View Full Version : I had a really great day

03-11-2009, 06:40 AM
on Monday. I was feeling good. Lots of energy. I didnt need my walker and barely needed my cane. I looked good felt good and emotionally I was up.

Then yesterday came and with it came rain. Im bummed now. I am having so much pain, arms, legs back. It all hurts. I am having a problem with my toe. It feels like bone pain. I can hardly walk. I bumble around and end up back in bed. The brain fog is awful. I have a friend coming today. Yes I took a risk and called a new friend(well all of my friends are new) but anyway I asked if she could come over to visit and maybe help me organise some things. I just wanna stay in bed tho. But I need to move around a bit or Im gonna stiffen up more and then be in more pain.

Im crabby.


Angel Oliver
03-11-2009, 06:54 AM
Oh i am glad yesterday was good. Today, ok its going to be a tough day.But i am so glad your friend is coming round.Listen, just take your time.I bet your friend will be so happy to help you. Like you say, keeping on the move will keep you from stiffening, but sometimes more rest can also help. So do a bit of both. You always put up a good fight with Lupus and i am so proud of how you cope.I know you yourself can not see this....but i do. You keep fighting it and i wish today you have such a nice day with your friend.If you feel you need a lie down...do it.Your friend is there to see you and be in your company so dont worry.Take it slow and enjoy your day.

I too have a work collegue coming to see me on Friday.My body is saying no....but what is left inside me is saying yes.So ive not left the house in 3 weeks, but im going to give it a good go.We all deserve some good.....sickness or no sickness.

Sending you hugs

03-11-2009, 07:35 AM
hi kasey,

so happy that monday was a good day.....we learn to cherish those days. Also, so sorry that today is not so good. I am glad your friend is coming...if nothing else, it will help pass the day.

have a good one and know that you are in our thoughts.


03-11-2009, 08:30 AM

Sending you gentle, little hugs for your toe...and extra giant HUGS for all the rest of you. :hug:

Sorry for the tease this Lupus is giving you...one wonderful day and then crap again...My heart soared for you while reading about Monday....I sooooo wish you could have a bunch of those days...or even 2 in a row. Up and down is so hard on the emotions...

I'll be praying...for a good visit with your friend and for more of those 'UP' days.