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04-18-2009, 09:50 AM
Well I just found out my prescriptions aren't going to be covered by my medical plan anymore, but so far the damage isn't too bad. Most of my meds are generic and I can get them at Target, Wal Mart or some of the other pharmacies that discount the generics.

The other good news is that I don't have to go back to the doctor for a month. I ran out of pain med before I saw him last time. I told him I wasn't very happy about that! He said he was sorry about that, but that I had to see him before he could refill my meds and told me to make my appointments before I ran out of the pain medicine. I thought that was fair enough.

When I go back, he is going to remove a growth on my back that hits my bra. I am not too anxious about that because he thinks it is not cancerous.

I have been busy this week dealing with the bureaucracy. I submitted a claim on-line for my boyfriend's unemployment insurance. I feel really sorry for those who don't have or don't know how to use a computer. They have to submit their claims by telephone and no one can get through to their office because they don't have enough personnel to handle all the claims. The claims aren't easy to submit either. You have to come up with all the wages you made for the last 18 months, etc.. If you worked for a lot of different employers, you had better keep good records! Also, you have to submit a resume on-line too with Caljobs. Again, I feel sorry for those who don't know how to use the computer.

04-18-2009, 11:41 AM
oh wow drinkofwtr,

:chairshot: to the insurance company. Hopefully there is a state program that might be able to help...Hope this isn't going to be too much of a hardship. if you want, we can put this to the group for options.

is the disability application process on-line very difficult to follow?

hope you are having a good weekend.

04-20-2009, 01:54 PM
Dear Mountain Dreamer:

I didn't submit a disability claim. I submitted an unemployment claim for my boyfriend. I can't say that submitting the unemployment claim was easy because he had a number of different employers in the last 18 months.

04-20-2009, 01:59 PM
thanks drinkofwtr,

after i sent that post, i realized my mistake, but forgot to go back and correct it. here we go again, i am afraid that one day i will forget my name. ha ha ha