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03-25-2005, 04:50 PM
Hi everyone - I'm a newbie here, and glad to have found you! I have some questions about summertime and discoid lupus. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and have heard that the sun can really play havoc with outbreaks. I have discoid lupus only on my feet at the moment and I am wondering, should I not wear flip-flops or go barefoot this summer? Has anyone else experienced any sun related problems? Thanks for any and all advice!

03-29-2005, 09:28 AM
Tabitha hi! There are not too many of us with discoid here. You can go barefoot and wear flip flops BUT put sunscreen on! The sun can create flare ups other places on your body. I wear a spf 50 on my face. Thats where I have mine (yuck). The rest of my body I use a 30. I probably should use a higher spf for my body but, I just hate having no tan. If your interested chatting more email me at: sherr@suscom.net

04-25-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi gals,
I haven't been dx yet with this type of lupus but am sure I have something. I can't stand to be the sun hardly at all. I spent one day in the sun about 4 years ago at a water park. I had sunscreen on but apparently it wasn't strong enough. I ended up with such a severe burn that 8 days after the burn I was in the ER with 2nd degree burns. I still have the scars on my shoulders, that looks like tan lines all year around year after year. Definetly invest in a strong sunscreen and use it faithfully or you will pay dearly for several weeks. And if your fair skinned its even more important. Fair skinned people and redheads seem to be more suseptible to burning too. Just a thought. Please wear the sunscreen, you will be thankful later, trust me.
Burn't for the last time, :oops:

03-31-2006, 05:25 PM
I have discoid...for over 2years. I have yet to this day tryed to cover up with extra clothing,umbrellas or socks. Simply put, wear a high sunscreen that is either sweatproof or waterproof, take your meds as directed and enjoy the sun. DLE simple means we are sun sensitive so as long as we protecting our selves from the harming effects and rays we should all be fine. Our bodies do need the suns not only for tan...
but we actually intake vitamins from the sun.

I live in Chicago and have visited many hot, humid sun locations on vacation Arizona, Jamaica, California.. Came back from all with a light sunkissed tan with no flare or unsightly spots from the rash.

Any questions about DLE feel free to email me: