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02-20-2009, 02:32 PM
Do any of you have a Nephrologist? What was your first appointment like? I would like to prepare for my appointment with my Nephorologist but either my search skills on google suck today or I'm just not looking in the right places.

I have remitting/relapsing but consistent Blood , trace protien , leukocytes in my Urine and to be honest, I'm not really sure if the issues are related to the Lupus.

The majority of my UA cultures come back negative for infection though I do have a history of pyelonephritis and chronic UTI's
I've already been up and down through Urology.

I have some small scars on my right kidney, a cyst on my right kidney and saw that there was a 3 cm renal calculus on one of the CT scan results from an ER visit back in October)

I've never met the doctor I'm seeing Wednesday and I have big time white coat syndrome. I haaaaaaaaaate the whole "establish new doctor relationship" process.
At the same time, I'm hoping that I will get a thorough kidney work up. I've hadMy bloodwork shows normal kidney function are fine which is great news but I've also been told that one kidney can be having problems and bloodwork may not show that because the other kidney makes up for it. I think I'm having problems with my right kidney. I did have my right ureter reimplanted years ago but I've had a VCUG recently and it shows no obstruction. The Urologists that did the VCUG also did 3 cystocopy's and could not find the source of the hematuria in my bladder or urethra.
In October 2008 I notice a stone was on my CT results from an ER visit - I do not see any other records indicating stones.

My GFR >59 (normal range = 60-128)
Blood Creatinine 0.6 (normal .6-1.5)
BUN: 16 (Normal 7-25)
My Albumin / Globulin ration= 1.4 (normal is 1.1-2.5)

<b>Last UA:</b>
Blood: Moderate
Protein: Trace
Leukoctyes: small
PH: 8.0
S.G 1.010

I think I've had 2 normal Urine samples in the last 2 years the rest are abnormal in some way, shape or form with varying degrees of 'unnormallness' The protien started showing up consistently a few months ago. No one has done a 24 hour urine test.

Also, I think I'll be on my period when I go see the nephrologist on Monday. I started taking BC pills a couple of weeks ago and it made me start early.

I think I'm just now realizing how unprepared I am for this appointment...Good thing it isn't until Wednesday

02-20-2009, 02:49 PM
hi anna,

I have seen a nephrologist, and he was very kind and compassionate. My kidneys are testing borderline functional, i do have blood in my urine, and have for many years. My dr. said lupus nehpritis always has protein in urine, and i don't show any protein, so we are not sure what is going on with me. However, he said there is no emergency, he is going to watch closely for a while. I do know that diagnosis of lupus nephritis involves a 24 hour urine collection, and I think a kidney biopsy. If diagnosed with lupus nephritis, they can treat, so that is good news. Also, we can live on 1 kidney, so if one goes out, we can still function.

good luck....will keep my fingers crossed for you wednesday.

02-20-2009, 04:33 PM
No need to be worried. Nephrologists are pretty much like all our doctors. Most have just looked at my bloodwork and asked me questions about what is going on, etc. If your reffering doctor hasn't sent them your labs, be sure to take some with you so he can have something to go by. They usually want to run their own tests on you too(doesn't everyone??) and the last time I went to see the nephrologist for the first time he ordered a 24 hour urine test for me to see just how much protein I really was spilling out. I've been through it all with them kidney biopsy and all. Good luck on your visit, let us know how it goes.