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11-25-2008, 01:59 PM
hi. I have not been diagnosed at all so far even after tests such as ana, esr(twice), c-reactive protein, anticcp antibody, and parvo virus IgM and IgG. All were negative. Just wondering does anyone have problems with eyes burning after starting at a computer for some time? I notice everytime Im on here it tends to happen and sometimes I get headaches. I was also due for my monthly nov 21st but ended up only having one bout of light cramps that came and went and then I started the evening of the 24th. I noticed on the 22nd I started getting really tired much like I was before starting my iron supplements 3 almost 4 months ago. I have felt tired like that ever since but it was bad enough the 21st I had to take a nap which hasnt happened in a while. I have also been getting more short of breath the past few days which had gone away I thought recently with the iron pills. Any suggestions as to why the monthly thing would be off like that? Took a pregnancy test the night of the 21st so I know it wasnt that and im normal like clockwork so jw what it could be. Other symptoms I experience lately are:
-joint pain(sharp and sometimes an ache)
-leg pain(an ache)
-burning pain(usually from my knees up into my hips)
-mouth ulcers(am just getting over 2 painful ones after a few weeks and had one before that for 2 weeks. also have two spots on top lip that look like them but arent swollen & really done look inflamed but have been there for over 2 1/2 months)
-dizziness upon standing(that also has been more apparent again lately..i also have a systolic heart murmur but has given me minimal probs in the past)
-trouble concentrating or remembering what im doing or saying
-cold hands and feet with color change(white, purple and red & hot but no diagnosis of raynauds)
-left wrist sore after overuse
-sunburn like rash which seems to appear sometimes after being in the sun, with heat exposure, alcohol, and stress.(Ive seen it on my nose and cheeks, ears, arms and chest and alot lighter sometimes on my legs or torso.
I was also just put on everyday meds for seasonal allergies. My dr also mentioned possible celiacs disease. Any suggestions, comments etc? Thanks so much. -Brit

11-25-2008, 02:21 PM
hi I hope you are feeling better today. I have had some of the problems you are having. I know it takes a while to be diagnosed with lupus but I hope you dont have it although knowing whats wrong does help a bit. I ne have been having so many problems with my cycle the last few years sometimes I go months without one sometimes its just a few days(i dont mind this at all) and sometimes I have a many as three in one month, doctors have no idea why its always stress or weight gain (classic sign of just not knowing) I just got a nasal allergy spray to clear up the ringing in my ears(byw not working after 2months)Anyway I guess you should just ask your doctor about that and maybe you will get a real answer