View Full Version : Maybe to much sun?

03-10-2009, 06:52 AM
I went to the boat yesterday morning for a couple of hours and then took Lisa to the beach. I was covered up and used SPF 50 on my hands and face. I wore a regular shirt instead of the new shirt Lisa got for me. It was dirty.

This morning I woke up soaking wet from sweating and have a head ache. Head aches are not something I get.

Could it be that I got to much sun.

03-10-2009, 07:10 AM
Sounds like it David. I get like that after a day out on the water. I pour on the spf 50, but I still come home some days feeling like my skin is burning, and I get a helluva headache. I think sometimes I miss a few spots, and the sun reflecting up off the water gets me. Got a huge bimini top on my tub too. Ah, to be out on the ocean again...

The harbor here is where the Penobscot river dumps into the Atlantic. It's freshwater enough to freeze solid, and it very much is. My boat is at a storage facility, and I went to check on her yesterday. I'm counting the days until May the 1st. That's when they assemble the docks, and open the marina for the summer. Summer cannot come soon enough!


03-10-2009, 07:52 AM
Thanks Rob,
Ill have to figure out how to get the spf 50 on better. I did find some coppertone 70 at Wal Mart yesterday wish I had gotten it. I will the next trip to town.

You have frozen water and I have to much wind. It will be nice to get out on the water again. My daughter and grandson are coming next week and we have planed a 3 day sail. One day to Army Hole, one day beach combing, and one day sail back to Port Lavaca. I just hope that I can get the bimini built by then.

If you have the NOAA chart 11317 and 11315 you will see the route we will take. On 11317 we leave Port Lavaca to Port O'Connor using part of the Lavaca channel then cut across to POC then into the ICW to a cut that will lead to Army Hole. On chart 11315 it will show Army Hole. It will be about a 10 hour sail if the winds are from the right direction if not we'll have to motor.

You can get all the NOAA charts from their web site for free. I have the entire USA and use MapTech and SeaClear. Which chart do you use? I would like to pull it up to see your sailing ground.

My friend that owns a Tartan 41 is going to sail with me sometime this week to help me get better at sailing. Lisa will not be going with us next week and my crew have never been sailing before so I will need to single hand the boat until I can teach them the basic.

Have a good day.