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01-04-2009, 11:52 AM
I know there will be no one but hey its worth a try lol :D

02-19-2009, 02:30 PM
Hey, if you could drive all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland every so often we could start one! ~lol~

02-19-2009, 08:18 PM

I have an odd question. There are so many of you here from the UK, I've been wondering. If Iseedeadmonkeys who is in England, wanted to visit Numpty in Scotland, do you have to go through Customs, as if you are going to a different country? Sorry if it's a rather obvious thing, but I've always wondered that. Here, I have New Hampshire, another U.S. State to the south, and Canada to the north. Is traveling in the UK like going to New Hampshire where you just drive on through, or like Canada, where you need a passport and go through Customs?

02-20-2009, 06:19 AM
If iseedeadmonkeys was coming to visit me then no, there's no customs to go through or anything like that as we're all part of the United Kingdom. So you could just drive straight here. If going by plane you need a passport or drivers licence as photographic ID only. Its only when leaving the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Nrth Ireland) as a whole that you need to go through customs and have your passport stamped.

So I guess we're kinda like the various states only we can technically call ourselves country although we're governed by the same bunch of numpties! ~chuckles~ More or less!

02-24-2009, 06:36 AM
Hey ive only just seen this post!

Hey numpty do you have to have a passport to fly in the UK? i thought we didnt!

Ermm i wont be coming up to scotland, ive never had any intentions of going there i need my warmth i hope you can understand tht lol, but if ya fancy going on a booze cruise to ireland on the other hand id be happy to tag along! Oh and Wales has a fab night life and sanddewn beaches :D


03-02-2009, 07:12 AM
To be honest Rob in the whole of Europe u don't really need a passport very often any more..
Not like it used to be, most borders are now open...

I need a passport to get out of the UK but then I can just drive through France, Belgium, Germany into Holland to visit family without needing my passport....

when I was little u needed a passport for every border crossing now most of them are not even manned any more...

03-08-2009, 09:19 PM
I know for flights with ryanair to ROI you only need a driving licence or ID Card not passport. So would assume the same or less for NI.
We should do a little UK meet up hehe.. there seems to be a few of us.

03-09-2009, 06:14 AM
Well im always up for lupie meetings!!

bring it on!!!


tiggerlishus - Heidi
03-10-2009, 01:27 AM
well there is going to be a lupus retreat in june check it out on facebook but other than that most deffo need more meeting ( parties) (drunkered gatherings) what ever you may want to call it!!!

05-07-2009, 03:12 AM
GOSH Heidi what are you trying to imply???


01-19-2012, 11:31 AM
I know this is a really old post but I'm only in Bucks, UK