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02-04-2009, 07:26 PM
Hi my name is diana and Im new here as well, its nice to hear other peoples stories and knowing that youre not alone. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 13 im 27 now so its been pretty long. since then I developed rheuamatoid arthritis and autoimmune hepatitis, and had kidney problems recently. Ive been on prednisone for so long that now the doctors think I might be at risk for osteroporosis. I never got well informed on this medication untill I did the research. So please if you can find an alternative to prednisone please do.

02-04-2009, 08:43 PM
Hi dianita,
Welcome to the site. My name is Kathy and I have SLE, Lupus and a host of other lovely auto-immune disorders. I hear you about the Prednisone. I flat out refuse to take it. I have had Lupus now for some 45 years or there abouts. I just turned 50 last month. I am on a pretty high dosage of Imuran and Plaquenil and several other medications. I did not get diagnosed until I was 36 years old, because I could not get the doctors to listen to me. I was constantly being told that I was worrying and stressing needlessly and they treated me like I was a hypochondriac or druggy etc. It was terrible to say the least and the Lupus nearly killed me before I finally got diagnosed. It started affecting my heart muscle and lungs in a very negative way. I am glad that you found this site. There are a lot of good folks that come in here with avast wealth of information. I hope that you keep posting.


02-05-2009, 08:14 AM
Hi Dianita;
I replied to your post under Imangsum's welcome. Just a short note here to say "welcome" once again!

Peace and Blessings

02-05-2009, 11:44 AM
hi diana,

I, like Kathy, am trying very hard to battle this disease without high doses of steroids. My rheumy is trying methatrexate and Plaquenil to see if I get enough relief. I do occassional get a Medrol injection when flare lingers and is more than I can handle.

good luck to you, stay with us, there are a lot of people here with great advise.

share a smile today,

02-05-2009, 07:42 PM
I am new to the site like by only a few days. Welcome! I can't tell you how supportive this site and the people are. I am so thankful I found it. Actually I should say that I did not find it but was told about it by another online thing I am involved with. Anyway it's great. There are so many people who are so supportive and it's nice to know you are not alone and that the feelings and symptoms you have are real and that you are not alone. I have actually been in tears several times while reading posts from others. I read a note you actuallu put in my welcome site and wanted to reply to you about it. You talked about miscarriages and the disease. When I went to my Rheumatologist and she took a full complete health history. she was concerned when I told her that I had four miscarriages and 1 still born. That set up red flags to her and she told me that I would test positive before I had the tests done. She was surprised that no other doctor had picked up on it. I actually had not thought much about it because I had my kids 25 plus years ago. I have found that I am so blessed to have gotten a really good doctor on top of things. After reading so many posts about people who have been told it's in their head or that they don't have anything I am so happy with my doctor. Miscarriages are common with people with lupus. who would have thought. Please let me know what other questions you have or if there is something I can help you with this. 8)