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01-19-2009, 10:39 AM
For the past 10 years I have had a rash on my arm right below my arm pit. It has never been raised or itchy until about a week ago. Now I have a huge red circle of flaky dry skin that itches like crazy.
I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus, however I have seen 5 doctors now that have mentioned it.

This is my history.

When I first noticed the rash on my arm I had just lost a baby at 30 weeks. I was young (18) and the reason for both the rash and losing the baby was left unknown.

Fast forward 4 years. I get pregnant again, lost the baby at 31 weeks- cause was unknown. Get pregnant again, miscarry. Get pregnant yet again and delivered the baby at 31 weeks due to pre-e and the cord around my daughters neck 2 times causing fetal distress. 8 months later I got pregnant again and lost the baby at 20 weeks- for an unknown reason. 2 years later I get pregnant again, of course every test in the book has been ran on me and my husband to see if there is a genetic reason why we keep losing babies. Nothing comes back except a blood clotting issue. I got put on a shot of lovenox everyday for the duration of my pregnancy. I was delivered at 37 weeks due to a previous c/s. As soon as I left the hospital I had this rash appear on my chin. It itched like crazy. None of the doctors I saw had any idea what it was caused from. It lasted 8 weeks. In that time I was SICK. Every joint in my body ached, I was tired all the time, it took everything I had in me to just get out of bed. I was sent to dr after dr, Lupus was mentioned by every single one of them, but no one wanted to do anything. I did have an ANA test which showed elevated numbers (not sure what, that is what the dr said the results were) but nothing high enough for an dx.
My symptoms now are-
butterfly rash (which comes and goes, is that normal?)
Rash on my under arm
Fingers turn blue in the cold
joint pain
weight loss
hair loss

Is it worth going back to the doctor and pushing for more testing?
I also have had 3 Ambulatory Phlebectomys and an RF Closure with more to come.

I notice on the days I am more active the less my symptoms show. Is that normal?

I am 27. My aunt has a number of autoimmune disorders and my brother was dx with drug induced Lupus about 2 years ago. My mom also has a long list of health problems that I have a feeling are autoimmune related.

Angel Oliver
01-19-2009, 11:37 AM
Just to say hello and welcome. I am sure many people on here will be able to share their knowledge.Wow you've had sad times i send you gentle hugs. I too get rashes on the tops of both arms and i have allot of your symptoms. To be sure there is no harm in seeing your doctor and soon. I hope you get the advice you need here as all the people here understand what you are going through and are lovely.
You keep strong and i'll be in touch again.

Love Angel.xx

01-19-2009, 04:46 PM
Welcome to this amazing place! You will love it here and will hopefully find it very helpful. Everyone is very supportive and loving!

If you do not feel satisfied with what they doctors have told you then yes, go back and insist they test you again. Go back six months after that and insist they test you again. Keep doing this until they figure it out. If it is Lupus this could be very time consuming and heartbreaking going through this process so much. With your miscarrying a lot of babies you need to be check for antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. This is known to cause miscarriages and can be traced to patients with Lupus. The only negative is that these antibodies can lay dormant. I have tested positive for them numerous times but now I am testing negative. The doctor says they never go away, they just kind of go to sleep. Here is a website with more information on that:


Remember you are your own advocate for your health and only you can push to get answers. If you have to switch doctors five times in order to find one that you feel is great, so be it. Just do not give up


02-10-2009, 08:09 AM
Hi there and welcome to this amazing group!!!! I myself am a new member and i have only joined a couple of days ago and there has been so much love and understanding here! I just wanted u to know that i also started having rashes on my neck after my 1st child i thought nothing of it they came and went away about 9 months later i got preg. angain and lost that baby very early in the preg. for unknown resons about 2 months later i was preg. yet again and had him at 36 weeks after his birth my systems seem to get stronger but hey i thought it was because i just giving birth had a c/s and that is why i stayed tired so often not to mention i also had a 24 month old that was running crazy lol... i did not get my first diagonse until my son was son was 3 and even then i thought nothing of sleeping and being tired so much i had written that off to taken care of 2 kids being single parent stress and other odds and ends... the aches and pains i blamed on caring kids around lol but anyway i found oput that pregancy can bring ur systoms out....but now i am right back where u r now i have a doc now that has told me i do not have lupus and has taken me off my meds for the last 2 yrs now i he is saying that i do have lupus... i am in the process now meeting with my rhemy and also going all tha way until i find out what is going on with my body and i hope that u do that same because these are our lives and they r to precious for anyone to be playing around with especially doctors.... so do as i am and keep pusing until u find some answers and keep me updated as i will u. stay strong and keep tha faith

02-10-2009, 08:34 AM
Hi Avswife,

Welcome to the site. I read through your post and it does sound like you have Lupus and the antiphospholipid syndrome. I am sorry that you had so many miscarriages. I hope that you get to see a good Rheumatologist that specializes in the treatment of Lupus. Lupus is a really hard illness to diagnose and for some of us it took literally years to get diagnosed. I had mild symptoms until I was 35 when I got the Chickenpox and boy that is when the Lupus got dramatically worse and also this is when the Sjogrens decided to present itself as well. Keep on pressuring the doctors to test and retest if need be until you can get a definitive answer as to what is happening with you. Please keep posting.