View Full Version : Finally, now what?

05-20-2009, 08:27 AM
Hello everyone, I hope and wish you all the best. I am new here I had posted under introduce yourself some time ago however as i knew before the doctors did what was happening to me.
So now they have finally caught up and have mad the diagnosis of lupus official. i also have over lapping illness, sjogren's syndrome and addison's disease.
I had become much more unwell in the last coupld of years and my rheumy (reluctant in 2006 to call this problem lupus) changed her mind I guess and had me see a respirologist. He is just unbeleivably great. Unscathed at my autoimmune soup and full of energy he with my rhuemy I'm sure has really figured out things that had been a tangle in my mind for a long time.
What I would like to post about today is what he has found, kind of scarey but I do know that it only comes when I'm flaring bad and then after some self TLC will settle somewhat. I speak of "shrinking lung". Does anyone here deal with this issue and could you fill me in on it? My symptoms are terrible short breath without any apparent cause or heart issue, chest pain sometimes very painful, and in fact the inflammation often leads to costocondritis of the chest/ribs. Of coarse there comes with it a fatigue that I can't describe very well but i am tippy, unable to focus and just feel like I need to stay in bed, in doors, in a coma!
Anway that's me and I would love to hear about you. Sandra