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12-26-2008, 03:30 PM

I am 24 year old college student, who is frustrated. I keep getting the run around from several doctors. I have seen my PCP several times, an internist twice, and now am being referred to infectious disease doctor because they are having a difficult time diagnosing me. The main symptom is fever of an unknown origin/FUO, and the following symptoms: I do not know if these are related. I would really appreciate your feedback.

FUO-for 11 months. Low-grade very abnormal for me.
Chronic Hives-many years. From temp changes. Allergersit confirmed.
Night Sweats
Occasional sharp painful chest pains
High Blood Pressure-not overweight doctor said it was from stress. Since 23.
Occasional sores in mouth & once had Angular cheilitis splits in corner of mouth from digestive tract-dermatologist
Occasional numbness in fingers and toes. One finger lost all coloring and I was completely numb for a short time period.

All test have have been normal thus far, but I have an feeling that I may have Lupus. Please help.

Thank you.

12-26-2008, 05:29 PM
Hi Userd,
Welcome to the site. I am sorry that you are having so many problems. I am wondering if you have been tested for Pernicious Anemia, because of the splits in the corner of your mouth and the numbness in your fingers. Have they also tested you for a Vitamin B12 deficiency which would go along with Pernicious Anemia. I don't know if you have Lupus, but you could. The doctors usually go by at least 4 of the criteria listed on the Lupus Foundation website to diagnose Lupus. I would definitely get tested for Pernicious Anemia though. I hope that I have helped out some.


12-26-2008, 06:34 PM
Hello Userd,

Welcome to our group. I have to agree with Kathy, Lupus is a possibility. Some of your symptoms can be common in Lupus patients, but it is a terribly difficult disease to diagnose. The best advice I can give you is to do as you are doing by learning about the possible causes of your symptoms, and becoming as assertive and proactive when dealing with your various Dr's and specialists as you can. Getting "the run-around" happens far too often. An educated patient can be their own best advocate.

I see you have seen a number of specialists. Are you scheduled to see, or have you seen a Rheumotologist? If you have not, I would immediately ask for a referral to one, as they are the primary specialist who can usually make a positive diagnosis of Lupus. Getting a diagnosis can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes, people in the healthcare industry can be rather cold, and dismissive of patients with a condition that is hard to diagnose. Learn all you can, and be assertive. Remember, they work for you. For more detailed clinical info beyond what we offer here, I would recommend The Lupus Foundation of America website, which is- www.lupus.org

In the meantime, know that you are welcome here, and feel free to ask any questions, or discuss anything you need to. Please make yourself at home. I hope we can help you find the answers you need ASAP.