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02-10-2009, 07:09 AM
Hi ya'll
Welcome to the Lupus forums. It is our little home on the web.


02-10-2009, 07:11 AM
Lol its seems as if we all got the same thing in mind this afternoon :D

WeLcOmE aLl NeW mEmBeRs

:BIG: :drinking: :eggface: :smilecolros: :n00b:

02-10-2009, 10:28 AM
hehe I was just thinking that I have missed a few new members due to lack of internet...

and then I see this thread...


02-10-2009, 10:34 AM
I am so happy that others of you are here to make sure that members are welcomed. I know that I miss some newbies here and there and I feel badly about that :x Thank you for always making sure that our members, new or old, are always welcomed and taken care of!

Peace and Blessings

02-10-2009, 11:14 AM
Adding my 'WELCOME NEWBIES' to the bunch..... :D

We're very glad you're here!!

(I remember how good it felt when I first joined up and so many people welcomed me.)

There's always an open door here....the welcome mat is out....and we want you to make yourselves at home.

Feel free to ask questions....share your story.....vent or cry....or ask for a shoulder to lean on. No one need to go through this alone!

And for Saysusie...I do notice when you're gone for awhile and know that you have your difficult times just like us, when you need your down time....so never worry.....I'm a West Coast gal too, and because I'm a night owl, that usually means I'm one of the last ones on here for the day. I'll do my best to pop in here every evening and make sure no newbies slip through the cracks.


Lori :P

02-10-2009, 02:50 PM
Yes indeed,

Welcome to all of our new members. In the year that I've been here, I have never seen the site as active as it is right now. It's a great thing to see. I've always said that the members are what makes this place as outstanding as it is, and judging by our newest members, I stand by what I've said. So many good people with so much to offer. So, all you new folks, don't be shy. Jump into the conversation and enjoy!


02-10-2009, 02:51 PM
I just wanted to say HI to all the "newbies"!!!!

I havnt been on in a few days so i missed a bunch of ya!!

I havnt been here long myself but it is so nice and welcoming here!

You'll love it! :B-fly:

02-10-2009, 04:45 PM
add me to the list of those welcoming the new members. Being able to share time with you all makes staying in bed a lot easier. thanks to all, and I look to continued support, and many laughs.

share a smile today,

02-10-2009, 06:23 PM
I'm new to this support group but not to SLE......It'll be 3 years in June since I've been diagnosed. For the first 2 years I've had alot of anger, depression, grief u name it....now I've just enrolled in college (been there for almost 3 months) to become a Certified Medical Assistant and all those feelings are startin to slowly come back. If I'm having a flare up and my Lupus prevents me from participating at school then I would literally leave class and cry in the bathroom. I was close to 2 times to just dropping the course. I've been just so hostile to my family and friends for a while and I think it's starting to take a toll on them. My doctor gave me some sleep-aid pills and now he just gave me some anti-anxiety pills and he said do not take the sleep-aid anymore. It's come to the point where I'm so rude to everyone around me that I'm incompliant to the doctors orders and take both and hoping maybe my attitude will change around others. Someone please help because I am tired of blowing up at everyone about the smallest things.

02-10-2009, 07:03 PM
Welcome Lovely85....

I just wanted to say hello. I'm Lori and I've had Lupus since my teens, for 27 years. My heart is aching for you. :cry:

I'm so sorry your going throug this. Dealing with Lupus and all the comes with it is so very difficult. For all of us. There is only so much one person can take and sometimes you just reach your limit. You feel like you cannot take another thing. This is an illness that can make you feel very alone so much of the time. It's hard to get anyone to understand what you're going through. It is completely normal to get very angry, depressed and sometimes just outright mean to others. The emotional pain pours out. We can't help it. But you've come to the right place! Every single one of us here understands what you're going through. And we want to help you through this. You've made a step in the right direction.....joining this forum. There are plenty of people here to encourage you and allow you to share your feelings in a safe place. We do not judge here. Only listen and support.

Sometimes, with depression, you can get in a cycle that you can't seem to break out of. Have you tried taking the anti-anxiety pills that the doctor prescribed? There are quite a few of us here that take anti-anxiety or anti-depression meds, sometimes in very mild doses, and they can be very helpful. And there are different options for medications if this one doesn't work. If you try them and they are not working for you, then at least you can tell your doctor that you tried, and ask him if you can try something else.

Keeping up with a college schedule when you're dealing with Lupus can be an enormous load. Have you tried talking to the college administration disability advocate? I'm not sure what their exact title is, but I've heard others mention that every college has one. There may be some special services available to you to help you get through this.

I'm glad that you are reaching out and sharing all your frustrations. Please know that we care and want to help you, even if that means just lending an ear to listen when you need it.

Please let us know how we can help....

I'm sending gentle hugs to you because I care.


Lori :P

02-11-2009, 06:00 AM
hi lovely85,

lori gave you some great advice. Lupus is a life-altering diagnosis, and is so often apparently an unfair diagnosis. Please do not block your drs. out. I tried the "mood altering" meds, and had bad results, but so many people truly get positive results. Please, at least, try the new med and see if it works for you....they can make such a difference.

Since the "mood" meds did not work for me, I just resort to my room during flares, and just don't subject others to my frustration with constant pain, fatique, and just plain misery. You are so young, I hope you will try the meds and they will help you accomplish all of your goals. \

Congrats on your .....just had a brain fog to hit and can not come up with the words that I want to say....

Welcome to the site, and use us anytime for your frustration outlet. We all go through it, and can all appreciate where you are.

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02-11-2009, 09:06 AM
Hi Lovely85
You've already been given some great advice by Mountaindreamer and Rastagirl, who both implored you to take your medication. I agree with both of them and feel that you should try your anti-anxiety meds in order to help even out your mood.
The emotional crisis that you are feeling is very common amongst us Lupus sufferers. Researchers have determined that the depression and anger are both a symptom of the disease and a reaction to the disease. So, we are doubly hit with alterations of our mood. Therefore, what you are going through is not a statement about you so much as it is a statement about the disease. Almost all of us have found ourselves in a very deep depression and having extreme mood swings. So, you are not alone.
I am an avid advocate of taking care of our emotional health as vigorously as we take care of our physical health. Personally, I saw a therapist for many, many years to help me deal with my Lupus (and other life changing events) and to help me come to terms with the way that Lupus had completely changed my life. This therapy, as I said, continued for many, many years. Just as my medical regimen continues for many, many years. We have Lupus for the rest of our lives and we will make lifestyle changes for the rest of our lives, take some form of medication for the rest of our lives, why do we think that we only need emotional help (i.e. therapy) for a week or a couple of months? No, we need to think of emotional care the same way as we think of physical care. It may take quite some time to get to a manageable place with our emotional care...just as it may take quite a while to find a treatment regimen that gets us to a manageable place with our physical health.
If you have a clergy person, a teacher, a good friend, a counselor or anyone who can guide you emotionally, make use of them. Or, ask the doctor who prescribed the anti-anxiety medication to refer you to a therapist or a counselor so that you can get the help you need. Then, take ALL of meds as prescribed. If you find that you are not tolerating a particular med, contact your doctor immediately so that the medication can be adjusted and/or changed.
In the meantime, keep coming here to us. We will always be here to help you in any way that we can. You will never be alone when you are here with us and you will find that there is always someone here when you need to talk.
I wish you the very best.
Peace and Blessings

Angel Oliver
02-11-2009, 12:50 PM
Hello and welcome to all the newbies and sending you all gentle hugs.


02-11-2009, 01:11 PM
thanks saysussie,

I have been so caught up in securing a good medical team, I did not even consider the need for professional help for the emotional issues. I have exerienced a lot of life in the past 56 years, and it has been especially difficult for me to give up "what I used to be". In 1996 my life came to an abrupt halt, changed directions, and entered into one of the biggest tornados that I have ever seen. I have been reacting to symptoms and now I realize that I need to be proactive, and address the understandable emotional symptoms. We could also benefit from educated guidance when dealing with family and friends issues.

Thanks again, I don't know why or where or when it all happened for you, but you are definitely one of the wisest women that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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02-11-2009, 01:56 PM
First of all Welcome one and all!!!

Second of all Lovely are you on Prednisone? The reason that I am asking...I use to be a raging bear both at work and at home. It got to the point that if someone at work would see my number...they would let it go to voicemail. They even hated to email me cause they always knew that there would be a nasty reply. My Rheumy changed it to the pill form of solumederol (my spelling stinks...sorry) and it changed me around big time.

Just a thought! Good luck!