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11-23-2008, 05:47 PM
In one of my posts (and than you all so much for your advice. I suddenly feel the need to learn as much as I can about this disease because I'm not going to get the information from the docs) I mentioned that my Rheumo indicated that I shouldn't flare because I'm on Plaquenil. Well, from what you all said and from how I feel, I know that can't be true.

What I am wondering though is how a flare might be affected when you are on plaquenil. I know I had better days and harder days when they didn't know what I was dealing with, but I was not my "old self", it was like I was simmering even on good days. Then came the diagnosis, the plaquenil and the Imuran. When I got off the Imuran....total remission, I was my old self! What I'm curious about is, now that I'm on the plaquenil and apparently flaring, would I be able to acheive full remission again or will it take the Imuran to acheive it? Anyone have thoughts on this?


11-23-2008, 06:27 PM
Hi Larry,
I have just read your post here. I think that while you are on Plaquenil the flare would not be as severe as if you were not on it. I definitely feel that even though a person is on Plaquenil they can and often times still do flare. I know that I do. I am on both Plaquenil and Imuran and I still have flares. I am in a mild one right now that is affecting my wrists and knnes. This I believe is due to the fact that I am getting over with a very severe cold.

It is very hard to say whether you will achieve full remission on just the Plaquenil or on any of the drugs. You see from all that I have experienced with this illness is that it tends to run in cycles of remissions and flares. I mean this is the way this disease is. I asked my doctor the very same thing that you are asking here and this is what he told me. It stands to reason that if the Imuran put you in remission that the doctor would put you back on the Imuran and see if you go back into remission. You may need to be on Imuran for a very long time like me. I have been on Imuran for about 12 years and that is, because every time the doctor has tried to get me off from it, I go right into a severe flare. This may be what is happening to you. I feel bad that your doctor would not listen to you and put you back on the Imuran and try to find the correct dosage for you. I take 150mg a day of the Imuran and I still have flares. I also have times of remission. I hope that my answer has helped in some way.


11-23-2008, 06:31 PM
Hi Larry,

I'm not sure why folks go into remission. My sister has been in remission for many years. She was not taking any medication for her lupus at the time she went into remission because she was just starting her family and had been off all drugs for a period of time.

I don't know enough to say for sure, but it seems to me the only thing that's going to effect whether or not we have a remission and for how long is our own bodies. Other wise doctors would be able to put us all into remission with a perscription.

I still have flares while being on plaquenil, but they are no where near as bad as they used to be. A couple of days here and there or a week perhaps, but not the 2 to 3 months of agony.

11-25-2008, 06:33 AM
Larry, SITC is right - no medication is going to "put you in remission." Lupus just doesn't work that way. Remission, according to my rheumy and what I've read, really only occurs when we are symptom free without medication. Many of us will never get there. That being said, many of us will be able to control lupus the use of medication. Flares happen - and some will be bad - but often, the right treatment will minimize them. I always equate it to being diabetic or hypertensive. People with those problems may need medication to remain stable, but they can remain active and live a full life in spite of that. There are people in my local support group who have had lupus for 30 years or more and have held jobs, traveled, had children, and are still going strong. Are they on meds? Yes. Does it slow them down? Sometimes. But, they've lived full lives. So, don't despair if you need to be on meds to control your lupus. There IS life after diagnosis.