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03-22-2009, 06:41 PM
I posted earlier in SLE forum I had CNS problems from Lupus. Today I have numb leftsided face, arm, leg, and BP on medicines was 149/104. So they made me go to ER. WASNT A STROKE!! Just Lupus continuing to attack my CNS! Gave me iv Solumedrol?(spelling??) I also have bladder infection. Just frustrated. still numb everywhere!:no:

03-22-2009, 07:30 PM
Yikes! So glad it wasn't a stroke, but your BP was way too high-especially being on meds. Good thing you went to ER. Too bad about the bladder infection-they are downright miserable.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

03-22-2009, 08:27 PM
Thank you! BonusMom! Thats nice of you! My numbness is spreading! Kinda freaky.

03-22-2009, 08:34 PM
yuk kat,

so sorry to hear about the BP, numbness, and the CNS. lupus is the most devasting disease that i have ever seen.

spending the day in the ER had to be frustrating.

hope you get a good nights rest.

sick n tired
03-22-2009, 08:54 PM
Thank God you weren't stroking...thank GOD Kathy.

Angel Oliver
03-23-2009, 06:21 AM
Oh im so glad too it was not a stroke.You rest as much as possible.Sending you gentle hugs my dear friend.

lots of love

03-23-2009, 07:04 AM
So glad it wasn't a stroke. Hope you are feeling better soon! Gentle hugs!

03-23-2009, 08:41 AM
I've had cns problems too, with symptoms like yours. It's scary as hell. I'm so glad it wasn't a stroke Kat. Does your rheumo/neuro have any sort of plan for treating this?

03-23-2009, 10:59 AM
Thanks Girls and guy! SO NICE. My neuro is out of town till thursday. All I know is that one day of solumedrol iv didnt do anything! Thanks again

03-23-2009, 01:53 PM
thanks alot for kindness