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02-12-2009, 04:35 PM
does anyone know if lupus has a direct effect on sleeping soundly.

I have severe sleep apnea and I use a cpap machine. All night long I wake, random physical pains in the chest or legs or arms getting me up. by morning I am very tired when I crawl out of bed.

How much sleep does a person with lupus need?

6 or 8 or more?

is less better (i heard our antibodies are most active when we sleep_

or is more better.

Right now I get about 6-7 a night, sometimes 5, but I am not beyond penciling in a full 8 if it will help.

I try to get a nap in when I get home from work but get grief from my tenage son that I am sleeping through supper. (basicly I am the chef, so the complaint is he is hungry and all i do is sleep)

I was thinking of trying an experement, going to bed two hours earlier to see if this nasty flair that I am in the middle of goes away. has anyone played with sleep to see if it stiffles a flair?

honestly I could sleep on my feet right now If I would let myself. but it is only 7pm, LOL, I feel guilty going to bed this early, esp with dishes to do and laundry needing attention.

but I would sure love too....

Angel Oliver
02-12-2009, 05:02 PM

Well me and sleep are old friends.I do not have Lupus BUT this is what i know that ive experienced.

I can go days with no sleep. I have severe Insomnia. Even sometimes with a sleeping pill i can have no sleep and be zombie like.

I did an M.E trial a few years ago now and one of the trials was on sleep. I had to go to bed at the same time and get up the same time every day for a year.I was not allowed to sleep AT ALL in the day. Even throughout the year of me telling them i am going 3 days with no sleep, they just said ''your body clock will come back give it time.Let me tell you this IT DIDNT COME BACK AT ALL!! If anything this trial did more harm than good. Ive been through so many herbal remedies and the strongest sleeping pills going and you know what....IM STILL AWAKE!

As you get older they say you actually only need 5 hours.I think after 50 years old it can go to 4 hours.But remember everyone are different. There is NO set time scale for you to sleep.You will know when you've not had enough on waking.If you do not feel refreshed and obviously you have Lupus so ''refreshed'' isnt going to happen i dont think.But if you wake say on 5 hours and you feel like....well ok or good...your body has had enough.

After this trial, i do stick to the same time every night approx 11pm or 12am. But you know what i do though now.....WHEN MY BODY TELLS ME IT'S TIME TO SLEEP......i sleep.Whether its an hour in the day or a bit later...e.g i went to bed tonight at 11pm but my body is awake.I can stay lay in bed getting stressed and hot and going numb and crying....OR i can get up like my body is telling me to.I have found with my body,even if i sleep an hour in the day i can sometimes still fall asleep at night. But my clock is on another country's time line lol :)

Ive sort of come to learn this is what i have to put up with for the time being.Ive been this way and gone through this nightmare since 2004.I never ever had a sleep problem before i got sick. I can even do excercises....or go for a walk....ive tried every trick in the book.For me...nothing works.If i sleep fantastic....if i dont i have to try and catch up where n when i can.

This is what i go through.Now you have Lupus so im not sure on what to advise you to do and you have apnea as well. I am worried though if you are getting chest pain in the night.Id advice you to seek medical advice as somethings not agreeing with you somewhere.Maybe a night time medication, asthma or it could be the apnea.No harm to double check on that one.

I hope i have helped if not i am sure some one will come and tell you something i dont know.

I hope you sleep good tonight though.Im sending you sleep vibes....sleep.......sleeeeeeep......sleeeeeeeep :)

Awake:) xxx

02-12-2009, 05:56 PM
My sleeping pattern is dreadful, sometims i sleep for 11hours sometimes 2 hours. When i sleep for 2 hours its because i get so much pain in my legs.

Angel Oliver
02-12-2009, 06:04 PM
Oh supergiv,

Im sad to read this. I hope you one day have a lovely sleep pain free.