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02-27-2009, 05:07 PM
I've had a VERY high ANA since I was 16 (now 28) and a high C-reactive protein. I've been to more doctors than I can count on one hand. Each doctor keeps telling me that eventually I will probably develop Lupus or arthritis. I started reading a book called "You Staying Young" and I was shocked by the destruction that inflammation does to your arteries and body as a whole. I asked my rhuemotologist why no one has treated my high inflammation for 12 years and she said that I wasn't diagnosed with anything yet. I said, "I'm obviously diagnosed with a lot of inflammation!" It wasn't until I probed that she finally sat down and spoke with me about how I am at risk for an early heart attack and that my arteries are being damaged by such a high inflammation. I found this article "Inflation the silent Killer"


that talks about how high inflammation can lead to lupus, arthritis, etc...

I was wondering if anyone had taken the holistic way of treating themselves? It seems that doctors always want to treat with drugs, which still may be needed, but I think some doctors are skipping the precursors to auto-immune disorders and if something like chronic inflammation or Adrenal Fatigue could cause some of these things. I would love to hear from people who have done research on this.


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sick n tired
02-27-2009, 05:28 PM
Hey Andrea,

Welcome and nice to meet you. I take a multi vitamin, and Calcium/vid D, There is adding flax to the diet and eating right...I do not try to deal with this on my own, however...A few years ago I did and it didn't work...I got a cough in January and tried to handle it myself for 4 weeks ...bad idea, I ended up in the hospital.
I will watch this post site with interest, however...I am not the omniscient one when it comes to knowing the alternatives. :-)

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I know about not being diagnosed! I was misdiagnosed 8or more years! Its horrible. Whats the reason theyve given for not saying its Lupus? I am a nurse or should i say was I am unable to work now, and i almost can say I cant stand alot of my Doctors! Im sure youve been through the ringer like me. All i can say is im sorry, and dont give up hope. Eventually someone with compassion and a brain will be there. Kathy