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04-21-2009, 01:34 PM
I am so annoyed and aggravated with my Rhumey and her staff. I have a PPO who is in Beverly Hills, CA right around the corner from Rodeo Drive. One would think that having a good insurance policy and provider that I would receive more prompt service when requesting.
About 2 weeks ago my employer wrote me up for absences and early leaves amongst other things. Well, I went into overdrive stressing over this write up as all I could think about was not having health insurance. I immediately sought advice from a supervising human resources manager at another company as to how to address this issue and maintain my job. I thought as long as you were under a physicians care that your job was secure. I guess not so much if you do not have the proper paper work on file. So I submitted a request to my doctor requesting a doctor certificate. That was 2 weeks ago...today I receive the unsigned letter with dates from when I was actually on leave due to my flare ups last year and no dates from this year.
I have been so angry about this. I clearly outlined the dates on my request and they still can't get it right. Amazing how they harrass me about my outstanding balance everytime I am in for blood work but when I need a document that I have specified that I need as my job is in jeopardy they take their sweet time. I am so angry I could spit nails!!!
I guess this leaves for an interesting conversation between me and my therapist this week when I see him!
Just wanted to vent as I know I can't be the only one who has had issues with their doctor. I guess I have to be in pain and screaming to get a quick response from her and her staff! Maybe my next visit I will go in foaming at the mouth to get a reaction!

04-21-2009, 02:09 PM
What I would recommend is to get forms for the FMLA from your employer and get your doc to fill them out and get them back to HR. This is federal law to protect you. I work in the biggest steel mill in the US as a maintenance manager and my division manager got this all set up for me. Yes, I know that they could come up with some other lame reason to fire me but...I have a 3" binder filled with my clock in/out per week and when I call off FMLA it is with an email that I them forward to my house and it is put in that binder also. I have all yearly evaluations in there which have been good so far except this year. My division manager took care of that manager also. I guess what I am saying...as long as you are able to work...CYA. Since December 1st 08, I have only work 40 hours like 5 times. The other weeks were 32 or 24.

Good Luck!!

04-21-2009, 02:18 PM
Thank you Cptnblah!
Unfortunately I haven't been with the current company for a year to qualify for FMLA. The HR specialist I spoke to pointed this out to me so I am hanging on until I make a year in July!. So, for now I need the letter from my doctor and hopefully I will have it some time today as I need to make a follow up blood/lab work appointment but I want to have this letter submitted to both my stupidvisor I mean supervisor and our HR dept. Thank you for the insight and information. IF I do get the boot from work I will just go on full disablity but it is the health insurance that is most of my concern. Sucks but I know it will all work out for my benefit.
For now I will just take my anger/frustration out on the gym tonight!