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12-08-2008, 07:04 PM
Just a quick questions.

My pulmanry doctor ( who is usually quite good) seems puzzled that my Possitive ANA isn't in the 300's and 400's to equate to my symptoms. I am on 160, a lightweight number.

All my bloodwork is showing a slight problem but my symptoms are not slight. is that how it works, the higher the numbers the worst the illness.

it seems my labs are fuzzy, but my symptoms are not fuzzy, they are pronounced and make my life missable.

I hate when they say to me, yea it's high but not that high..... I have gotten in the last few months from some other doctors, who seemed to look at me like I was a quack.

Yes it's a possitive ANA, but not too bad, I have seen much worse.

Yes your white count is elevated, but just by a bit, not enough to get too concerned.

Yes you have a fever, but it is a low grade, true it has been there for several months but it is still a low number, when you get to 101, then it gets sticky.

Yes your red blood count is off, but just a bit, many things can cause this nothing to worry too much about.

Yes you liver enzymes are off, but not so much to be alarming or worry about. And yes you have a enlarged liver, but many things can cause this, it isn't enough by itself to be concerned.

Yes, you have lung nodgels but they are small, so don't get too upset though it would be a good idea to watch them I don't want you to worry that there is something seriously wrong.

yes you have an enlarge Lymphnode in your chest, but just slightly enought to cause concern but not alarm. we will watch it but that doesn't mean something is wrong so much.

Why are they so driven to let me know that my blood tests say I am not that sick. I don't care what the numbers say, I will tell you how sick I am and you tell me why, Deal...

My Rhuemy was different.. He told me the numbers aren't all that helpful because they flux back and forth. what matters is symptoms and history. He didn't qoute one number while I was there, he just spent all the time listening to me instead of my blood.

rather refreshing.... I shouldn't have to prove I am sick, this isn't a test.

12-08-2008, 08:36 PM
Hi Dave,
I am wondering if you are on any medications for Lupus. It sure sounds like you have it. I think that the blood tests often times fluctuate from time to time between negative and positive. Has your Rheumatologist diagnosed you with Lupus?


12-08-2008, 09:07 PM
Hi Kathy,

Yes my Rhuematologist is thinking Lupus, but like i mentioned the tests are a bit fuzzy. he has done some more, I hear more on the 16th. He hasn't commited, and has warned me it may not as clear as we

He has put me on Mexatrexate and prednisone and I have gotten serious relief from them.

I talked with another doc today and I ran into the "you bloodwork is just up a bit" run arround, it was annoying so I vented LOL

12-09-2008, 05:08 AM
Hi Dave,
I don't blame you for venting. One time my ESR was up and the lab notified the doctor and his only response to them was "Oh she has Lupus, it is no big deal" and did nothing about it and did not mention it to me. I understand how you feel when the labs are not real clear.