View Full Version : Has anyone heard from Angel

05-08-2009, 08:13 AM
Angel I was wondering how everything went. You are in my thoughts and prayers


Angel Oliver
05-08-2009, 10:54 AM
Oh Becky thanks. Hi all ive missed you so much.

Well its all over and done with pheeeeeeeeeew!! You know they made me wait ten hours in a waiting room.I was so stressed and they didnt care.But they did it eventually.Im very bruised and swollen,but you know what i feel better than i thought i would do.I carnt really open my mouth very wide as they ended up injecting steriods and this new drug for pain, it worked but my whole jaw feels rusty and creaks....but i ate a mars bar ice cream...Mmmmm chocolate.My ears are itchy but they are too sore to touch. I look like ive had a face lift :) swollen but look different.It'll take time to calm down,but if i keep still and dont smile i feel not much pain.If i talk....or smile....ouch:yes:. My mouth does seem to be opening a bit straighter now.The doctor said he cracked it good n proper so i dont have to have it done again....so fingers crossed.
Thanks everyone for all the lovey messages.I felt the hand squeeze Phyllis thanks....Becky,Jeanette,Lori....i was thinking of you and your kindness. And everyone else....thanks for being my friends and thinking of me as it means allot. I didnt get a visitor,but a patient realised and sat with me and my big swollen face,so the time passed quick. Hospitals in the UK are not so friendly...they forget there is a person behind the patient.
Im not staying on long got face ache....but im ok and have to go back in a fortnight.
The day i came home,they kept me waiting hours again. I got home and spoke to someone....who really i shouldnt have in the state of mind i was in.....said allot of things...about my life...how i feel.....how im struggling.Now waiting for the backlash.She was a Doctor....who will now think im truly insane.....but im really not.Just fed up with being treated like a head case....having depression thrown in my face as a get out clause....i want to know once and for all whats wrong with me.....im alive,but not living.I told her all this and more.She went on to say im looking at things in a negative way.....OMG....i told her NO im not....this is how my life is...how i get treated.....i need to sleep first.I asked for help ten years ago...then 1 year ago was told she would help...instead shes bothered about being negative.I told her....if i could sleep properly....i could think properly...function.....she didnt really understand me at all.Yes i sounded like a mad woman....but someone one day has to listen to me....instaed of just talking to me.
Hope you all are ok.Sorry if i dont get round to replying to messages....aching a bit.Thanks for reading this...you know how i can waffle on a bit lol.

Lots of love

05-08-2009, 11:30 AM
So glad your back and better. Hope the pain is over soon. I know it will be good to be able to use you jaw again. I know how you feel about how you get treated when your depressed. Especially by doctors. They won't listen and think they know everything. Get plenty of rest and hope things are even better to tomorr

Angel Oliver
05-08-2009, 11:35 AM
Thanks Becky and i hope you have a fab weekend too and feel good too.


05-08-2009, 12:35 PM
Angel, I know you've been feeling really bad or you would be here. Thing aren't the same here without you.

Angel Oliver
05-08-2009, 12:46 PM
Ive just been catching up and updating,so thankful of your friendship...means allot.xxxxxxxx

08-08-2009, 07:21 AM
hey angel...glad your are back from hospital and that the jaw issue seems to be resolving...im sorry you are having doctor issues again...im praying for you...lots f love n/b/n

Angel Oliver
08-08-2009, 04:21 PM
Thanks so much for caring nbn its much appreciated. Well my jaw is healing slowly yet recently have had total head throb as my jaw n neck,lymph nodes hurting,throbbin bad,but today i was bad lol i ate a few caramels.Oh the pain was worth it:) delish they were.I go for a ct scan on 24th to see why im still in so much pain.
I changed doctors,same surgery but this doctors seems to listen,knows im sat in his room,diagnosed me with fibro so yes,he seems ok so far.
Hope you are feeling better too as we were all so worried when you were in hospital.
Thanks again for caring.
love n hugs