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06-02-2009, 08:28 PM
We moved to this state a year ago. I have been bedbound since we moved here and thus my circle of aquiantances is very small, just my doctors, some hosp. employees, my therapist and a handful of church women. I am now starting to be able to venture out some. However it is very difficult for me to venture out of my emotional comfort zone.

My son had a track awards banquet tonite. (Made HubbyMan happy--free food) I met one of his (my sons) friends mom. She and I really seemed to hit it off. Our stories are similar yet different. We both moved to this new state around the same time. Illness and family trauma too. We shared a lot. Oh and we are about the same age. As I left she told me to have fun on my trip and to not feel guilty. (Im going on a much needed break by myself for three weeks) It was something I needed to hear.
I am a bit anxious tho. I seem to have anxiety about things that I never have before. She (my new friend) is my doctors sister. I knew this when I met her tonite. I am pretty self concious. I dont feel comfortable around people very easily. We talked a bit and then HubbyMan and I sat at the table and she came and sat next to me.

Can I be friends with my doctors sister? Why am I so self concious and anxious? How do I go about this and not sabotage myself?

Anyone else have a difficult time making friends?


06-02-2009, 09:15 PM
hi kasey,

you began your post with saying you "met someone who could become a friend." I think you answered your question with this statement....sounds like you need to follow your own instincts and give this friendship a try....your paths may have been brought together for a reason, and the only to find this out is to open yourself to her friendship.

congratulations....friends are the greatest gift.

06-02-2009, 09:24 PM
Oh honey..you totally deserve to have a new friend! I completely understand the anxiety
and everything but you shouldn't. Just try to relax alittle and enjoy that you found someone who has some similar circumstances as yourself. Let yourself be her friend..if anything take it slow..tell her how it makes you feel that your doctor is her sibling I have
a feeling that she would understand.

Take a new friend anyway you can...as long that person makes you feel better and makes you happy there is no harm in it at all..just more caring love around you.

I hope you enjoy your trip also relax tons! and let the friendship in friends are good =)