View Full Version : Update on my mouth jaw n teeth ailments :)

Angel Oliver
01-25-2009, 11:10 AM
Hi Everyone,

As you know during Christmas i had lock jaw, then had to visit emergency dentists on Christmas day and Boxing day and also then had a 5 day stay in hospital just so i could miss the entire Christmas and New year lol :)

Well, 2 weeks ago i was put to sleep whilst the Dentist packed 2 of my back teeth with steriods and anti biotics and shaped them.

I went to the Jaw Specialist who has given me a soft rubber splint to wear on my bottom teeth (so sexy lol) to act as a shock absorber and train my jaw to go back where it really should be. The loud clicking and cracking noises are now not so loud but my jaw is still too far to the right. I am not allowed to yawn (oh no i just said yawn and am yawning lol) i have to hold my mouth shut and yaw throuh my nose....its so hard to do.Tis is because the last time i yawned properly i got lock jaw. Then my jaw locked shut. (Fab though for losing weight :) )
The Molar they pulled out was my chewing side tooth.Its so hard to remember its gone and on my sideboard in a jar :) I still keep trying to chew food on a very sore but very empty gum. Im trying to remember to chew on the other side .

Well, they've made another splint for me, but are very weary of me wearing it as the last 4 caused my jaw to go like this. I am now on Temazepam and Amitriptyline to try n bring down the imflammation in my jaw. I go back mid Feb to see the specialist and if its not moved back in place i have a scan done. Then begin of Feb i am put to sleep again t o have 2 teeth crowned.

It's weird now cause i can not put my teeth together to bite cellotape or even bite my nails. The good thing is my pain is getting better and i am on solids...well suck a sandwich type of thing....oh n suck chocolate mmmmmmmm. :)

Thats where im at at the moment :)


01-25-2009, 12:34 PM
When you mentioned yawning I started to yawn and decided that I would try to yawn through my nose...............it is so hard :!: :!: :!: :!: You have developed a very rare talent :D I am happy to hear that there is some improvement. At times we have to take baby steps and not rush things or we will be pushed back even farther than when we began. Keep up the healing process and let us no how you are progressing :wink:

Angel Oliver
01-25-2009, 12:38 PM
I am laughing cause as i read your post and im doing it as i write i saw your words YAWN........it nearly opened but i held it shut oh so funny :)

Thanks for your support.

Love Angel.xx

01-25-2009, 12:44 PM
See.....yawns are contagious!!!!! Even through writing :lol:

Angel Oliver
02-05-2009, 05:55 AM

Yesterday i was put to sleep whilst the Dentist worked on 2 teeth trying to save them. They are healthy teeth but cause my jaw isnt in the right place im cracking them bit by bit OUCH !! Well before i slept, i gave permission for the dentist to pull em out if there was any complications. Well i woke up with the teeth yipeeee.

Today.......oh my......ive had face ache all night. My face is swollen and.....god it hurts so bad lol :) I have to laugh because i can not believe the pain. I have just called the dentist and he says it will calm down. If it gets any worse over the next few days.....he can pull them out. I can not open my mouth as it's triggered my jaw pain off. Im sorry to be so me me me but oh ......so sore.

with face ache :(