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03-17-2009, 04:56 PM
I am trying to understand about flares. I work in an office that has flourescent lights. I have noticed yesterday and today that i look red and my skin feels like i have a slight sunburn. It itches slightly,but it does not appear to be a rash. My chest is also getting red. I feel like i am getting sick . Very tired and achy and my eyes feel heavy like i have a fever, but i took my temp and it is normal. I have never experienced any of these symptoms until after i fell on the ice. Could that have trigger all of this or am i imagining things. I feel like i am crazy. My mouth is broke out again under my upper lip, if the lights are causing this how can i prevent it from happening, because i have to work. I see all the logs about preventing flares and knowing when one is coming,but is this what it feels like when you are actually having one and how log does it generally last etc... Thanks

03-17-2009, 05:27 PM
wow teri, i know i responded to your post, but i guess it disappeared into cyber space.

yes, many of us are affected by flourscent lighting. i have been advised to wear plenty of spf on face, and wear clothing that covers the skin. is your office environment one where you could bring in desk lamps, and turn off overhead flourscent lights. this might help

flares change from person to person and flare to flare. i wish there was a solid answer, but it just changes. some of my flares last hours, and i have had some that lasted months. hang in there, document your symptoms, and look for relief where you can find it.

sick n tired
03-17-2009, 05:33 PM
Hey Teri,

I have those symptoms, too...especially the sunburned feel and look to my face without being out in the sun. My eyes are bloodshot too...and the bonecrushing exhaustion...unfortunately with that said, I can't explain it. I am assuming that I am still in a flare as well as you. One thing, are you drinking plenty of fluids? I am trying to see if that is part of the problem...that is the only thing I can think of...sorry that you are experiencing all of this..Oh by the way...no you are not crazy....