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04-03-2009, 06:27 AM
My dermatologist is great. She did tell me that the rash I have will never go totally away. I just need to keep in under check. She also added one more cream Fluocinonide. She was going to put me on something that started with a P. not predersone (sp) but thought she would wait and let the sorry a$$ rheumy write the prescription.

Rheumy absolutely no bed side manor. I waited over an hour past me appointment time to see his PA. Spent an hour answering questions then the rheumy came in. He had not even looked at my chart. There is 11 thing to qualify you with Lupus from what I understand. I meet 6 of them.

Malar rash Positive
In sun biopsy Positive
Out of sun biopsy Positive
Low white blood cell count.
Two questions that were positive.

He feels that at my age not only is Lupus in men rare but very rare for it to show up at 63 and all of a sudden. He did order a pile of more test along with a cat scan.

With his wonderful bed side mannor he got to see the wonderful make me mad side of me and see what happens. His PA saved him from me. Lisa keep me sitting down. I have other words to describe my actions but they are not family friendly.

How hard is to understand that you have spent your life covered up. Jeans, hat, long sleeve shirts, gloves and sun glasses. Very little of my skin ever saw the sun. How hard is it to understand that I don't allow myself to get sick. I don't take meds for anything. If I feel I need a vitimum I take Red Cell, made for horses, if my joint hurt I take a joint supplement for horses. If I want to make sure I don't get a cold I take one cc of LA 200. Lisa even wanted me to deliver Ty when he was born. I refused and she ended up with a massive staff infection from the c section in the hospital. I'm a country boy with old country boy ways. I'm going to post a couple of pictures in my album so every one will see what I mean.

After this wonderful experience I had to go to PreOp. There the doctor started asking me the same question that I just spent an hour answering. I told him to check my chart as I have no idea because you people never give us any paper work so that we can read and understand more about our health. By this time its 4:30 and I had had all I could stand with the VA System.

I did learn that if Lisa and I move one county over I could choose to go to a priviate doctors at VA expence.

:wacko: Remember I'm nuts.

04-03-2009, 07:14 AM
oh david,

why oh why do we have to endure this. i am 56 (not much younger than you) and i was diagnosed 6 months ago(i was 56 then too). no one has ever thrown out the age card at me. it was after joining this group that i realized that i have had symptoms since in my 20s...just never diagnosed. also, i and my rheumy, believe that the lupus went into remission for several years, then reappeared with a vengence.

has your dr. never heard of remission....besides, as crazy as this disease is, i don't know how anyone can decide that age determines the diagnosis. ugh.....maybe a move is worth it, or at least rent a post office box, or if you have a friend in that county, use their address. there must be a way to beat them at their own game.

so sorry, glad lisa was there to keep you on the table,

well, here comes the chair again:
:chairshot: the dr. is getting the bad attitude beat out of him.

04-03-2009, 07:58 AM
Maybe you should consider moving one county over?

04-03-2009, 08:10 AM
I'm sorry it was a disaster of a day David. I was hoping it would go well. What the hell is it with rheumotologists anyway? I'm so pissed off, and frankly sick of their BS that I'm developing a real anger, and hatred for them, all of them. My last rheumo asked what made me think I had Lupus. I went ballistic. It was ugly, and profane, and very public. Not like me, but I don't care anymore.

Anyway, I know how you feel. Can you possibly get a P.O. Box in the next county and have that count as residency? Maybe go register a vehicle there? Every state is different, I don't know what it's like in Texas for regulations on these things.

Well, at least you have a dermotologist. I have an excellent GP, and he makes up for the lack of a rheumo right now. I'm still searching for a new one. Planning on doing any sailing this weekend? Most of our snow is gone, and the marina opens May 1st, so I'm getting anxious. I have a new Old Town Kayak I bought over the winter, so as soon as the water in the lakes gets above 60 or so, I'm taking it out for it's maiden trip. Can't wait!


04-03-2009, 08:20 AM
I have been asked more than once over the years if I was an alcoholic because of my face tone. I have always as far back as I can remember I looked like a drunk. Blood shot eyes and a redness across the nose and cheeks. My eyes are light sensitive. So it is very possible that I have had it for years and keep it in remission until I came here and started waring shorts and going without a shirt. Then all this stuff goes POP.

In the past I would calve out 1000 calves work an average of 22 hours a day for 60 days during calving and was never exhausted like I got 2 weeks ago. I never had head aches now I have them all the time and the list goes on.

Just because I don't have the joint pain I get a hard time. Well I've lived with joint pain in my hands since I was 12 when I got both hand busted when I hit a pine tree getting thrown off a horse. How do you explain that to a doctor when you have just excepted the pain that you have as the way of life you have lived. They just don't understand. How do you explain to them that you worked with busted ribs, fractured leg, shot roto cup in your left shoulder and every time you roped a calf it was pure pain but you just keep on going. How do you explain to them that you are one hard core person and you don't take anything lying down.

A friend of mine told me about a song one day that she said describes me to a T. A country western song. The Cowboy in Me. Guys like me are few and far between now days. We've lived a life that others dream about but are to afraid to do. You live this life with your heart and soul.

How do you explain that to someone than is not able to understand it.

04-03-2009, 08:34 AM
Hi Rob,
We hope to get out Sunday or Monday depending on the winds. Really have been high here for quite awhile. Got the bimini frame built but have to wait on Laura to help Lisa with sewing the sunbrella. Laura's dad is real sick right now so she is out of town for awhile.

We are going to start looking for a rheumy over in Corpus that will except VA payment. This may be a problem but want to check it out before we were to move on down the coast.

What got me was the rheumy asked me why I thought I had Lupus. I told him that I had never heard of Lupus and didn't even know what it was until my dermatologist told me I had Lupus. What a dumb ass. Are they all brain dead. Is Lupus something so far over their heads that they have to put you down in order not to look totally stupid.

Have fun with your new kayak. I'd send you warm water if I could.

04-03-2009, 09:08 AM
I know what you mean David. I spent most of my life driving tanks, crawling around in the bush with a rifle, and training both military and law enforcement in various things that take a toll on your body. I never got sick. Never allowed myself to go to a Dr. or sick call unless I was really bad off, and even then, maybe. As an instructor, I had to always take to lead, so I never allowed myself to get sick, tired, and worn out. I just pushed through it and kept on going. I could operate on little or no sleep. We always used to say there would be enough time to sleep when we were dead. Live hard, play hard. Those days are no more.

I've never had the redness in my face, but I do have it on my arms and chest. My eyes are extremely light sensitive as well, and of course, I'm about as fair skinned as it gets. I never had problems in the Army, even though most of my posts were in a desert environment, and I was almost always out in the field. When I started doing work as a civilian contractor in Arizona I began weaing short sleeves, no hat, and was out in the sun alot. That's when I started having problems. Now, even with spf50, long sleeves, hat, and staying in the shade, the sun still takes a toll on me.

I knew a few guys back in Arizona who worked on cattle ranches doing the type of work you used to do. Makes what I used to do for a living look really easy. They loved it, and after spending some time with them watching what they do, and where they work, I understand why they loved what they did so much. Hard-ass work, but good work. And good pay, living and working outdoors in some of the most beatiful country I've ever laid eyes upon. Anyway, gotta run, it's payday, and that means groceries. Hope you have a decent Friday, and a good weekend.