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05-02-2005, 01:37 PM
I have been dealing with tingling and numbness in my hands and arms. This morning the back of my head on one side started tingling and now that whole side of my head is tingling a little. I am figuring this is a lupus thing so running to the ER would be a bit silly. However, since this is the first time it has happened to me I'm a bit worried.

I thought I posted this earlier but it didn't show up so I reposted it. Sorry if it shows up twice.


05-03-2005, 12:32 AM
Hi Dency,

I have the tingling sensation in the head you mention too, sorry that you get this I know how worrying it is. I went through a really bad spell of this a while ago and it has really improved by changing my blood thinning meds. Are you taking any at present ( I dont know if you have the antiphospholid syndrome though), I take Plavix (UK name), so if you do have the 'sticky blood' it may be worth asking your dr about meds?

Take care,


05-03-2005, 04:08 AM
Hi Dency;
You might want to ask your doctor to check you for vasculitis. Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels. It can affect capillaries, arterioles, venules, arteries & veins. Vasculitis can be caused by an infection of the blood vessel walls, or an immune reaction in the vessel walls such as those of Lupus. Sometimes it can cause numbness and tingling and loss of sensation as well as blurred vision.
It is worth mentioning to your doctor if, for no other reason, just to ease your mind that it is not something serious. With Lupus, we do not take anything for granted because it might be connected to something.
Let us know what you find out :lol:
Peace and Blessings

05-03-2005, 07:06 PM
Taking ya'lls advice...I have a doctors appointment for Friday morning. I'll let ya'll know what he says.

Still Tingling. Thanks

05-06-2005, 04:57 PM
Glad I went to the Dr. When the nurse set me down and took my blood pressure it was through the roof. Dr examined my head etc and asked me several questions. I have had lots of swelling lately and just figured it was lupus joint stuff. I've had trouble off and on with my blood pressure and have been on meds for it for years but this time I didn't get the usual headaches etc.

Very glad I went to the Dr. He put me on a diuretic thinking that will help the swelling and lower my blood pressure. I am to return in 3 weeks plus get my blood pressure checked a few times before then.



05-11-2005, 05:33 PM
Hey Dency;
WOW :o
I am sooo glad that you got your blood pressure checked before it did any harm. They call it the "silent killer" because we cannot feel when it is going through the roof (or dropping to the floor). But, it can be so dangerous if not treated.
If you are able, regular exercise does wonders for regulating your blood pressure..and since you are on diruetics, make sure that you drink plenty of water!!

Best Of Luck