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04-20-2005, 12:58 PM
Well, I finally got the nerve to go to the doc today. I went to another branch of the good ole rural healthcare services to avoid seeing the same doctor again. This guy was great. He ordered the works on my blood- ANA, CBC, I forgot the other ones. He said he wanted to check if my symptoms were caused by a metabolic problem. I'm not sure what that means. He did say that unfortunatley he had no answers today, but he was going to help me figure this out. Finally, a doctor who seems to be on the same page as me. My results won't be back until Tuesday. I have an appointment. An appointment! No more walk-ins for me..moving up on the food chain.
Seriously though, they did a urine analysis and he said everything looked good, no white blood cells, except there was blood in my urine. He asked me if I was on my period. The answer was no. I don't get periods because of the hormone treatment for my endo. So what on earth would cause blood in the urine if their was no sign of infection? I've had blood in my urine before, but that was with a UTI. Thankfully, I've only ver had one. I was actually a little relieved that there was something strange. Maybe I'll be on my way to finding a solution. I'm a little scared, I changed my mind, I wish it was all in my head. Just kidding. Any ideas what would cause this?


04-22-2005, 06:26 AM
Chelle I don't know what would cause it but I am so relieved and happy you went back to the dr and actually found one to help you. {{{HUG}}} Keep us posted on the results k? I really really hope this dr helps you. Too funny on the food chain LOL Sometimes I feel like one of the algae on the bottom of the pond that everything feeds off of. ROFL
What part of FL are you in? (You can send me a private message if you don't mind telling me. Just wondering since we are in the same boat in the same state. ;) )

04-22-2005, 07:26 AM
I'm actually live in the Tampa area in one of the beachy little suburbs. So, I decided to tell my boyfriend about the doctors appointment. I told him they ran a half a dozen blood tests beacuse of the blood in my urine, his reply was less than comforting. It was "So are you pregnant or do you have AIDS or something?" I was so POed. His response seemed only concerned with things that would affect him! Sometimes his ignorance kills me. Why would I have blood in my pee if I was pregnant, dummy? And I told you there was no sign of infetion, which is what harms people with HIV/AIDS. It's like I try to explain to him why have problems with endo, why sex hurts sometimes, why I'm so dang moody, why my back hurts & what a cramp is. His mother is an RN for crying out loud, why dosn't he ask her if my answers are not sufficient?
Sorry about the tangent. So the next night, I mentioned that I know no matter what the results, I would definately be making some lifestyle changes. He said he understood, asked me if I was scared and if I needed a hug. How could he do this too me, be so sweet, when I'm trying to be mad! :roll: I have already been doing as much as possible to alleviate stress since I went back to school. He already insists that I don't work, so I can focus on school, because of it, I think I'm gonna make straight A's this semester!
i guess my point of this post was that even though we may be frustrated and feel alone, sometimes we have to allow ourselves to recieve support. I have a great life, sometimes I just feel to crappy to appreciate it.

08-15-2005, 07:57 AM
I, too, have blood in my urine. I have lesions in my urethra and on the walls of my bladder. My bladder is always very, very inflamed.

The lesions have been seen by cystoscopy several times (and which I will never, ever go through again), and one is right at the introitus of my urethra. It hurts so much, like peeing through broken glass. I have to take Morphine now to deal with it--otherwise I can't even pee. You didn't mention whether or not you're having bladder pain, but if you are, perhaps you, too, have lesions. I'm about to post a question asking if others have them.

If you have no white cells, though, there's no infection, so considering that all of our fascia is inflamed, it's a good guess that you're shedding red blood cells from an inflamed bladder.

There's no way to know for sure, so my (anti-doctor) advice is, don't worry about it until and unless you absolutely have to. If you're a typical SLE woman (I am trying to find an alternate word to "patient"), you have plenty of symptoms to deal with, so maybe you can let this one just be there without rushing out to a Urologist, who will hurt you and not take you seriously anyway (it's a male speciality).

If it gets worse, then look into it.

08-16-2005, 02:11 AM
Hi girls,
I also have blood in my wee. Lots of it. I was investigated for bladder and kidney damage but my kidney function is normal. I also often have lots of white cells. Lupus causes generalised inflammation and I have some inflammation of my kidneys, my bladder is healthy.I see a nephrologist who tells me I will probably have blood in my wee for the rest of my life but he monitors me. The white cells I get increased amounts when I am flaring. Protein is the more concerning sign, I get a little at times.
If you have anything abnormal in your wee it needs investigating but don't get to stressed about it, it might be nothing more than an infection.
Keep us informed
Love Val

08-16-2005, 03:03 AM
Hey, fellow Urinators (that's like Terminators, only we pee on others instead of shooting them! Much more deadly.)

Yes, it sounds like the original poster (sorry--I've forgotten your name) is shedding red blood cells from the usual cause, inflammation of the bladder wall. Really, again I stress, don't worry about it. We all have enough stuff to cope with, and if it becomes "clinically significant" there will be other indicators pointing the way to a diagnosis.

We all throw both protein and ketones in our urine from time to time, and as I said someplace else, this is often just the result of the stress we're in when they test us, so again, accept it as part of the deal unless and until something else indicates you have a real kidney problem.

The hardest thing can be avoiding getting worried prematurely, but I try hard. After a few years it gets easier, as you see things pop up then disappear often enough that you realize some things are stress-related, not genuinely disease-related. And when something gets serious, it always does so loud and clear, so relax in the meantime if you possibly can. Remember how dangerous stress is when dealing with inflammatory disease.