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04-26-2009, 08:11 PM
I started imuran a couple weeks ago, and five days after my first dose, I started running a fever that went up over 102 / aching muscles / headache. My doctor said to stop the drug, and my fever and aches went away within 48 hours. I had blood tests to verify that it wasn't something to do with my white blood count, and it seems like it was probably a hypersensitivity reaction. But my doctor wants me to try it again starting this Friday. She said I need to be constantly "with people" though in case I have another, worse reaction. So, here's my question: have any of you re-tried a drug that you had a reaction to? And if so, did you doctor put you in the hospital to do it? I've heard from one doctor and several patients that they always do re-tries in the hospital. I'm a little nervous and feel strange asking a friend to come babysit me in case I turn blue or something (though I doubt anything dramatic is actually going to happen).

04-26-2009, 08:46 PM
hi rosebud,

i am glad you are asking these questions. i have re-tried plaquenil, and everything whent fine, but i don't about imuran...that is a different story. There are other options than imuran, i don't know all of the names, but i am on methotrexate, and have tolerated it pretty well. Maybe your dr. could try a different immune suppresent...i am certainly no expert, but i am glad that you are researching before making a decision.

And i certainly would request that you be watched in the hospital when going through this re-trial. Best of luck to you, keep us posted.

04-27-2009, 04:13 AM
I've never re-tried a drug that I was on before. I also have no experience with Imuran. But, the idea of being supervised when you try the drug again is a good one. Though it wasn't life threatening, you did have what sounds like a very distinct bad reaction to the drug the first time. The chances of something dramatic happening is low, but it would be smart to have some supervision when you start the drug again.


05-03-2009, 07:53 PM
Weeell, just to follow up on this, if anyone should ask a similar question, I would recommend getting your doctor to check you in to the hospital in advance. Everything was quiet for about the first three hours after I took the retry of imuran. Then I starting puking. Then my entire body started aching and my temp went up 3 degrees in 30 minutes. I shivered so hard all night that my friend (bless her) had to cover me up with two down blankets and two quilts. It took about 30 hours to get my fever down at all, and if my friend hadn't been there to help me stay hydrated, there could've been trouble. I also developed excruciating pain in all my joints and am still having trouble walking today. So, in short, I think the hospital is the way to go (if you can't avoid retrying a drug), because they can at least stick an IV in the make the nausea / hydration / pain situations a little better.