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03-07-2009, 07:11 PM
Well i jinxd myself. I have been experiencing a bad,bumpy,red and itchy skin rash on my face. I used to just get redness, the butterfly shape, but its getting bumpy and itchy now. My symptoms just seem to be getting worse and its scareing me. Im getting "floaters" in my eyes too. Ive never had glasses or any eye problems my whole life. Its getting bad. I finally dumped my family dr. too. Come to find out she WAS PUTTING "hypo" in my records that other drs. were seeing! I knew i was being treated badly and like i was crazy! My ent has been great though,he KNOWS im sick. Hes helping me find abetter general practitioner along with some new specialists who WILL listen to me.

Been drained and flared a lot lately. Feel sad.

Thanks for listening everyone.

By the way i miss my puppy picture, does anyone know how i can get him back?

03-07-2009, 11:20 PM
Hi Lucky.....

Dang those rashes....never fun. Sorry you're feeling so crappy...down in the dumps. Hang in there and wait for the downhill slide.........................

Glad to hear you ditched the doc that wasn't on your side. "Hypo" should not be allowed in any patient's chart that has this crud. There are so many different things that come along with our illness and it's so hard to sort out, that none of us deserve to be called a hypochondriac. Glad you have an understanding ENT...thank goodness for the competent, caring docs out there. Hopefully he'll pull a good team together for you.

Hang in there with the rashes. Hopefully they'll run their course.

Sending you "happy" hugs to combat the sadness. :) :)



p.s. Was the puppy picture from the avatars we used to be able to get or your own pic?

Angel Oliver
03-08-2009, 06:42 AM
I think they put hypo when they carnt do their job properly......and i wonder if thats what they are putting on mine....but you know what.....i swear i will keep fighting even if i have to get someone to come with me to appointments.I will prove them all wrong. It should not be allowed.Just because they dont understand and can not come to a diagnosis....just because some people have 'different' symptoms not in the order they like.....does not give them any right to become gods in their fields of work.Doctors can get it wrong....they are humans too...even though some forget this! When i first got sick....after being so very active...they first told me it was a nervous breakdown.To then find out it was actually M.E. Yes i did believe them and that it was all in my head at first.After a year had passed and i was getting worse my fight began. The Doctor then admitted he was wrong and i went on the M.E trials who told me yes it was M.E. They also told me i have just a bit too many symptoms for it just to be M.E....so i began again. Its a continuous battle when you know ''its not all in the mind'' and i find im constantly battling to prove i am sick. I should nt have too, but thats the 'times' i live in. Do not give up.Do not let them make you feel bad.You ARE sick and NOT a hypo my friend.We here understand you.
I too see the floaters and have a mild rash, not all the time, so i hope you get back to the Doctors and get the help you deserve. I am so glad to read your ent is a big help to you. I am sending you gentle hugs always and hope you get the help you so greatly deserve.

The profile picture....i think you do this... Go to USER CP....on the left you see profile...somewhere there it says profile picture....click it and you can upload a phot from your computer.Think this is right.

You take care

03-08-2009, 03:49 PM
AWWWWWW, thank you sooooo much Angel and Lori!

Im not glad to hear others have the issues i have but it makes me feel better to know im not alone with this battle. The floaters really scared me, i feel like ill wake up blind one morn! To hear you have them Angel makes me feel better cuz i hadnt heard anyone say they have them. Yes, drs. do need to quit playing (or even just thinking) theyre God! Shes no skin offf my back though,i got upset but now i move on. That doesnt mean i wont shove the diagnosis from another dr in her face in front of everyone in her office one day though! LOL

Ill give my puppy pic a try! I need to have my daughter show me how to post pics of MY puppies! It was a puppy from the choices we were given on the old site.

Thanks again you guys and i really mean that from my heart. I just told my husband today that i feel such kindness from the people ive connected with on this site that i feel sad to only type to one another. I would love to give an in person HUG!

Since we cant ill just send one this way! HUGS and LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Angel Oliver
03-08-2009, 04:19 PM
Oh that was such a nice warm hug......i got it...thanks and im sending you one straight back.......get ready------> sending now------>SENT .xxxxx

03-08-2009, 04:23 PM
I got yours too Angel!!!!!!!!!!

Its a great feeling!!!!!!!

Thanks for being who you are, theres not enough kindness and support in the world so i appreciate yours and the others!

Angel Oliver
03-08-2009, 04:24 PM
Oh fab.....and thank you too my friend.xxxx

sick n tired
03-08-2009, 09:33 PM
By Hypo do you mean the jerk was calling you a hypochondriac!!! I never knew that they do that...I will just bet I have that on some of my reports, too...what a creep...
ok...rant over
I have those awful floaters, too and my eyesight 20/20 3 years ago...is getting worse and worse. So I can sympathize with you.
Good for you that you got away from the jerk doc...

03-09-2009, 11:45 AM
Hi sickntired!

Yes, "HYPO". My husband and i were irate! He knows me best and he said 4 the 19yrs weve been together hes known me to be quite the opposite. Hes been the one who made me push my dr harder and made most of my appts. If my dr. ever bothered to check my records once in a while she would have seen that i saw her once a yr for 10yrs just 4 my yearly check-up!

Drs are like robots and they dont take the time they should on their patients. She even told me she doesnt have the time to look at all my records to piece things together! My husband had a few choice words to say to her on that one! LOL

My floaters are getting worse too. Its scary cuz i was like you w perfect vision. UGH