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03-17-2009, 12:22 AM
Hi there, wondering if anyone else has this? I've been struggling with hip pain for years (I'm 29) and had surgery a few years ago for a labrel tear...now the pain has been back for awhile now so my rheumy thinks it's not lupus related. So the pain happens when I sit down usually on a study chair, or when I sit down and hunch over a little. Then when I try to get up my hips feel locked and take a few minutes to work the pain out. I've been to quite a few doctors and they all seem to say different things (related to lupus, joint pain, bone abnormality, labrel tear)..but the pain it not going away. I had an xray today with a new orthopedist and he said everything looks good and will do an MRI. Hips make it hard to walk long distances (like 5+ miles) because they seem to swell up and get real stiff. It was so bad a few weeks ago after snowshoeing that I could barely lift my legs to walk up the stairs and went to the ER and they pretty much made fun of me and said I just pulled a muscle.

Anyone the same?

03-17-2009, 05:59 AM
hi maggie,

hip pain is something that many of us suffer from. Mine really acts up while lying in bed, and also when i try to get out of a car. always assumed it was lupus.

03-17-2009, 06:10 AM
Hi Maggie,

Sorry to hear you are suffering like that and a big Grrrrrrrrrr to the idgets who laughed at ya.

There are so many things that could be causing your pain and alot of them related to lupus.

I'm glad you had an xray, that helps to rule out a few things if it showed up clear, and it's good they are sending you for an MRI, cause they didn't find anything with the xray means they have to look else where.

So long as you are in pain, keep fighting and don't take no for an answer. Some hip pain actually comes from the spine, but the pain shows up in the hip. Spinal issues can serious long term affects if not diagnosed and treated.

So the next person who laughs at you can go suck an egg. This is serious stuff, not a laughing matter at all.

Do you ice the sore spot? If not give it a try. Ice it for no longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Hope you get the answers you needl

Gentle hugs to ya

03-17-2009, 06:18 AM
When mine comes on it is quick. It like someone is stabbing me with a knife. If I am standing at the time my leg sorta gives out.

Hurts like the dickens!


sick n tired
03-17-2009, 07:44 AM
Sorry that you are having so much trouble with hip pain...I have pain in my hips, too. Especially if I am standing or walking very far...I assume that Lupus is the culpret..

03-17-2009, 06:12 PM
Hi Maggie,

Sorry you have to suffer with your hip pain and get laughed at. I too have hip pain, but luckely not all the time, mostly when I walk at an incline or sometimes when I make a " wrong" move, it feels like my hip is slipping out of the socket and that hurts like heck. My rheumy is sure that it is the lupus. Hope you will be without pain soon.


03-18-2009, 08:19 PM
Thanks all so much for your comments! This is the second round to find out what the pain is, so I'll keep you posted after the MRI and will try and ice.

03-20-2009, 05:40 PM
I suffer from really bad pain on the left side. It hurts when I sit, lay or stand. More recenty the pain has been so bad I can hardly tolerate standing for very long. In the past when it would come and go I always chalked it up to fibromyalgia but it feels different then FM pain and it feels more in the bone. My sister is a doctor and she says she had a patient with lupus who was on high doses of prednisone for a long time and ended up having to have both her hips replaced before she was 30 as a result. I know I should get mine checked out but I always have a million things going on healthwise it's been put on the back burner. I don't even get my routine stuff done regularly like I should cuz I'm exhausted from running back and forth to specialist.

03-31-2009, 10:03 PM
Wow thanks so much, sorry to hear that others are having so many hip problems too. I got an MRI and ultrasound and he found more tearing of my labrum (sp?) and an inpingment, unfortunately on both sides. Since I already had surgery he doesn't want to do it again and instead is putting me on this new time-release pain medicine...it is day 1 and I've had zero pain. Looks like this is not lupus related, thanks for your support.

04-01-2009, 05:47 AM
hi maggie,

so glad the dr. was able to relieve your pain. it is amazing....with all that we encounter that is lupus related, then we have to endure others that are not related to the lupus.

please take care, get rest, and hope you stay out of pain.

sick n tired
04-01-2009, 06:40 AM
Hey Maggie...

What kind of er is that? They made fun of you? If I were you I would go back with the diagnosis and shove it in their face...or at least I would want to:cute:
I had shoulder surgery years ago and around midnight they left the rail down and forgot to give me my anti seizure meds so I seized and fell out of the bed...the nurses made fun of me and called me a baby that had to have the rails up. I was on so much pain meds that it actually embarrassed and upset me instead of making me mad...when my hubby found you he tore them a good one..of course they denied it...so now I wouldn't allow my dog to go to that uncaring hospital...even though I am sure there are caring doctors and nurses there.

How wonderful that you are on something that stops the pain...awesome!!!!!