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06-02-2009, 06:47 AM
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had a full blown migraine that wouldn't go away.
I feel like I'm getting another migraine attack this morning...urrggh:hissyfit:

Yesterday it was like a nightmare!
I got a speed consult with the lung specilist who wanted me to do a CT Scan immediately. Thank God there isn't a lung embolia so as the doc first suspected.

I was feeling so bad, but a friend who also has lupus wanted to come and cheer me up a bit. :yes:

Do you smell fresh blood during migraines and/or heavy headaches?

Yesterday had it again, it's like I smell fresh blood.

Today I woke up feeling a change in both hands.
My nails have a weird blue color at the bottom and at the top they are brittle and so white that they look like white nail polish on them.
Is this what is called Raynaud's Syndrome? I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong.

I have so many questions that I will just ask those 2 for today.:cute:



06-02-2009, 10:34 AM
These symptoms you discribe are not typical of any migraine I have had or have heard of. I would be worried about the odd the looking nails and blood smell please contact your doctor asap. Debbi

06-02-2009, 11:57 AM
hi margie,

i have never heard of what you are describing....please immediately contact your dr.