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02-08-2009, 12:48 AM
hello peeps, hope u r all happy and dandy and as shiny as can be!!!!

well i thought id post about art and crafts....i used to paint and draw 24/7 when i was a kid and pretty much rigth until i got sick ( i had a 2 year break whilst working out my new creative direction,but so did monet, so thats cool!!!)

after i got sick, the imflammation and pain went into my hands , making painting and drawing impossiable at times, so i had to come up with a whole new way of producing art that allowed for my body to be able to eat itself to its heart content, whislt allowing my creativity out, cos if i dont let it out in a controlled and towards a canvas direction, it comes out in other werid and wonderful ways ( like painting big huge boxs on my walls or dying my hair post box red )......

i think ive come up with a cracking solution so i will share it with u, and also my solution has been impressing peeps because they think ive come up with a fab new arty idea.....when really it was a bit of the autoimmune silver lining ( they r rare, but they do exsit ) and as we r all inflicted...i will share with u, and u only!!!

when in well periods, thats the time to do ur still lifes, draw anything u want, and draw , draw , and draw it all out!!! max fun...

when the flares start - or on bad times or bad periods( providing they r low levels ones of course cos when a bigie hits of course we all end up living in the bed or exsiting on the sofa or something - thats when u can think up new ideas, trust me - brain fog produces the most way out there fab art ideas that will whow the art world ) thats the time to do big huge absracts or crazy backgroundss, cos u can use rollers or huge paint brushes and if u paint with water based paints, add lots of pva glue to it and it will take hours to dry, so u can have lots of breaks!!!!

then ...and this bits great cos u can do this in middle to slightly bad level flares, u can cut out parts of the still life ( or colour photocopy them ) and stick then to ur prevoisly done backgrounds, and add all sorts of other materials in ..like wool , and paint on that as well, resulting in a fine art collage mutli media maddness that will look great and keep ur creative mind and soul happy and content!!!!

also if ur having a bad day, there nothing like going all hammer and tongs at a big bit of wood or canves and just throw paint at it, and then totally letting ur feeling out on it, with a brush or the like and exporing the depths of ur feeling....cos its makes u feel better when its all out, and its always produces great looking abstracts!!!!

when the going gets really tough and the flare goes bad.....giant kniting is always an option. i got a friend to make me knitting needles out of bed posts so i dont have to hold them and can sort of hold myself up with them...also with needles that long, each line u knit is like an inch thick so u can do a scarf in a day and it makes u feel like u r productive and its always lifts the spirts i think to make something and too have something to take ur mind off how bad u feel!!!

heres a couple of examples so u can see what i mean
........... sorry i cant post these at the mo, but i guess u can see where i am going with it!!!

also recently ive just discovered photoshop and that has endless possiablties to the art and flare process in that, if u have still lifes from the well period and a scanner, well the skys the limit as they say - cos u could poss produced hundreds of new images with a well drawn still life!!!

02-08-2009, 10:59 AM
Absolutely amazing Narrow :!: I am glad you don't let the bad days keep you down. You sound extremely creative and like an amazing artist. It seems art keeps you sane during all this...... so keep on keepin on :D

02-09-2009, 02:50 PM
hi narrowboatnutter,

I am in awe of your creative persistence. I often set aside small quiet projects for "bad days/weeks" , But, i don't think i do as good of job of making myself get up to do the projects. My hat is off to you.

share a smile today,

02-09-2009, 05:35 PM
Wow, Narrow...

Amazing!! Wish we could see some of your Art. Do you have a way to take some pics to post for us? It sounds incredible.

I got a chuckle out of your giant 'knitting needles' and making a scarf out of one row. :lol:

Thanks for sharing your creativeness with us........paints a lovely picture for us all.

Here's to a creative soul and a happy mind....


Lori :P

02-09-2009, 09:30 PM
That is great!!!! You have given every level of flare a meaning and a reason to either think about the next project or even to do something you can handle when you feel yucky. You have basically just developed a coping process and a type of therapy for your self and others who enjoy art :D You have actually made me want to try it just as you described it....thank you for your positive message and great idea........keep them coming :wink:

02-10-2009, 05:59 AM
hiya all!!! thanks for all of your postive vibes and comments!!!! it was more something i had to find a way to do - as in art , because as u all know we lose so much of life because of flares - but art was 1 thing i just refused to let it have - its too important to me - although for all of 2008 i hardly did a thing - but the artheritis went badly into my hands and 2008 was spend in pysico getting them better - with the aim for art and the lady there gave me some very good advise like wrapping masking tape around my brushes when my grip is bad..i couldnt do hardly any drawing last year ( as ive been told that if i try when they r very bad i will cause scarring to the inside of my joints, which will not be good)- but i have recently discovered photoshop so i have got me an old banger of a film carmra so if that ever happens again - i can take photo's and photoshop to my hearts content. its amazing what u can find on ebay - i got a carmra and a basic photoshop for 22.00!! - and ive been told that there is not alot of differances bewteen the up to date photoshops and the older ones so that good for us who r on a budget!!!

thank u all so much for saying how i am using the art as theapry and seem to be overcoming the flares with my art...that means alot to me - and yes it does work very well as a form of theapry - as art is very good at getting out alot of feeling and also when u see a painting thats completed u really feel like u r giving ur immmune system a kick in the nuts and saying ' so there - u can stop me, look what i did' - which always helps us feel better mentally, and if u r strong mentally u can do anything i think!!!

if u put in rakel78 into google or yahoo it will bring up a link to my photostream on flickr so u can all see what ive been up to there!!! the 1st 5 images have been photoshopped as ive only just tried it out so i did photoshop on some of my paintings - but after that it's all mainly painting - apart from a few of my kitty cats and old paper items i found in charity shop's/ebay that i was trying out wth my scanner!!

art is also good at explaining to others how u feel as well - ive done one about my hands and ive said on there that i have a autoimmune in the hope that it spreads the word about these conditions to the healthy world and helps to encorage others who do have autoimmunes to not give up the things they love and with enough planning around the illness and with a few changes that these thing dont have to rob u of the things u love - it just changes them and as they say - variety is the spice of life so maybe it can be a good thing lol!!!!

02-10-2009, 11:05 AM
Hey Narrowboatnutter;
Just wanted to add to the raves you've already received. I love all of your ideas and, as I read them, I could feel the way in which they helped to relieve the frustrations of this disease and its many forms.
I especially like the big paint rollers and adding textures and materials to the piece. I love that you are able to use your art to help you live with and express your feelings about this disease.
Myself, I sing! On those days when I am flaring horribly, I sing soft meditative songs that seem to soothe my soul. I can actually forget, for a brief period of time, that I am in intolerable pain. On my good days...I belt out the loudest raucous songs that I know (I am surprised that my neighbors have never complained about my singing so loudly!). When I am having a good day (be that ever so rare an occasion), I even dance a bit while I am singing :lol: Whatever my condition on any particular day...singing is my spiritual healing!
Thank you so much for sharing your art with us and, yes, never ever give it up!

Peace and Blessings

02-19-2009, 04:49 PM
sorry ive not been around after putting up this tread....i was seeing this guy for a few months and although it was new days and he didnt know if he would run a mile during the first nasty flare i got with him or not....apart from that things were going very well....then he saw is ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend and before i knew it i was being dumped the day before valentines day!!!! this has upset me alot - and alot more than i expected but i think being dumped on just before valetines day has helped to load up the hurt there. ive been doing mad art stuff to try and work though it...hes been on the 'it not u its me and i want to be friends' stuff. didnt believe him at first but he seems to be truthful on this line - i have to see him 2mor...i kinda want to, and dont all at the same time. we had a summer thing when we were both in our late teens and after we broke up then we lost contact and didnt see each other for almost 10 years - so its important to him to 'do the friends thing' sooner rather than latter - and i guess its a matter of time till the stress of all this will make me flare again , and i would rather face this looking well and i dont want to have 'this chat' in my flat so if i leave it too long the flare will come and i wont be able to get out anyway. i know it will come now cos i got so very upset and the fever started yesturday!- ive just stopped flaring all summer i hope its not a bad one. but then again living the with fact that some1 u care about will most likely run a mile when i flare was making me scared of flaring cos ive lost so much already and i dont want to lose anything else..and it was also making me feel like a freak!

sorry i have gone on alot and in the wrong thread- its the first time ive talked about it and i wanted you to all understand my no show around here!!! my nan was rigth, after her husband died when she was 45 she stayed single all her life! im so tried of having to to the 'dating flaring chats' and trying to get peeps out of feeling sorry for me so we can do normal things and stuff....u all know the score. well im be off for now..thanks all for the support for the art, and thank you Saysusie, it sounds like great stuff about your singing, i think all forms of art expersion r needed sometimes to make sense of this crazy world we live in !!!! i think im also so embrassed to be dumped, and pretty much on valetines day that i feel a need to explain myself alot at the mo!!

02-19-2009, 05:14 PM
Hey Narrowboatnutter,

It's good to see you. Don't worry about what thread you're in, or about being away for that matter. Nothing worth worrying about. I'm sorry to hear of your less than ideal Valentines day. Sometimes, us guys are on the recieving end of a bad V-day too, so I know how it can be. Like you say, more anger to funnel into your art. Some of my better creations have come from an extented session out in the workshop while really pissed about something. I guess anger can be useful if you can point it in the right direction. Anyway, it's great to have you back. Say hello when you can.


02-19-2009, 05:54 PM
hi narrowboatnutter,

so sorry to hear about your valentine's day. I wish your guy had been able to stick with you. I hope seeing him will not be too hard on you.....don't get down on yourself. I too am in a "friend" relationship with an ex who did not understand my illness and "wanted me to be who I used to be". He is making a great friend, and he is really trying to stand by me through this....the domino effect of a life/altering disease is unexpected and overwhelming.

anyway, welcome back, keep us posted on how you are.