View Full Version : Finally had the MRI!! No MS, but I won a bigger prize!

05-14-2005, 07:41 PM
Hi all,
I just got the report back from my doc....said it was unlikely, even though I have the white spots on my brain, that I have MS with Lupus. But instead, drum roll please.....I have a brain tumor :roll: I see the neurosurgeon on the 24th. Wish me luck, actually prayers would be better. I'm ok emotionally, I think, at least I'm trying to be. Just another day in the life of lupie Deb! Hope all are doing well, I haven't been here in a few days because of the flu, or something like it, but I'll try to do better now, as much as I can. Hugs and prayers for all. Later,

05-16-2005, 05:37 AM
O wow Deb!!! I am so sorry to hear that. I will tell you tho, my mom has had a tumor in her brain right by her spinal cord so they can't operate. They've been watching it for YEARS, luckily it's not cancerous, but it's still there. And she DOES have MS. So if you don't have MS then what's with the white spots? Did they explain that?
{{{HUGE HUG}}} We are here for you!! Keep us updated ok?

05-16-2005, 05:54 AM
Thanks TracyDawn, ummm....the white spots, I was told my my regular family doc that they were not as many or large as someone with MS would probably have; apparently you can have them show up if you have lupus that involved the central nervous system? Or migraines or vasculitis, or whatever - I didn't pay much attention after the word tumor.
But yeah, I just found out from my mom that I had an aunt and an uncle die of inoperable brain tumors...she's such an optimist at heart :lol:
Anyway, I am not too concerned, or maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet...
I'll know more when I see the neurosurgeon on the 24th. Until then, I suppose there is no sense getting all worked up over it, afterall, I didn't even know it was there- and let's see, how do you weigh this one? Would I prefer they said, yes, you have MS and no tumor, or No, you probably don't have MS but we found a tumor.....I'm a libra, you think I could balance this one? :? Hey, I'm okay....hope you all are too! Take good care! Deb