View Full Version : I need to (advised to) fire my doctor

02-06-2009, 06:42 AM
I have made body images and put all the stuff on it and will type infor for each and write 5 docs i have on a list. Here is the problem...i am too stressed out and too exhausted and frustrated and live in the bathroom IBS...i don't think i can do this and im tired just after spending 5 min on this project. What do I do?

I am so tired of doctors i wish i could just go to a vet..must be bananas to envy your dog. hehe should I lalughf..but it is not funny.

02-06-2009, 03:47 PM
What you do my dear friend is FOCUS your frustrations and energy in the right direction. Make sure you do your best research and find what you need from a doctor. I have had my bad days where I have fallen off the horse then on the better days I get right back on it :) Don't give up just rest and tackle it once again when you are mentally ready. YOU CAN DO IT !!! :BIG:

02-06-2009, 04:44 PM
Hi Leaf,

So, you can't do this task right now, but you can do it, and there's nothing wrong with that. Many times, I have to tell myself to just relax, and leave a certain task until later. It can be hard to do in a "I want it done yesterday" kind of world, but it works better if you don't try to force yourself to complete a task when you are not up to it. The world, will just have to wait. We spend our days waiting. Waiting for Doctors, waiting for answers, well, the world is going to have to wait for Leaf this time. Always remember that you are the boss. These Doctors, as much as they may not like it, do in fact, work for you. They can be intimidating, and they can be real jerks at times, but you are still their employer. If they piss you off and you cannot tolerate one of them, then fire them.

Tonight, set all the body images, and all the other work aside, and just rest. Do you have someone who you could dictate to who could do the writing for you? That way you would only need to talk, and let someone else write. I had to laugh at your Vet comment. My cats vet has better bedside manner than most people doctors. Anyway, relax tonight, and don't pressure yourself to finish this project right now. Get some rest, and see if maybe someone could help you in the morning, or maybe over the weekend.


02-06-2009, 04:50 PM
Gentle hugs to ya leaf

I have IBS as well. I do not take any medication and it has been fairly well behaved for the past few years.

I eat a high fiber diet and avoid foods that I found irritating, ha ha...

Stress doesn't seem to bother my IBS as it used to.

I also ALWAYS have immodium with me, but rarely have to use it.

I used to take it a half hour before I went anywhere so I would not have to turn right around and come home because of the pain and the nausia and well you know.

If you haven't tried it...ask your doctor if you can use it.

I just went ahead and used it because my doctor at the time was useless, only thing she recommended was that I eat more beans :shock:

02-07-2009, 07:13 AM
Hey Rob thanks so much for that. I have come to realize mostly through you that I cannot be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand. I am too sick to go without a doctor. This is what is going on. My husband met with a chjristian doctor mostly a missionary not practicing and told him the things that went on. He agrees with you and I should fire the guy. Also that I should go find a doctor not in my Niagara Region. So my husband went through a list of available doctors in Ontario and there is a fairly new one in Burlington which is not directly in our location but it is not a two hour drive to Toronto either. They heard that doctors here are well you know. I did not know this but Toronto will not even ask for files from down here. So they are going to mail me some paper work and then meet kind of thing. I do not look forward to this as I suck when it comes to speaking to a doc now. The problem is I was abused as a child and these same defense mechanisms arise when i am scared and then everything goes downhill from there. That is why I am doing this writing thing. I did stop and decide i would do it piece meal after my 5th trip to my bathroom. Thank God for my IBS medication.

So I am going to try again. I will not be treated like l am some insane idiot. You would think leaving 1/2 the parts out of my knee operation and putting 1/2 back backwards would tell me i have had doctor problems...the idiot skipped the country and took me forever to get disability because i did not have medical proof...dah!.. He even emptied that part out of the hospital medical file. I am telling you this is CRAP. With all this you would figure someone would figure i am for real.

rob thank you for keeping me sane. Hey you know you are really a very nice person.


Angel Oliver
02-12-2009, 06:46 PM

How you been keeping lately? You ok and settled with your new doctor.If so what is he like? Does he listen to you? I hope so. Ive had a few run ins lately and so understand the envy with your dog lol :) I know its not funny, but laughter sometimes helps you through the bad times. I so hope you are ok and are not in too much pain.