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04-18-2009, 10:09 AM
On one of the sailing forum boards that I go to there was a post about an ugly duckling. So I clicked on the link to youtube thinking it was some sort of joke.

I watched this 47 year old lady walk out on the stage. People were laughing and making strange faces at her. Then she gave a thumbs up to someone off stage. The music started and she started to sing.

The voice that came out of her was unbelievable. As the tears ran down my face I just sat there and listened. Now I can't get enough of her.

If you have not heard Susan Boyle do a goggle search and a ton of sites will turn up. Over 26 million hit on her youtube. I can't wait until an album comes out.

04-18-2009, 10:29 AM
Hey David,

If you like that, there's another person you should check out. Two years ago on that same TV show, a young man named Paul Potts had an audition. He's a rather plain looking fellow, not someone who would stand out as being "a star". People were jeering him too, and when he said he was there to sing opera, the judges, including Simon Cowell, all rolled their eyes.

Then, he started singing. Literally everyones jaw dropped, and people were speechless. Paul sang a song made famous by Pavarotti called "Nessum Dorma". This unknown young man who was a cellphone salesman, also happened to be one of the worlds finest tenors. Today, after two successful albums, he is ranked up there with the worlds finest tenors. Men like Andrea Bocelli and the late Luciano Pavarotti. It is one of the most amazing, inspiring things I've ever seen. Even if you don't like Opera music, Paul Potts will make you a fan. He's that good.

Susan Boyle is the same sort of person, and story. A shy, basically unknown person, who has a voice that is pure perfection. She is an amazing singer. If you want to see Paul sing, just go to Youtube and type in the search box "Paul Potts sings Nessum Dorma", you will not be disappointed.


04-18-2009, 11:34 AM
hi guys,

i want to agree with both of you....i love it when we get to watch the transformation of a butterfly....reinforces our beliefs in nature.

susan boyle absolutely has the voice of an angel....she was sent to us and now we get to absorb her gift. We are the fortunate ones.

04-18-2009, 11:35 AM
I agree David, a VERY beautiful voice. Good for her, it just goes to show, you dont have to look "perfect" to have a PERFECT voice. Take that idol!

04-20-2009, 01:58 PM
Never judge a book by its cover!!! Susan Boyle is testimony to that.

Angel Oliver
04-20-2009, 02:06 PM
Yes its a programme from over here Britains got talent.She was amasing and so was Paul potts.This week was a little lad who started singing Valerie and Simon Cowell stopped him and said he chose the wrong song.He asked if he could sing another....OMG.....he was amasing,sang one of Micheal Jacksons songs from when Micheal was a kid.So watch out for him,hes good.Simon actually said he could win the show.But im voting for Susan,thinks shes from Scotland. I do karaoke.....maybe i should go on :):no:

Angel Oliver
04-20-2009, 02:26 PM
Oh just to say Susan Boyle's been googled 100million times.A world record and most ever watched video EVER!!! America have taken her under their wing. Good on her!! She also sings killing me softly.Oh so exciting for her!

04-20-2009, 03:42 PM
Angel, What song are you going to sing!!!


04-20-2009, 11:53 PM
Bigger Question here is why are we preconditioned to expect that someone
"unattractive" has no gifts to offer. Why are we surprised that she has a beautiful voice?

04-21-2009, 12:28 AM
I think she is absolutely adorable. She brought me to tears and I saw my husbands jaw hit the floor (he is never taken back by anything) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I firmly believe there are a LOT of people in this world who really need to get their eyes checked!!!!:yes:

Angel Oliver
04-21-2009, 03:12 PM
I think i'll be singing Sorento Moon by Tina Arena.Fab tune to sing too on karaoke.I get quite an audience...ok maybe just the local cats...but its an audience :)

Susuan Boyle is fab!! Those who call her awful names are jealous! She's gonna be famous...they will never be!!!


04-21-2009, 03:32 PM
Oh SO TRUE Silentscream. Sad, huh. Our world around us ( magazines,TV........) unfortunately makes people (especially women) feel as if they SHOULD LOOK BEAUTIFUL at all times. I get SO UPSET when i hear on th TV "OMG, look at Holly Berry without makeup, she looks awful". Are you kidding me! Its so sad that a woman cant go out of the house with a few extra pounds on her or no make-up with out being labeled "unattractive". SICK! Our media SUCKS in so many ways and thats one of them.This is what id like to do to them all!:fighting0050:

04-21-2009, 03:34 PM
WOO HOO!!! Thats right Angel!!!!!! Those people can kiss her ***!!!!!:nana:

04-21-2009, 03:42 PM
Angel, I don't know if I know that song. I will look for it on Pandora radio. I like her singing also but can't watch that show. But they have been playing her singing a lot on the news.

Angel Oliver
04-21-2009, 03:46 PM
I only know Chains and Serento Moon, so dont worry.Listen to you tube on here...thats where i listen to her.Fab song...makes me boogie on the spot.xxx

04-21-2009, 03:55 PM
OOOOOHHHHH, how CUTE are you!!! Boogie on the spot!!!!! I love it!!!:wiggle:

Angel Oliver
04-21-2009, 03:59 PM
:) That yellow emoticom is me doing the boogie thats exactly how i look.lol.:yes:

04-21-2009, 04:08 PM
Like i said, TOO CUTE!!!!! I Just Knew YOU looked like THAT! LOL:)

04-21-2009, 06:02 PM
Bigger Question here is why are we preconditioned to expect that someone
"unattractive" has no gifts to offer. Why are we surprised that she has a beautiful voice?

You know, I was thinking the exact same thing. I heard the story of Susan Boyle before I actually watched her sing. The media and others were making this woman out to be some awful thing to look at. I see nothing wrong with the way she looks, so she's not cut from societies mold of what an "ideal" woman should look like, so what?

She seems to have a very good attitude about herself and the way she looks, she's quite comfortable with who she is. And she has a great sense of humor. The way she was bantering around with everyone made me like her even more. She's a pistol. And that voice-Wow, absolute perfection.You know, it's easy to sit in an audience and mock the person on stage, it takes no talent or courage. Walking out onto that stage and singing had to take a ton of courage, and of course, talent.

04-21-2009, 08:43 PM
I saw Susan on YouTube and I was literally in tears. The most profound statement was made by Amanda, the female judge, who admitted that they were being cynical and that Susan provided a much needed wake-up call for them all.
It is a good lesson to us all about making judgments based solely upon appearance. There is SO MUCH beauty in all of us and we owe it to everyone to look for that beauty; regardless of the package it may come in!
I do not think that she needs to have anything done to change who she is. A hair cut, some make-up, eyebrows trimmed and she will be perfect!! I don't think that any changes should be made that would change her personality because I feel that she is a lovely woman! And, for those of us who are singers, "I have a Dream" is NOT an easy song to sing, it requires full chest voice throughout the entire song and there are very few singers who can do that!
I applaud her :thumbs-up:

Peace and Blessings

04-22-2009, 11:10 AM
I love what you said Saysusie and Rob! It couldnt have been said better! :fing02: It is sad that there is this pressure on women to LOOK a certain way and then you're considered Beautiful. Bulldooky! Susan IS such a HAPPY, sweet,funny and VERY TALENTED person, yet the media has focused MORE on her appearance. SO SAD :nono:

04-22-2009, 11:26 AM
Angel, I heard your song and it felt like you were singing it!!!! Saysusie, Are any of your songs on the Internet!!!!!

04-23-2009, 06:47 AM
I have a CD that I made in honor & memory of my daughter, Lauri. It is on the web and can be found on SongPeddler. You can listen to individual tracks, purchase individual tracks or the entire CD.
It is quite eclectic because Lauri loved ALL genres of music! It is entitled "I'm Alright"

Peace and Blessings

04-23-2009, 07:06 AM
Thank saysusie I will look for it. I love music. And would love to hear it. I play music when I do housework, helps pass time.

Angel Oliver
04-23-2009, 11:16 AM
For some reason Saysusie my computer wont let me listen to the songs there.Maybe i have to do something not sure.xx

04-23-2009, 01:21 PM
AWWWW, how wonderful Saysusie! Beautiful!:cute:

04-23-2009, 01:30 PM
Oh yes i agree Susan certainly has the voice of an angel:yes:
Me and my son Alfie were lucky enough to receive some audience tickets for "Britain's got talent" a couple of months ago. We spent the day there at London and saw some great acts...
The best one was a street dancing group OMG they were amazing, made me go cold !
The show i went to will be aired on TV next Saturday...cant wait to see if i can spot myself lol!!!

Lov sarah xx

04-23-2009, 01:39 PM
Im sure they made it a point to catch your beautiful face on camera Sarah! Say CHEESE!!! :wave:

Angel Oliver
04-23-2009, 01:54 PM
Hey can i have your autograph Sarah :)