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06-10-2009, 04:19 PM
As crazy as this sounds.. I will say it anyway...

Can sunlight cause pimples on people who have lupus. The bridge of my nose and cheeks get red when I get in the sunlight. Have since i was a boy. Goes away when i get out of the light. This could be the mylar rash or something like it, I have recently learned.

But I have a new problem, not only have I lately been getting the red rash but suddenly for some odd reason I was getting pimples on my nose, nose bridge and the crevice between cheek and nose. I am 43 and I feel like I am going through puberty again.

I have recently started taking cellcept. I was thinking I was having a reaction. Not only pimples, but my nose is red and appears swollen. Wierd and embarassing.


My rhuemy tells me that it is important I put sunblock on twice a day, because my symptoms go nuts in the sunlight. a few hours in the sun and I go to pieces.

So I started to put the sunscreen on after the shower in the morning on my nose and face and low and behold within two days the pimples go away and the nose returns to its normal size. HMMMM. Now I am still taking cellcept, yet the pimples are gone so I am leaning to the sunlight... But pimples... and all of a sudden.

Is that even possible..

I now have a pimple free nose, LOL, at the cost of sunscreen. I thought there might be something in the sunscreen, but it doesn't seem anything special. SPF 85, nothing crazy.

can sunlight cause pimples?

06-11-2009, 12:05 PM
Hmmm mabe others don't get this.... maybe it's the cellcept after all... hmmm

06-11-2009, 12:50 PM
Hi Dave,

I get what you describe and yes the Sunscreen lotion helps a lot!

I get those what you call pimples, also on my hands when I go out without sunscreen that after I don't take care enough, can become inflamed and create red patches oin my skin.
After I put sunscreen lotion on it, it helps the healing!

It's unbelievable, but by reading a vitiamin book I have, I see that the Zinc in the Sunscreen lotion helps to cure the pimples.
The majoritiy of sunscreen has zinc in it.

Yes, it's definitely the sunscreen in my huimble opinion. :yes::yes:

06-11-2009, 04:49 PM
zinc in the sunscreen, now that makes sense, thanks. who would figure...

06-12-2009, 12:16 PM
I am on cellcept, and 37, I have been getting ZITS!! haha too! So, very possible, or combination of that and Lupus! Kathy

06-14-2009, 07:38 PM
Yeah whenever I'm in the sun I get "pimples" and bad butterfly rash.
I get them on my hands and arms and most of my legs but it does go
away after awhile.

We aren't supposed to be in the sun without lots of skin covered up
and then ontop of that most of us are on medications like CellCept that
say on the bottle " Avoid exposure to real or artifical sun"

Sun ISN'T our friend!!!! It sucks but it's not..I also get spots ontop of my head
under my hair from being in the sun too long.

Last year I went to Indiana Dunes Beach was there from 11am til about 5pm
I did wear sunscreen and a white button beach shirt but no other "protection" and I was
DEAD for the next week not to metion that I had a kidney biopsy the next day..it
was awful...I had extreme body pain to the point where I couldn't move at all and had
skin "rash" or "pimples" for about a week..I wouldn't advise it to anyone but at the
time I also wasn't on CellCept.

Just remember protection protection protection...hats..sun-umbrellas..sunglasses..pants..long sleeves..light jackets and sunscreen!!!

06-15-2009, 01:34 PM
I get the rashes on my shins (small clusters of bumps), on my fingers, and the flat JUST RED butterfly rash on my face. Well, just 2 or 3 days ago i started getting the BIG BUMPY rash on my forearm. Its only 1 big red bump right now but with all thats happened to me in the past few yrs im just waiting for more to pop up!:wacko: Its always something with lupus! :no: