View Full Version : Had to call for my own test results.

12-05-2008, 09:37 AM
After blood drawn 3wks ago, still have no results. The blood work normally comes back in a week. I have to wait still, their very busy. What's worse is how they belittle you for calling and asking. They always call, even if the results are negative. Well, the nurse told me they would have called if anything abnormal showed up. Claimed they never call for negative results. They don't realize how many days I had to work myself up to calling. Was afraid of this, exactly why I didn't want to call in the first place. At least I should have an answer today.

Sorry, just needed to vent :x . One should not feel shamed :oops: for asking for their own test results. Even if results come back negative. Don't they realize we sit and wait and worry. These results can ease our minds. I'm just angry :mad: at her tone of treating me like a nagging worry-wort child. Almost wish (but not of course) that there were abnormal results, enough to make me come in. Just so she would feel bad, if it was possible for her too. Still waiting though :( .

12-05-2008, 09:55 AM

It is frustrating, worrying...did they forget to call, not calling because nothing is wrong..what if, what if...something is wrong.$%#@!

When they call back, I would make her feel shamed for her tone. My test, my money, my results, my health, not yours.

Don't ever feel bad for calling, or wait....you and your insurance are paying for them. You are entitled to a copy...

When they call back I would call them and ask for a copy of all your lab results...even if it's for a year of testing or more. They are obligated to..

If able, have it annotated in your record you want all results mailed to you, with or without a phone call....

It irks me hearing how the nurses and receptionist treat patients. I've been there..and I have learned, honey does not draw bees. When I feel tension in the hive I am very direct and adamant.

Also next time, I would inform your doctor of their behavior. I have in the past. They may not comfort your feelings, but I am sure they take the nurse or the receptionist aside and let them know.

I also let my doctors know I've been waiting... gee, is it almost time for dinner ...it's getting dark outside..what time is it. My PCP chuckles, my Rheumba...gives a glare.

Head hugs....

12-05-2008, 10:13 AM
Hugs cheryl

My doctor's getting a tuning from me next week.

I went in yesterday morning and saw the duty doctor because my gp wasn't in till the afternoon.

The duty doctor told me that my last ultra sound showed that one of my cysts had "resolved" it's self...in other words ruptured.

I was in alot of pain over a month ago, that's probably when it ruptured. I went for the ultra sounds, and the nurse called to tell me the everything was fine and the doctor didn't need to see me. :shock:

Well they WEREN'T fine...and she bloody well should have seen me to let me on one of the cysts had ruptured so I would have been a bit better prepared for what happened yesterday.

The other cyst ruptured and it was horrificly worse than the first one.

So YES I will call for my results and I pitty the next snippy nurse who gives me any lip over it...I'll start calling her to ask what time it is! HA!

12-05-2008, 10:42 AM
Thanks Oh.

I know I shouldn't care what they think or how they act, but I do. It was a good idea about all the results, but what would I do with them? These are the same nurses and docs that were so supportive last year. What has happened this past year for them to treat me like some whiney nag? Have I called and come in too much? Is their such a thing? I know it shouldn't matter, but it does. Makes me just want to quit going. The rhuemy, I found out, only sent 1 sheet of paper for the 3hrs of questions and exams while there. Don't even know if he sent the x-ray of my foot. Going to ask when they call back. He said he'd find out what was wrong and help me, then never schedule for me to come back. The one before him wasn't much better either, said a little weight loss would probably decrease the pain. The nerve :x , acted as if that would just solve it all. I'm only about 20-25lbs over weight, not like a 100 or something. Like weights even the issue in the first place. Np says she'll call if I want, but why bother. I think its just time to look for a new one if necessary. Hubby thinks I'm over reacting, their must be nothing wrong except some early aged arthritis (as he puts it :roll: ). They are all getting to me and dragging me back down to that stupid hole I fought so hard to get out and stay out of. I want to just jump in my hole and hide :x . If it wasn't for the kids, I'd say #*#^* them all.

Sorry, I think I lost it for a moment. I just wish I had some local support and understanding. You guys are great and always there, but sometimes I just need to speak it out. Scream it out with someone face to face. Unload the concerns and fears and anguish I have that this fibro or whatever has caused. I'm not the strong physical and emotional person I used to be, I wish they would just except that. This may not be nice, but the next one that roles those eyes at me for mentioning anything about pain or unability to do things, I'm going to smack them in the back of the head. I hope they stumble hard.

Ok, done for now. Just upset, letting them get to me again :( . Things like this used to never bother me, I've become so emotional lately. Comes with the territory of stressfull conditions we all have I suppose.

Poor SITC, wow. My problem seems so small compared to that. They should have called for such a thing, to prepare if you could. Let me know what you say. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

12-05-2008, 05:27 PM
Hugs cheryl

You have every right to call and ask and go in. That's their JOB!

Perhaps nurseypuss was having a bad day, but you ended up wearing it. What ever the reason ... it's not fair that you have to go begging hat in hand to get information about your health. That's just wrong.

Good news/bad news it does't matter. What do they thing we do after these tests...just go Oh laddy da on our merry lumpy itchy swollen exhausted little ways with out a flipping care in the world. Grrrrrrrrr

12-05-2008, 09:25 PM

With the way they act, you'd think we do. I never did get a call back, realized the time to late to call myself. Guess I'll have to go hat in hand again monday :lol: . I've about had it. I'm considering getting my records from them and that rhuemy. Find someone else when I cool down. I didn't expect to get so upset from something so easily. They just caught me as well on a bad day. Thanks for the hugs, advice and the ear. Has your pain eased any? Wish I could say a magical word and make it go away for you. Instead I just said a little prayer for you. Going to bed, that little hole's looking to tempting too jump in and just hide from the world :( . I know, no way to solve the issue. Tempting still though. May tomorrow be better, for us all. Good Night.

12-06-2008, 04:20 AM
Slowly coming around...

Still having twindges and zaps of pain, but it is easing off.

So I will behave today and not over do.

Did you have a good rest last night?

12-06-2008, 07:52 AM

Glad your taking it easy, maybe it'll help with the pain.

So tired, didn't sleep well. Being friday, hubby stayed up to have a couple beers. My 2 boys stayed up to watch movies and my 2yr old lil miss caught a nasty cold. She's never been sick, so up all night with throwing up and diahrea :shock: . Needless to say, a long night. Docs office are closed, so can't take her in for meds. Since some parents like to over medicate kids, the kids and infant meds are off store shelves. I can't even go to the store and get her something for her nasty cough. At least I have some honey and gator-aid and apple juice and crackers. That should hold her over. At least I was able to buy her kid's motrin for the fever and aches.

Fun never ends, yee-haw :lol: . Hope you have a good day.