful that you volunteered for camp. I also have the problem of never saying no and 90% of the time I am happy I ended making the choice i did to help other out. I think it will lift your spirits and keep you busy and focused on your lessons. We are here if you need anything.....I missed you!!!!!!!




06-22-2009, 10:07 AM
Sorry to hear about our grandpa. Hope the camp revitalizes your spirit, volunteering always does. Have fun!

sick n tired
06-28-2009, 10:32 PM
Well thank you all for the condolences and thoughts...I did survive through camp, but may not still be in total remission...the only time I was unable to wear a hat and sunglasses was when I was in the water teaching water skiing( I would hold the girls and steady them before the boat took off)
I got burned and tanned even though I put 70% sunblock on and then a 30% one on top of that...these were at regular intervals...
Sooo...right now I can't even close my hands and there is not many places on me that don't hurt right now...I am exhausted...

but, the experience was very rewarding...Thanks for all of you who had well wishes...

10,000 blessings,