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12-13-2002, 02:25 PM
I'm a 46 year old mom to 12 and grandmom to 3. I went to the doctor for arthritis, (my parents have arthritis.).....tests show proboably lupus. After looking at the lupus checklist,I have or have had in the past several years many or most of the other symptoms besides joint pain. I didn't even tell the doctor about those symptoms! I was told to come back in for more tests....I can't be sick!! I have nine adopted children ages 5-19 in the home that really need me and my energy. I also know that everyone will blame the illness on my commitments and work load with these children. I don't want the children or my husband to know. Is it possible to keep this illness a secret? I have felt really lousey the last few months....flu like,achy,muscle spasms, headaches and just totally wiped out...I'm not one to tell others my aches and pains. Not even my husband knows how I've felt. I need to keep going regardess of how I feel. I do need someone to talk to though that doesn't know me and knows about this illness.

12-14-2002, 04:51 AM
MOM2 12...FISRT OF ALL CALM DOWN,,,,,,it's not like your a Lepor!!!! SSecindly the tests that they do to diagnis someoine with LKUOUS is si unreliable you can come up POSOTIUVE but not have it or you can come uo negative and do have it,,,so I would go to yet another RHEUMOATOLIGIST and have all the work re-done. No a touchy subject as your about my wifes age is]=t is not uncommon to havce sevee hormonal loss giving you the symptoms of LUPUS. May I suggest you ask your doctor to do a simple throis test as it to can give alot of the same symptoms as Lupus,,,and just by the way youlre tyoing it seems as if energey is the least of your problems. How about we try this,,,you stop worrying and stressing yoursellf out as STRESSS is a major contributor to LUPUS flair ups and go about you holiday chores, in the mean time find another RHEUMOTOLOGIST and see what he has to say...you may find out all you need is some sleep and possibly the lack of hormones is making you feel more tired,,,,and it wouldn;t hurt to ask the family to hlep you with some of these chores around the house tro to remail calm and see what the new doc has to say...see what the comparrisons where in your bood work and then go from there. It tokk the docs 6 months to be 1200% POSOTIVE I had it and that was after tons of blood tests and a fe biopsies of the leasions I get from the Lupus.....I will be here should you need me...now go bake me some of those great homemade cookies you;re making!!!!! and enjoy the holidays and do NOT let this CHANCE of a diagnosis take a bcak seat BUT if you do end up with it it's NOT the end of the world and I'm sure your family will take care of you just fine but if it is posotive you MUST tell them...for your sake and there;s


12-28-2002, 12:33 AM
It's maddening i know, im 22 and was diagnosed last year when i woke up one day in intensive care hooked up to all sorts of medical equipment, its taken me almost a year to really come to terms with lupus, and if you really do have lupus then your gonna need your older kids to give some of there energy back to you, as trying to keep up full tilt life will only make you worse, hope everything goes well for you, just rember don't panic and dont stress yourself out as this can make you 10 times worse, it's difficult i know but keep smiling


12-28-2002, 05:01 AM
HEY MOM to12 How you feelig today and how was your Christmas??????


12-28-2002, 11:12 PM
We had our last holiday get together today with my husbands side of the family. Both sides of the family come to our home for all holidays, since no one else has room for the bunch of us! It was very hard. And yes, it was very hard trying to act like I was okay when I felt like crawling in bed! Our daughter and her family leave tomorrow. Once things get back to normal from the holidays I plan to talk to the family about what's going on. On the 23rd my doctor called and wants me to see a neuroligist for an MRI to check for MS. This is because of my muscle spasms and loss of strength and numbness in my left hand and left side of my body(i'm left handed).I don't really understand at all how this all fits together. I'm just scheduling the tests and trying to be patient as they try to determine what's wrong. Thanks for your concern. I'm so sorry you have had such a rough time. I have prayed for you. I hope the new year is better.

12-29-2002, 05:02 PM
Does anyone have both SLE and MS? or is it one or the other? I just don't understand and I don't feel like this doctor knows what he is doing! I'm sorry, but I am scared and I can't help it. I thought I was braver and stronger and had more faith than this. I haven't even had the kidneys checked out and they order another test for something else. I felt lousy today. I have this horrendous burning stinging headache on the left side that sends sharp pain through my eye. Actually my whole left side has been stinging and aching today. My left hand is practically useless. I can't wait to get the right meds for relief from whatever is causing this. Do any of you have these symptoms?

01-01-2003, 03:45 AM
Here is what I found out about MS and Lupus, I got this info from several different sources:
There is a condition known as "Luppoid Sclerosis". This is a condition where Lupus appears to overlap with a demyelinating (the process of destroying or removing the white fatty material that encases nerve fibers) conditions. There is always a concern that lupus may mimic multiple slcerosis. This overlap condition does occure, although it is rare because MS patients do not generally have elevated ANA and/or coincident Lupus. Often, treatments that are available for Lupus overlap with those available for MS.
MS is known as a neurological disorder, but it is actually an autoimmune disease in origin. MS is the result of auto-antibodies attacking the Mylen sheaths (demyelination) surrounding nerves making MS a disorder of the central nervous system. In SLE, the auto-antibodies attack ANY and EVERY part of the body and are not confined to any one body system or particular group of symptoms. Both SLE and MS can be mild, moderate or severely disabling. But, MS is not life-threatening whereas SLE can be life-threatening. Both MS and Lupus patients experience the relapse/remission syndrome where each episode can damage ther nerves a little more.
Also, there is a link between MS, Lupus and Aspartame - see my posting regarding artificial sweetners and Lupus!
Hope this has been of some help - let me know if you need more information