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Beckey Lapp
05-14-2009, 11:35 PM
I love to go camping. We camped all the time all over the place, in good weather and in bad weather, having fun, teaching survival skills. For the last 3 summers I have been unable to camp. I watch as my husband and my son walk out the door to go on another camping adventure. This one really hurts because it involves my 2 favorite hobbies camping and rock hunting. The scouts are going to eastern Oregon to hunt for sun stones. I tried so hard and had my hopes high to go on this trip. I found a tent trailer we could use so I could climb the stairs to the trailer and have a bed not a mat and a sleeping bag. I just wanted to go even if I couldn't hike to the rock site, I could share in all the cool stones they found when they got back. I could sit by the fire, breathe in the fresh air and just be out....camping! My husband said he thought it was a bad idea for me to go. "The trip will be too long, Beckey. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think you should go!" I was crushed and told him he was wrong. They left for the meeting to tell them I wouldn't be going. I cried and cried till I had no more tears. Then I started thinking that he is a good man and has my best interest at heart, so what did he see that I didn't. The trip is a 4 hour drive one way and I can barely make it for an hour before the pain skyrockets. The trip was too fast, they are leaving Friday evening and coming home Sunday. The time to recoop was just not there. So here I am about to be left home alone again. There is some light at the end of my camping tunnel, my husband promised to scout out the area for a family trip. We will take a longer time frame, so I can camp again finally. I hope he keeps his word. For 3 years now there has been excuses why we can't go on our own. I'm tired of excuses and told him he had to promise to take me and no excuses it has to be this summer. He promised so for now I wait alone praying that this is the year I will go camping once again!

05-15-2009, 01:59 AM
Hi Beckey,

I miss camping too. The outdoors was such a huge part of my life for so many years. Back in Arizona, my friends and I went out and explored every weekend. We would all take vacation at the same time and spend a week in some remote spot. We had a rule-no trails, nothing where we'd see other people, and everything we would need for the week had to fit in our packs and webgear. We were a bunch of "purists" I guess. We all had handheld GPS units, but always used the old reliable lensatic compass to get where we wanted to go.

We would rock hunt, watch all the wildlife, climb some insane rock faces, it was so much fun. I miss the campfire, the stories, and passing the tequila flask around. Once, we were exploring a really remote area of northern Arizona, and found a never before recorded or documented cliff dwelling. It was just there like the people who lived in it just left. There was a fire pit with ashes, and fully intact pots everywhere. We told the National Forest Service about it, and went out with them to show them where it was so they could record the locaion. I turned out to be an 800 year old Anasazi Indian ruin. Those pots sat there for 8 centuries undisturbed, amazing. I miss those adventures, and my friends. We had good times and saw things I'll never forget.

Every summer here in Maine, my family goes on a week long trip down the Allagash Waterway in canoes/kayaks. I have a decent kayak, and all the gear, but with Lupus I know it would be too much for me physically. I've never been, nor will I ever be the person who goes on a camping trip and ends up dragging butt and complaining all the time. Maybe someday, remission will happen, and I'll be able to camp again.


05-15-2009, 05:42 AM
Beckey and Rob, I hope you both get to camp again since you love It so much. It so hard not being able to do the things we use to do. I day dream about the things I miss.

05-15-2009, 09:19 AM
Hi Beckey...

Oh, I really feel for you. I understand your feelings perfectly..the yearning to get out in the beautiful outdoors around Oregon. I'm really sorry you're illness is causing you to miss something that you love...and missing the time with your family. Your husband sounds like a caring, understanding man that takes good care of you. I'll bet if you share with him how important a special camping trip is to you and how much you want to plan for it and make it happen this summer, he'll listen. Tell him how hard it is to be limited in your ability to enjoy the things that used to be a big part of your life, and how happy it'll make you to have even one relaxing, family campout to enjoy. We all need something to look forward to in our lives.

I grew up camping all over Oregon. Camping and spending time in the outdoors is a part of who I am. From a very young age I remember going camping in Eastern Oregon...Heppner, Baker, three Sisters....my family....parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were all from Nebraska and Missouri and they were deer and elk hunters. And they didn't just kill for sport, it was for the meat for our families. My parents were not wealthy by any means, so it was sustenance for us. We also spent many hours fishing the lakes and rivers. There were many, many camping trips from the Oregon Coast to Mt. Hood National Forest and the far off wilderness areas. And my Grandparents were avid rockhounds so we spent many weekends rock hunting around Eastern Oregon. I still have my collection of thundereggs and quart crystal...some of the most amazing rocks.

Then when I was about 8 years old, my parents got into Archery and it became a family hobby throughout my entire childhood. My parents then hunted deer with bow and arrow, and we spent most of the year either camping and hunting or going to archery shoots at different clubs around Oregon. I absolutely loved archery and was pretty good at it. I have quite a collection of trophies and plaques. I was avidly involved in Archery until I turned 15 and discovered boys. :veryhappy:

So when I say I understand your sadness...I truly do, Beckey. There is such a strong pull, in Oregon, to get out in the beautiful woods we have here and camp and enjoy the rugged beauty of nature. There are some strong feelings that can be evoked by memories of camping....the good times of setting up camp, sitting around the campfire and watching the stars or roasting marshmellows. Crawling into your sleeping bag and listening to the forest sounds of night time. And one of my favorite, waking up in a tent and laying there listening to the sounds of the forest waking up....the birds, the animals, the sound of a campfire being built, the smell of bacon frying...

And I love camping at the Oregon Coast! What beauty! My very favorite place is Beverly Beach State Park and Cape Lookout. In fact, the last time I camped was at Beverly Beach with our kids and our dog, Cooper. There are some great spots to hike around there...heck, there are amazing hiking opportunities ALL over Oregon...we are so blessed here in this state.

Sorry for going on and on...it's just that your thread reminded me of how much fun camping can be and brought back some great memories for me. I'm sending you caring hugs for your sadness and lonliness and feelings of being 'left out'. Can you make it a fun weekend for you? Maybe something a little special for dinner one night, and a good 'chick flick' to keep your mind occupied. How about a funny movie to make you laugh, the release of endorphins is great for your mood and your immune system. :lmao:

I'll be thinking of you this weekend...if you get too lonely, feel free to PM me and we'll 'talk'.


:cool2: Lori

05-15-2009, 09:26 AM
Hey Rob....too cool, the Anasazi Indian ruins. That would have been so awesome to happen across. Something from ancient past that nobody had seen yet. What an amazing feeling that must have been, to realize what you had stumbled across. Nice job!

I'm most thankful that we have those incredible memories from our time spent in the outdoors and the great camping trips we've enjoyed....the time being one with nature and the joy of great friends and good times. Those memories are the things that can NEVER be taken from us.

I sure hope that a remission is in store for your future, and that you'll one day be well enough to kayak that river with your family and show 'em how it's done. :veryhappy:

:cool2: Lori

05-15-2009, 09:49 AM
Dear Becky,

I know how you feel. My boyfriend went camping yesterday and will be gone thru Monday.
I couldn't go because I am sick. I love to camp too and have all the camping gear, etc. to do it, but my body won't let me.

I am trying to make the best of not going this time, but it is hard. I love to sit by the campfire at night, roast marshmallows and fish and explore the area during the day. But alas, it is not to be!