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06-10-2005, 08:25 AM
My name is Sara I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis two years ago by getting reffered to a rhematologist. At first I showed no symptoms of this disease but after my gynocologist had given me a rough dose of hormones I seemed to scream out Lupus when no one could hear it..
I underwent a ton of testing for all different kinds of Illnesses and finally a doctor brave enough to admit he didnt quite know what exacutally what was going on decided to recommend me to another well educated person.
See all my lifeI lived heathly going to the doctors occasionally for an ear infection or sore throat but my joints were another story. I went to alot of chiropractors because of my joint pain and going through at least 4 or 5 years of it was starting to wear on my body. No one knew why I was always in pain or why I didnt stop complaining, I eventually started ingnoring all the symptoms and acted like it wasnt there..
About a week after the Gyno had done a procedure called a laproscopic scope my lupus was starting to really yell. The scope had sent my body into a sprial spin and right into alot of complication. I missed over 87 days of my senior year of high school( the best year of school..) and thats when rumors started and friends began to backstab.No one in school not even teachers could quite understand why a single person could be out of school for so long and just be "sick". Well I was and I went back for the few days I could actually last in school I made sure people knew I took my education seriously and I wasnt skipping school.. Throughout all this the few people who have been totally suppotive is my mother, father(family) and my boyfriend. They have been my rock and the ones to help me keep my positive attitude thoughout all this..*besides I cant be a sad person thats just not my style..i cant let my guard down.no one can see me upset* My mother has always wanted the best for me that is why when I first got diagonsed and the the Rhematologist wanted to have me scheduled for a Kindey Biopsy, my mother had decided I needed to be taken to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as opposed to having a student at the Univ. Of IA do a procedure that there is a risk that a person could bleed to death. Life since I have been diagonosed has been changed but I dont want to see myself as being a different person but a person who is different. I cant do the normal things that most teens/young adults get to. My summers used to consist of sitting by the pool, bathing in the sun, and on the occasion a dip in the pool. I love SUN and on some days I will put on a SPF 100000 and go out for short periods at a time, I cannot be a person who is going to ruin my life with some sunshine but I cant live with out it either. From what I have experienced throughout all of this is take no chances with health, Ask my doctor before doing anthing, being patient, and keeping a positive attitude throughout all of this. These situations are hard to go through especially if there no one you know who has gone through the same thing. Everyone out there STAY STRONG, and remeber that God has a plan for all of us..and for everyone with LUPUS stand up and speak..this is the time where we need to say I HAVE LUPUS and we should be treated with the best we can get. WE ALL need to have a hand in this petition that is going around and signing it for the research, study, and fundraising for this disease. Lupus is not something we should keep the world silent of it is just as important as a cancer, a AIDS, or a life threating disease.because it is a life threating disease.
If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to IM,email,or post a message. Thank you
Prayers to all and GOD bless..

06-10-2005, 09:30 AM
Wow Sara, you seem like such a strong, positive person, despite all your health issues, and being so young too. Glad to have you here. I have one question, if you don't mind my asking, what kind of gyno issues did you have that you needed hormones etc? I'm wondering because I've had issues in that area since I was 12, and the lupus issues really showed up big time after giving birth to my son. I've had 8 surgeries for different problems gyno. including a full hysterectomy. I'm taking hormones now which is why I asked.
Welcome and I hope you love the boards as much as the rest of us.

06-10-2005, 09:44 PM
I started my cycles when I was 9 years old..REAL early..I had problems with my reoccuring cysts on my overies this is why I had underwent the laproscopic surgery to see if I had developed a disease that effects menstrual cycles and cysts..luckly I didnt have it ..but it was called Endometriosis..The hormones in my body is what seemed to trigger my lupus because at one point I was taking Yasmin 3 mg every day. After being so sick from the procedure the doctors didnt understand why I wasnt bouncing back..they ran some blood tests and this is when they found out my ANA numbers were off the wall..The reason I began taking the hormones was because of painful cycles from the cysts and the reason why they kept uping the dosage was because they were trying to get rid of the cysts. After the whole thing was said and done..My mother and I decided that I was going to quit taking it for a while..it didnt hurt my body and I just havent taken them since. But my Rhematologist said that the birth control pills may have been why I had gone through so much trouble

06-12-2005, 04:59 PM
Hi Sara :lol:
Welcome to our forum. I know how hard it must be to have to deal with this disease at such a young age. However, you possess two of the most important factors to being able to live functionally: A positive Attitude and a Supportive Family.
Always remember that there are so many of us who know what you are going through and who want to offer you support, comfort, information and understanding.


Peace and Blessings