View Full Version : Confused by labs and dr. comments

04-29-2009, 03:31 PM
Hi everyone,

After my first office visit with my new rhumy she ran a whole blood work up and as my results came back i was asking questions about them and come to find out most of my lab work doesn't point to Lupus but they are still looking at me as possible RA or Lupus or Scleroderma. I'm very confused and its not fun not knowing cause unless we have a diagonosis all we can do is treat symptoms which is ok i guess but at the same time its scary not knowing weather i'm going to wake up sore, stiff, or feel ok. For instance yesterday I woke up and was so sore i almost didn't make it up stairs. I had 2 bowls of cereal then came back down after taking my morning meds and played on my pc then started crying for no reason and went to go see our 2 cats that stay in our room and next thing i know its 4pm and i'm waking back up. I was so tired that i didn't realize that i fell asleep. Then I slept all night lastnight and today i'm still exhausted. It sucks majorly cause I want to be productive and be able to start working on my stamina so that maybe I can go back to work one of these days, but it feels like i'm constantly going backwards and that to me is devistating. I just want my body to give answers weather or not I like them or not, that way the doctors can treat me and get me back to a semi normal life. thanks for letting me vent.

Angel Oliver
04-29-2009, 03:37 PM
Oh im sending you gentle hugs my firend,but please hang in there.If you sleep...sleep.Your body needs to rest and even though you are fighting to get back to 'normal' that will come in its own time.One day hopefully you will function allot better.But you just hang in there.For now...go with what your body needs and that is rest.One day you'll write on here about how good you feel.But until then....know we all are here for you and wish you a future of no fatigue and pain free. Others will post here soon for you. Glad you vented...better out than in.Hopefully one or all of us can help you through this very frustrating time.

lots of love but very gentle hugs

P.S i too have had 2 diagnosis so far.I dont hold my breath to stick to the most recent diagnosis as they changed it once.Ive not been blessed yet with a good doctor here in the Uk.But one day i know i WILL find out for sure what is wrong with me.Today its M.E Chronic Fatigue Syndrome plus others things.I just rest and sleep.I used to be active.Dont worry....it will get better for you but i sure understand your frustration of not knowing for sure whats up. You will get an answer soon.Be strong.We are here for you.xxxxx

04-29-2009, 03:46 PM
Thank you for your kind words, You always have good words to say and i surely need them some days. I am sure that one day the doc will be able to figure it out. I'm sorry that your doctors haven't been able to give you a definative answer eighter. I'm a strong person and I know that I will make it through but it can get very difficult for me some days.

Angel Oliver
04-29-2009, 03:54 PM
Oh yes it very lonely and heart wrenching when you are searching for answers.Unfortunately in some cases you have to wait. While you wait life passes you by while you watch friends,neighbours living,moving on.... we just get to stay in the same like time warp where life stops! So not fair i know,but i am so glad you found us all here.To know you are not alone and its very normal...the feelings you are having,as horrible as they are.
Just imagine hey.....me n you...here in a few months or years....chatting about how we were back then (meaning now) and then we'll have found the answers...be living in the now and not in that time warp of the unknown,the pain,the fatigue,the people dont believe me....we'll be with them...out there! What stories we'll have to pass on hey!!!You hang in there n always keep posting.xxxxxxxxxx

04-30-2009, 03:06 PM
AWWW, Sorry for your pain and unknowing Ria. I, like so many others as well can relate. I am in the same boat. Just when my hubby and i think i we have some answers they take them back. All i can say is keep on fighting the fight!:fighting0036: You WILL WIN this battle for some answers sooner or later!!!!