View Full Version : Motivation!! Tips?

02-01-2009, 02:17 PM
K, so my immune system has ADHD. I got that
I feel horrible a lot of the time, I got that.

What I also understand, is that over time, I think the chronic illness has perpetuated a cycle of negative thinking, destructive behaviors, emotions and other general nonsense that isn't helping my condition. (Doh! Epiphany huh? :roll: )

OK - I got that too :) FWIW - my spirituality has taken a pretty hard hit too. I need to find a way to rebuild that.

02-03-2009, 08:00 AM

A way to meditate...

Begin by sitting, bringing the mind home....close your eyes, let your thoughts settle. When you feel calm and center begin....

Breathe deep and exhale slowly through your nose...

Divide yourself into two aspects. A and B. Give A and B a name of you...

A is the part of you that is whole, compassionate, loving like a true friend...really, willing to be there for you. Open without ever judging you...whatever your faults maybe.

B is the part of you that has been hurt. feels misunderstood and frustrated. Bitter and angry from their disease, suffered in relationships...

Now..as you breathe in, imagine that A opens her heart completely, warmly and compassionately accepts and embraces all of B's suffering and negativity, pain and hurt.

Moved by this, B opens up her heart and all the pain and suffering melt away in this compassionate embrace.

As you breathe out, imagine A sending out to B all her healing love, warmth, trust, comfort, confidence, happiness and joy..