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05-20-2009, 02:26 PM
I had my six month Rheumy checkup on Monday and am now all sorts of confused and all over the place.

Apparently there was blood in my urine sample (although don't have my period at the moment) so that's being send away to the lab. Not sure what that could mean.

I told her that I'm having issues with terrible pain in my legs which comes and goes. The only relief I can get from it is to put on tight tubular bandages. The pain is mainly in the outsides of my knees but goes straight down through the muscles to my ankles and also radiates up my thighs. Its hard to describe but it makes my legs feel restless... like I have to bounce them on the spot for light relief but the pain makes me cry.

I also get this pain in my neck and out from there towards my shoulder. Its definately a muscular pain but obviously I can't bandage this area ~lol~

She got me lying on the examination table and then started doing the usual, bending my legs up and down and all over but my right knee keep cracking like a gun being fired.

She said that it was probably a myalgia. Is that just a general term for muscle pain?

She also mentioned that I might have a deficiency in Vit D so wanted to test my blood for that. Full set of bloods for me! ELEVEN tubes of blood they took... I've never seen so many tubes in my life (although granted there was one extra one because I asked about having another baby in the future so she's checking for the antibodies that lupus can cause that make you miscarry).

What a job they had getting the blood out my arms too... I hate needles and so do my veins apparently! ~lol~ they were not giving in without a fight!

So I wasn't sure what made her wonder about the Vit D thing. Would that be the blood in my urine, my muscle pain or my cracking knee? Anyone have any ideas?


05-20-2009, 04:25 PM
hey numpty,

has your dr. checked you for fibromyualgia? It is extremely painful, and it attacks the muscles and other soft tissue. The pressure points are located very close to joints, and can sometimes feel like the problem is with the joint. I can press on joints, and have no problem, but if i press on soft tissue next to joint, i want to hit someone....the pain is very obvious. The test is very simple, and just involves the dr. applying pressure to specific points on your body.

One of the pressure points is just below the knee, (in the soft tissue just below the knee cap). This pain will frequently run up and down the leg.

Another series of pressure points are located at the base of the skull and runs down the neck then out the shoulders. There are several pressure points in this area, and mine hurt just about every day.

Blood in the urine, could be an indication of something, but it could also be nothing. I have registered blood in my urine since 1996. So far, no reason has been identified. Lupus nephritis (lupus in the kidney) would show protein in the urine, and even then, can be treated. My kidneys register as "borderline functional" and my nephrologist is just watching closely.

hope i answered some of your questions.

05-20-2009, 05:54 PM
i use a lot of icyhot on my joints when they get to hurting, in my knees if they are in pain, i use a brace. my neck is constatly tense due to a previous injury, i used to take muscle relaxors on my days off but i haven't, i just live off of advil and tylenol. it causes major headaches too. they took 11 tubes of blood from me too when i was being diagnosed, it's a lot since i'm only 115lbs. i do have the lupus anticoagulant antibody which causes miscarriages, strokes, and heart attacks. yay. i hope i am able to have kids! as far as the blood in your urine, it could be anything from renal failure to stones to lupus nephritis. hopefully it's nothing. hoping for the best. thoughts and prayers always.

05-20-2009, 06:55 PM
Numpty..There you are....Hugs..

Restless?...perhaps Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I take Requib and oh, and does it ever help...ask your doctor about RLS...could be...

I use to tube mine up..with T.E.D stocking..compression socks used for after surgery to prevent blood clots..only helped a little....now I pop the pill instead. Wonder little pill.

Cracking in the knees...arthritis?....knee cap out of line? Maybe see and Orthopedic doctor....

Neck and back pain...have you tried a TENS unit? Or try strapping a bag of ice with an ace bandages to the area...An X over the pain area and the bag under the crossing point.....

Without enough vitamin D, muscle and bone weakness and pain occur....having Lupus we stay out of the sun preventing absorption through the skin...so many of use to not get adequate amounts of Vitamin D through our diet, so, we supplement.

Have a bone density test conducted too...

Keep looking for your wellness and lovely to read you again...Hope you are able to enjoy life despite your illness...Hugs.