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12-07-2008, 02:10 PM
Hi Everyone,
For the past few weeks, I've noticed that I go through periods where it feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest and there is a general tightness in my chest. It's not constant, and it's definitely worse when I am walking outside (cold Canadian winters!). That being said, today I stayed in all day and yet, the symptom is still there. The last time I experienced anything similar was when I had pericarditis, but my pulse has been (surprisingly) low/average and I haven't had any fevers. It feels like I have to take short shallow breaths, as deeper ones require a lot more effort.

Has any had this before? Does anyone know what it is? Any suggestions how to make it disappear?

Thank you, I hope you are all well!


12-07-2008, 05:52 PM
Hi Kimmy

Do not mess around with breating issues...it could be a number of things some of them quite searious, haul your butt to the doctor and get it checked out.

Sooner you have your chest listened to the better. Be sure to tell the doctor everything, even if it seems trivial.

12-07-2008, 09:27 PM
DITTO!!!!! See your doctor ASAP!! Please let us know how you are doing!

Peace and Blessings

12-08-2008, 05:10 AM
Hi Kimmy,
I agree with Saysusie and SITC. You need to see the doctor immediately.


12-08-2008, 10:58 AM
We'll make it unanimous, Kimmy!

Let us know what the doc says - and keep warm -- I'm in Illinois - bracing for the next onslaught of winter this afternoon and all day tomorrow. I suspect you'll get it Tuesday or Wednesday in Montreal. Sounds like a messy story, snow, freezing rain, snow, windy and cold.

Stay warm and safe - but CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!

12-08-2008, 02:54 PM
Thank you everyone for your feedback!
I spoke to my doctor today and I'll be seeing her on Wednesday, and I'm meeting with my cardiologist tomorrow (an appointment that has been booked for awhile now). I figure I'll be in good hands until Wednesday. The doctor is looking into the possibility of asthma. Is this something that is common with lupus?
Thank you again for your help, I'll be sure to let you know what the doctor says on Wednesday.
Hope you are all well!

12-10-2008, 02:06 PM
Hi Everyone,
Well, I finally got some answers today. My lungs are fine *yay* and my heart *yay* is also. The difficulty breathing is stemming from inflammation in my chest, and possibly some asthma. There are some more tests coming to confirm that. So I'm back on a truckload of anti-inflamatories and rest until things calm down! The doctors were going to give me a shot, but it was too widespread. I am looking more and more forward to the holidays so I can have some time off to just relax and sleep! I just wanted to update you all and to thank you for your kind words and advice.
Be well!

12-10-2008, 08:25 PM
Hi Kimmy!!!!

I am so glad you went to the doctor! I wanted to let you know that I actually was diagnosed with Asthma last year! All the doctors said that it does have something to do with the Lupus and is another way it has decided to flare up in me :? I am now on Asthma medicine every day and have a breathing treatment machine here at home. I have to call the doctor EVERYTIME I have issues with my breathing and I have to get regular chest x-rays. Hey, not to worry, it is just another thing to look out for :wink:

Hang in there, stay warm and feel better soon!

12-11-2008, 04:18 AM
I am glad to hear that your heart and lungs are OK. Sorry that you must now deal with asthma :? Do take care of yourself and I also hope that you are able to get some rest during your holiday :lol:

Peace and Blessings

Angel Oliver
12-14-2008, 09:51 AM
Hi Kimmy,

I had similiar breathing problems that started last year. My chest was so tight like an elephant sat on me and breathing in n out was hopeless as no air was getting in. I went to my doctor who just told me my chest was clear. Luckily i changed doctors about the same time. My breathing was getting worse, then i had a cough forever. By the time i changed Doctors, it was serious.I didnt want to go and tell him about my breathing problems as my old doctor made me feel i was just an attention seeker.BUT i went. It turned out i have brittle/allergic asthma. I had a cough for a long time, but the breathing was making me afraid. I had to have a broncoscapy as i was turning blue. Now, thanks to a caring doctor, i am on the right medication and have a nebuliser at home. I have been told it is something that happens in Lupus, but also Asthma can appear in healthy people too. I have a lot of chest pain recently, but i suppose this is the lupus too. I hope you are breathing better and i am so glad you went to your doctor.


12-15-2008, 07:35 PM
My lungs have been pretty tight and hurt pretty bad right now. I have to admit, I love my nebuliser and it has saved me from so much pain in the comfort in my own home! I highly recommend having one for home if you are having a hard time with your lungs! Good luck and I hope everyone is doing well tonight...............thinking of all of you!

12-20-2008, 02:13 PM
i find this interesting because I have actually noticed that I have shortness of breath when I am walking for a longer period of time, like 10 minutes or 15. I start feeling light-headed, weak, and start huffing and puffing...so I guess I can emphasize with the prevalent breathing problems.

12-21-2008, 11:57 PM
I think the breathing problems are the hardest for me to deal with :? At times it makes it very hard to function in normail everyday life :(

01-30-2009, 08:21 PM
I too am having hard times breathing...have had pericarditis but found out it is just an inflamed chest wall and rib cage....i really can't intake a deep breath....my astma meds are not helping and it is driving me crazy

01-31-2009, 03:40 AM
Hugs leaf,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles breathing. Have you been back to the doctor about this?

I know...it's means another trip to the doctor, but keep poking at them, letting then know that you are not doing well is in your own best interest...keep at them.

01-31-2009, 09:44 AM
You definitely want to be careful when the lungs act up......I ended up with pericarditis (inflammation of heart lining) and pleurisy (inflamm. of lung lining) at the same time some years ago. Had that tight heavy feeling, couldn't take a deep breath, felt like the 'elephant on my chest' thing. If you aren't able to take deep breaths and keep the lungs inflating, you can end up with pneumonia.

I spent my 19th birthday in the ER on that one. :cry: and then a 10 day inpatient stay.

I agree with others....you never mess around when your breathing/lungs are involved. It can get serious pretty quickly.

Best to always get it checked out......


Lori :P